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Chapter 159: You D*mned Charmer

The training grounds had stricter requirements than the outside world. After seeing Mo Chen’s condition, Zhang Feng didn’t dare to let his guard down. His eyes lit up as he stood up.

Ning Dai’s eyes were glued to Mo Chen, who was wearing goggles and earmuffs. She greedily watched as he gradually returned to an unfamiliar state. It was novel yet joyful.

Mo Chen, who had entered the training state, was as straight as a pine tree. His shooting posture was standard.

The match began. The two of them raised their hands at the same time to turn on the safety, aim, and shoot ten rings consecutively.

Ning Dai had yet to start watching when their match ended like a bolt of lightning. She hurriedly looked at the targets and realized that each target had left a bullet hole in the center of the ten rings, and there was only one.

The ten rings were all in the same position, yet they were still so fast.

“It seems like… a draw?” Ning Dai frowned as she looked at Mo Chen. He only touched her head and smiled faintly.

Zhang Feng froze on the spot for a few seconds before he slowly extended his hand. “No, Brother Mo’s is 8.98 seconds. You’re 0.23 faster than me.”

Mo Chen patted his shoulder twice, his gaze filled with admiration. “You’re not bad yourself.”

After that, the two of them switched to the tactical training grounds and the comprehensive training grounds. Zhang Feng put in 120% of his energy and was filled with fighting spirit. However, he was still slightly suppressed by Mo Chen in every aspect.

Although Mo Chen was younger than him by a few years, his tactics were more experienced than his. He grasped the opportunity to advance and retreat to ambush Zhang Feng very tightly, even to the point of being in a desperate situation a few times.

Although Zhang Feng did not look happy on the surface, he faintly admired Mo Chen in his heart. This was the legendary Soldier King. Even if he had retired for ten years, he was still a sharp blade.

After inviting Mo Chen to visit the new weapons in the training grounds and discussing the current situation for a long time, they only realized that it was already dark when the troops that they had pulled out came back.

After a lively exchange, they were invited to stay over for the night. The two of them followed Zhou Feng’s instructions and returned to their tents. However, Mo Chen was still thinking about what Zhou Feng had said about the tent being unable to be soundproofed. He definitely could not go overboard tonight.

Ning Dai was mesmerized by Mo Chen, who had completely changed his aura throughout the day. Her eyes were filled with joy and excitement. “Second Brother, how can you be so d*mn charming? I must have saved the world in my previous life. Only in this life did I let you fall into my hands.”

Mo Chen was infected by this little lass’ excitement. He curled his lips and said in a low voice, “Me too.”

“Do you still remember the reward I told you this morning?” Ning Dai curled up in his arms like a cat and said with a smile, “I calculated the time today. When you became a legend in the military camp, I seemed to be practicing dancing. Second Brother, do you want to see it?”

Surprise flashed across Mo Chen’s eyes. He tightened his grip around her waist and said, “No wonder.”

“No wonder I can easily unlock all kinds of difficult positions with you?” Ning Dai immediately understood what he meant. “Actually, I might not be able to remember the details of the dance. I’ll just dance whatever comes to mind.”

After she finished speaking, she stood up and moved her hands and feet, making a very stylish starting position. Ning Dai silently recited the rhythm of the light step dance. Suddenly, the rhythm changed, and the dance became explosive and hot. She swayed her soft waist and touched Mo Chen’s waistline, rubbing against his top. Wink, her eyes were confident and her figure was s*xy.

After the dance ended, Mo Chen’s eyes were so deep that she couldn’t see the color of them. However, Ning Dai happily grabbed onto him and told him about the interesting things that happened during the dance training years ago. Mo Chen could only secretly remember this tent.

Outside the tent, Zhang Feng, who had originally wanted to look for Mo Chen, was surprised to see the entire process. The light reflected on the tent made Ning Dai’s beautiful figure even clearer, and his throat felt inexplicably itchy.

His sharp facial features appeared gentle under the light of the tent. Zhang Feng clenched his fists and stood on the spot for a long time. He finally understood where his unnaturalness came from.

He looked at the entangled shadows of the two of them in a daze, and he felt like a raging fire was burning in his chest..

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