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Chapter 158: If He Won, He Would Be Rewarded

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The next morning, Zhou Feng appeared in front of Mo Chen to gain a sense of presence. His eyes kept glancing at the mask in Ning Dai’s hand.

Ning Dai pretended to forget about the mask yesterday and tried to change the benefits. “Yesterday, you said that the younger generation wants to keep in contact.”

Was she giving him Mo Chen’s contact information?

Zhou Feng immediately smiled so hard that they couldn’t see his eyes. “That’s not true. We’re still young and have a lot of room for growth. But today, they confiscated our phones and are about to gather.”

Ning Dai took out her phone from Mo Chen’s pocket. “He’ll add you. It’s not too late to agree after you get your phone.”

“You’re really lucky to have such a wife,” Zhou Feng teased with a mischievous smile. “The two of you made quite a commotion yesterday. Everyone is dying of envy.”

Mo Chen’s expressionless face darkened even more, and a cold air permeated the air. Ning Dai looked at Zhou Feng with a smile, and her heart had already begun to mourn for him. “Envious?”

The training began. Mo Chen and Ning Dai were prepared to greet each other and leave before looking for the whereabouts of Golden Dragon through other clues.

However, Zhang Feng stopped them. “There’s someone in the banquet hall who wants to invite the two of you to have breakfast together.”

He paused for a moment and added, “He rushed here overnight.”

His expression was too profound, and his attitude when talking about that person was even more respectful. Ning Dai’s beautiful brows furrowed, and she sensed that something was wrong. As the Soldier King, did Zhang Feng need to treat him with such caution?

Unless… According to Benjamin’s investigation, the person in charge of the Zamen Sect was a second-grade Major Sergeant, and Soldier King, Zhang Feng, only cared about major matters. If the person standing in front of them was not the real Zhang Feng, and the real one had received such explosive news, it would make sense for him to put down his hands and rush over overnight.

The two of them arrived at the banquet hall, where a well-defined and imposing soldier was already waiting. He stretched out his hand to greet Mo Chen, “I’ve heard of your name a long time ago, I’m Zhang Feng. I didn’t know that Brother Mo came here, so I didn’t treat you well.”

Mo Chen shook his hand indifferently and nodded, “Mo Chen, my wife, Ning Dai. Our private matters have been settled, and we are preparing to leave.”

Ning Dai raised her eyebrows. She had guessed correctly.

However, the army had its own rules. Regardless of whether it was Zhang Feng repeatedly using his subordinates to disguise his identity to fool them, or if he wanted to express his dissatisfaction because he was a few years older than Mo Chen, he had to abide by the rules and respect his seniors.

“Brother Mo, if you’re not in a hurry, why don’t you spar with your brothers after breakfast? Elder Liu said that I’m not as perceptive as you.” Zhang Feng had been a Soldier King all this time, so when he saw the younger generation that Elder Liu admired, he could not help but secretly compete with them.

He carefully observed and found that Mo Chen was not bad-looking, but he could not see any traces of the legendary Soldier King. He felt regretful, but at the same time, he could not help but want to spar with him.

Mo Chen had never been enthusiastic about such things. “I still have to finish my personal matters. Let’s meet again if we’re fated.”

He had just rejected, but in the blink of an eye, he met Ning Dai’s gaze that was filled with interest. She lowered her voice and moved closer to Mo Chen’s ear, using a volume that was so low that only the two of them could hear clearly. She said coquettishly, “Come on, let’s compete. I haven’t seen you as a soldier before. If you win, you’ll get a reward.”

Yesterday, when she realized that she had missed so much of his past, Ning Dai felt a little regretful. She wanted to find out more about the legendary experience of the former young Soldier King and learn more about him.

Zhang Feng was reluctant to wait, so Mo Chen simply agreed.

The three of them quickly finished their breakfast and came to the training ground of the camp. Zhang Feng’s footsteps were sonorous, and he was in high spirits. “Brother Mo, what do you want to compete with?”

“Anything.” After retiring, Mo Chen specialized in computers. However, he had not completely forgotten about his life in the military camp. After all, he was a person who had lived to become a legend in the past.

Zhang Feng simply suggested, “Shooting? Brother Mo, how long do you need to prepare?”

“Ten minutes.” Since he had promised Ning Dai, Mo Chen did not want to be arrogant. He wanted to warm up and prepare.

Zhang Feng looked at the so-called person who had not trained for ten years and shot three shots consecutively. All of them were ten rings. He frowned in dissatisfaction.. “You’re really out of practice.”

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