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Chapter 153: It Seemed Like the Guests Couldn’t Wait Any Longer

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There were still five minutes left until 6 o’clock. Ning Dai and Mo Chen casually walked into the church and even had the leisure to take a look around.

There was a priest preaching by the side of the cross. Ning Dai deliberately didn’t look at him. They indeed had a request, but the church was so arrogant that it made people unhappy. She really didn’t want to play along with them and be polite. No matter what, she was a buyer with money right now, so she wouldn’t be humiliated by others.

They had originally planned to arrive half an hour earlier, but after the other party made a gesture, Ning Dai insisted on dragging Mo Chen along to check out the place.

The minute hand pointed to 12, and the two of them just happened to finish their tour of the church’s structure. The priest was also giving his closing speech. “Amen. May the Lord be with the world.”

The priest’s tone was so gentle that it could make people fall asleep. There was not a hint of the strong arrogance in the phone call. His entire person was emitting holy light like a ‘contemporary Jesus.’ If it was not for his strong figure and determined gaze… Who would have guessed that he was a soldier?

“You haven’t eaten yet, right? This way, please.” The priest kindly led Ning Dai and Mo Chen to the side door, as if he was greeting his closest friends.

Ning Dai and Mo Chen looked at each other and gave the priest a strange look.

The priest led the way and introduced himself without looking back. “My name is Wolf Head. How may I address the two of you?”

This familiar arrogance… He was not worried that they would not follow. It seemed like he was not going to pretend anymore.

Ning Dai was speechless. She held onto Mo Chen’s hand and followed. “Ning Dai. This is my husband, Mo Chen. Priest, your name doesn’t look like a missionary at all.”

Wolf Head? How could this be a priest’s name? It was more like a soldier’s code name.

The three of them took a few turns and arrived at a small banquet hall. Wolf Head did not treat them as outsiders and smiled. “To welcome you all, there are a lot of dishes prepared today. Would you like to serve the dishes with me?”

He did not need his own people at the side. Why did he have to ask them to go out? Was he trying to say something in private?

Mo Chen’s expression turned cold as he protected Ning Dai behind him. Instead, Ning Dai cut him off. “I’ll go with you.”

Her hands behind her back made a hand gesture at him. She could not stand this smiling tiger priest any more and was prepared to launch a sneak attack to capture him and interrogate him.

Mo Chen understood and shook his head helplessly. He instructed her to be careful. If there was anything, send a signal. There were more than a dozen elite brothers waiting outside.

Ning Dai’s skills were not bad. Even if she was compared to a soldier, she would not necessarily be at a disadvantage. Furthermore, she had the advantage of a sneak attack.

When Wolf Head was carrying the dishes, Ning Dai suddenly attacked from behind, but she was unexpectedly dodged. Wolf Head turned around and mocked, “Looks like our guest can’t wait any longer.”

Ning Dai did not answer. She smiled charmingly and her knuckles made a clear cracking sound. She raised her leg and kicked at his hand that was carrying the dishes. She twisted her body and pulled the hemp rope that was tied to the fish to tie him up.

The priest lowered his waist to dodge. He put down the plate and threw an iron fist at her face. Ning Dai raised her arm to block. The force of the fist actually caused her arm to retreat rapidly. The shoulder blade that hit the wall made a crisp cracking sound.

She took a deep breath and broke an empty plate with her backhand. She picked up the pieces and forced the other party to retreat. When she reached for the hemp rope again, her arm was forcefully restrained by the other party’s counter-attack.

The difference in strength between men and women formed a stark contrast at this time. Ning Dai only had time to kick down and counter-attack. However, the pain from her joints was so painful that it made one’s teeth ache. She almost suspected that her arm was broken.

The corner of her mouth twitched stiffly. “Priest, didn’t anyone tell you that women and villains are the two types of people that you shouldn’t provoke?”

Coincidentally, she was both a woman and a villainous person. Not only did she have to launch a sneak attack, but she also had to call for a siege. She had already sent a signal to her brothers before she entered the kitchen.

The priest’s expression did not change. “Unfortunately, I’m not a gentleman either..”

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