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Chapter 147: Something Was Not Right

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Mo Chen and Ning Dai seemed to have stirred up the flames of heaven and earth.

Without the knot in their hearts, they were more open with each other. Their bodies and desires combined at the peak, giving off a feeling that deeply touched their souls.

Mo Chen straightened his back and stabbed his clone even deeper, almost pressing it against Ning Dai’s flower bud.

She cried out in a tender voice, her fingers tightly clutching onto his shoulder.

“Second Brother, Dai’er is dying…”

However, her pleas for mercy were met with Mo Chen’s even crazier rhythm. She was brought by him to hover in the sky, wandering around, slowly releasing her desires at their peak.

Only when Ning Dai was about to faint did Mo Chen stop in satisfaction. He hugged her and washed her in the bathtub.

Sensing his hands moving back and forth on her body, she held him down weakly.

“Don’t mess around. I’m tired.”

Seeing the bruise under her eyes, Mo Chen’s heart ached as he gently kissed her eyelids.

“Let’s go to sleep.”

Ning Dai groaned in a daze. She leaned into his embrace and fell into a deep sleep.

She seemed to have fallen into darkness. Her body returned to ten years ago. She was still a little girl. After being kidnapped, she cried out helplessly.

The gangster’s knife gradually approached her. The light from the knife was piercingly cold.

“No!” Ning Dai cried out in surprise. She suddenly opened her eyes and panted heavily.

She was startled awake.

“Dai’er, what’s wrong?” Mo Chen’s voice sounded in her ear. She turned her head and met his somewhat concerned gaze.

So, it was a dream.

Ning Dai smiled bitterly. She lowered her eyes and hugged his arm.

“I dreamt that I was kidnapped.”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Mo Chen sensed that she was trembling and held her in his arms. His breathing rhythmically hit her face and ears, numbing and warm.

Ning Dai looked at him and suddenly frowned.

“Second Brother, I think the matter ended too easily.”

Too easily?

Mo Chen looked at her in confusion.

“Golden Dragon wouldn’t be that stupid.”

Ning Dai’s eyelashes trembled slightly as she continued to speak in a low voice. “He had been hiding very well previously. How did he fall into the net so quickly this time?”

Even if she had handed over all the evidence to the police, it wouldn’t be an easy task for the police to catch him. The arsenal wasn’t his foundation either. It was just a station.

There was something fishy going on!

“Also, we were lured over by the assassin that night. The words of Second and Third Uncle have a deep meaning now that I think about it carefully.”

After Ning Dai finished speaking, Mo Chen frowned and pondered for a moment before nodding his head.

“You’re right. How about this? We’ll go and visit them tomorrow in the name of visiting relatives.”

If the two of them weren’t the real culprits, they would definitely explain impatiently when they saw them.

People would never give up on the hope of living.


She agreed as well.

Early the next morning, Ning Dai and Mo Chen arrived at the police station.

After learning that the two of them were going to visit their relatives, the captain personally brought them to the cell where Second Uncle and Third Uncle were being held.

Through the thick and heavy iron door, they saw the two of them.

“Second Uncle, Third Uncle,” Ning Dai called out and looked at the two of them coldly.

The two of them were stunned. They looked up and saw Ning Dai’s cold face. They immediately rushed to the door of the cell.

“B*tch, you came at this time to see us make a fool of ourselves, right?”

“I should have killed you back then. It would have saved us so much trouble.”

The two of them cursed crazily. They wanted to grab her through the cell door, but they were stopped by the cold bars.

Seeing the two of them so crazy, Ning Dai became more and more confused.

Something was not right..

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