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Chapter 152: Things Started To Get Interesting

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When Ning Dai was almost done with her work, Benjamin brought new news with a serious expression. He was so cautious that the electronic version of the information was destroyed, and he skipped countless middlemen to report to her personally.

“Things are a little tricky. The information provided by the mercenaries mentioned that Golden Dragon had some involvement with the Zamen religion. In the 1920s, western missionaries spread their religion everywhere and established the Zamen Sect, a branch of Christianity. On the surface, it was a missionary, but in reality, it had been infiltrated by the military.”

“Now, the priest in charge of the Zamen Sect in our country is a retired sergeant. The mercenaries would rather pay the penalty for breach of contract than investigate further. I personally went to the church to investigate. The real person in charge of the church is a second-class Sergeant Major.”

“Such a high military rank?” Ning Dai frowned.

Sergeant Major was already a very high position among the high-ranking military ranks. Things were troublesome. If it was just a capital background, she would just throw money at it. However, the military background was really giving her a hard time.

How did Golden Dragon get involved with the Zamen Sect?

Benjamin could not bear to see her frown, so he added, “But according to my investigation in the church, the relationship between Golden Dragon and the Zamen Sect is probably not that deep. According to speculation, it might just be a business relationship.”

What kind of business could make the military dare to contact people regardless of their background? Almost in an instant, Ning Dai’s eyes lit up, and she thought of the firearms.

If Golden Dragon’s arsenal did not have a good source of purchase, they would not have been able to survive until now. Any random lackey could report him to the prison of death.

One of the sources of Golden Dragon’s firearms that Benjamin had previously investigated also had this direction, but there was too much information to interfere with, and the inconspicuous name of the church was too low-key.

Benjamin saw her bright smile and knew that she had thought of something. He reminded her to take care of her body and left sensibly.

When Mo Chen received Ning Dai’s phone call, his voice was deep. “I am not doubting Benjamin’s ability, but our country’s military’s secret service is definitely stricter than anyone can imagine. If he did his best to find out that the person in charge is a second-grade Sergeant Major, the worst-case scenario would be that this matter is directly related to the Soldier King.”

Soldier King was a first-class Sergeant Major. He was one of the top elites in the various fields of the national army who were even rarer than Generals.

“Troublesome,” Ning Dai wailed and muttered unwillingly.

Mo Chen’s voice came through the phone line, still making people feel at ease. “Let’s put aside the matters at hand and find someone to talk to them about the arms business. Let’s see if we can use this to catch Golden Dragon’s clues.”

Since the Golden Dragon could talk to the Zamen Sect, why couldn’t they?

“The other party’s military rank has already reached such a high level. They must have their own information channels and arrogance. If we go personally, we might be able to eliminate their suspicion and wariness to a greater extent.” Ning Dai twirled the pen in her hand and made up her mind. “Buy the plane tickets now. We’ll go together.”

Both of them were action-oriented people. After making the call, they booked the tickets. At 2 pm in the afternoon, they had already settled down at the hotel next to S City’s airport.

S City was also the place where Tiger’s people discovered that they had followed the wrong person.

“Things are starting to get interesting.” Ning Dai raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms as she stood in front of the French window. Her eyes were filled with interest.

Mo Chen was flipping through all the information about the Zamen Sect that his hackers had found. His expression was calm. However, he was secretly preparing for the worst. If the situation really left him with no other choice, he could only…

It was almost 4 pm in the afternoon. His subordinate respectfully gave Mo Chen a phone call, hinting that they had worked hard for more than an hour online. The ‘Soldier King’ was finally willing to meet them.

The other party’s voice was firm and forceful. He gave a short and crisp notification. “6 pm, see you at the church.”

He didn’t say anything else, as if Mo Chen and the rest didn’t have the ability to find the address, whether or not they could make it on time was not up to him to consider. He was only willing to let them know if he was interested.

This person was indeed arrogant..

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