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Chapter 16: You Had a Wet Dream

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Bai Lan looked at the others and saw that they had a smile on their faces. Before they could conceal it, they saw that Bai Lan was looking at them. They covered their smiles and looked away.

Bai Lan’s face was green and purple. It was ugly and twisted.

When she returned to the Bai family, Bai Lan threw everything that could be seen in the house.

When had she ever lost so much face?

When the servants saw Bai Lan being so angry, they did not dare to go forward and hid outside the door to watch.

Mo Chuan had just returned home when he saw his mother sitting on the sofa in a huff. He shrunk his neck and timidly walked in front of Bai Lan. “Mom…”

“Don’t call me Mom!” Bai Lan roared in anger. She wanted nothing more than to beat this shameful thing to death. However, no matter what, he was still her son. Even if she scolded him, she could not bear to make a move.

“It’s fine if you usually mess around outside, but why did you even touch Mo Chen’s wife and let people spread such rumors? Are you trying to make the Bai family a joke in City A?”

Mo Chuan looked wronged and complained to his mother, “I was framed. That woman first seduced me into the bathroom and then framed me to flirt with her.”

“Really?” Bai Lan was skeptical.

“Of course it’s true. Why don’t you believe your son’s words?”

Bai Lan naturally trusted Mo Chuan. When she thought about her son being framed, Bai Lan was furious.

“Which b*tch actually framed my son? If I find out, I’ll skin her alive.”

“Mom, it’s the eldest daughter of the Ning family, Ning Dai.”

Mo Chuan was very angry when he thought about how he had lost the chicken and lost the rice.


Bai Lan hesitated. It would have been fine if it had been another woman, but it was the only granddaughter of the leader of the business world, Elder Ning. Everyone knew that Elder Ning protected her like she was his own eyeball.

Mo Chuan saw Bai Lan’s hesitation and became anxious. “Mom, are you just going to watch your son get bullied?”

“Son, it’s not that I don’t want to take revenge for you, but her grandfather is too difficult to deal with.” Bai Lan’s face showed a difficult expression.

“So what? Isn’t there a saying that a granddaughter who is married off is splashed water? Since she is now the daughter-in-law of the Mo family, she is also your niece-in-law. It’s not their problem if you teach your niece-in-law, right?” Mo Chuan said righteously.

Bai Lan’s eyes lit up. Her son’s words seemed to make sense.

“Mom, I have a way to turn her into a sl*t that everyone despises.” Seeing Bai Lan waver, Mo Chuan revealed his thoughts.

The next day, at the Mo family’s villa

Mo Chen had a dream. In the dream, his body was healthy and he was madly in bed with a woman.

When he woke up, he actually discovered that he had a wet dream…

“Second Brother, good morning.”

Ning Dai, who had no makeup on, lay beside him. When she saw that he had woken up, she gave him a big smile. However, Mo Chen’s body was stiff, and he didn’t move at all.

“Second Brother, what’s wrong?” Sensing that something was wrong with Mo Chen, Ning Dai stretched out her hand and reached down.

He didn’t have the time to stop her, and her small hand touched his private parts.

After a short moment of shock, Ning Dai revealed an understanding smile.

“Second Brother, you had a wet dream.”

Mo Chen’s face was red and his heart was beating hard. He scolded, “You woman, why aren’t you reserved at all?”

“If I’m reserved, how can I get Second Brother?” Her slender hands hooked onto the man’s palm. Her fingertips gently scratched his palm. Ning Dai smiled charmingly.

“Second Brother, let me help you solve it, okay?” Ning Dai leaned over and gently rubbed her body against Mo Chen’s.

The fragrance of a young girl assaulted his nose, and the softness of her chest directly pressed against Mo Chen’s arm. The man felt his throat dry up and subconsciously swallowed.

At this moment, Chen Shan knocked on the door again, which was inappropriate.

“Young Master, Madam Bai is here to visit.”

Mo Chen quickly calmed himself down and gestured for Ning Dai to get up.

Ning Dai shrugged her shoulders in disappointment and helped him change his dirty underwear. After she was done tidying up, she opened the bedroom door.

Under Ning Dai’s complaining gaze, Chen Shan felt guilty and didn’t dare to look up. He carried Mo Chen to the semi-automatic wheelchair and took the elevator downstairs.

In the living room, Bai Lan had been waiting for a long time.. Beside her, there was a man with oily hair and a pink face.

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