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Chapter 14: The Little Darling’s Tastes Are So Special

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“Miss Ning, I finally have the chance to talk to you alone for a while.” Mo Chuan laughed mischievously as he tried to approach Ning Dai in a friendly manner.

Mo Chuan had long coveted this beautiful Young Miss of the Ning family who came from an outstanding family background. He had spent a long time with his mother before he barely managed to get a ticket to the matchmaking banquet.

However, no one had expected that Ning Dai would actually choose the disfigured and disabled Mo Chen.

Thinking that his conditions were many times better than Mo Chen’s, he rushed to the Mo family with the mentality that he would get the moon first. He used the excuse of holding a wedding to approach Ning Dai.

“Miss Ning, what’s so good about that disabled cousin of mine? He’s a cripple. I’m many times better than him. Why don’t you let Big Brother dote on you?”

There were only two people in the bathroom. Mo Chuan did not hide his desire at all and directly pounced on Ning Dai.

His idea was very simple. First, he would take her down. Once the rice was cooked, Ning Dai would be his.

Looking at Mo Chuan, who was drooling and had a dirty look on his face, Ning Dai’s eyes turned cold. She nimbly moved away from Mo Chuan and pressed him onto the sink with one leg. Her fingers lightly untied the man’s belt.

Mo Chuan was slightly stunned and then smiled evilly. “The taste of little darling is so special.”

He cooperated with Ning Dai and took off his pants.

Ning Dai’s fingers gently slid across the man’s lower abdomen and gently tickled it. Her fingers quickly tapped on his lower abdomen a few times.

After she finished tapping, she withdrew her hand and bent down to throw the pants out of the bathroom.

“You’re actually so small? And you still say you want to satisfy me?” Ning Dai turned her head. Her eyes could not hide the disdain in them.

Being called small touched the man’s pride. Mo Chuan immediately came back to his senses from the romantic fantasy and said unwillingly, “When I’m completely hard, I’m very big.”

As he said that, he reached into his underwear and began to stroke his roots, wanting to show Ning Dai his masculinity.

Ning Dai had treated countless people and seen countless naked men. She did not have the slightest bit of shyness towards Mo Chuan’s naked body.

Mo Chuan fiddled with it repeatedly for a long time, but there was not the slightest movement from his pitiful grandson in his underwear.

At this moment, a servant came in with a mop. When she saw this scene, she was instantly stunned.

Ning Dai had been waiting for this moment. She threw the bag in her hand onto Mo Chuan’s forehead.

“Stinky hooligan, I’m your sister-in-law. How can you do this?”

Her sharp questioning voice immediately attracted the attention of the other servants.

More and more people gathered around the toilet, pointing and whispering at Mo Chuan who was barefooted and only wearing underwear.

“What’s going on?” Mo Chen controlled the wheelchair to pass through the crowd.

The passersby all made way, allowing Mo Chen to see the scene in front of him better.

Mo Chuan still hadn’t reacted, his hands still maintaining the movement of reaching into his underwear. When he saw Mo Chen appear, he immediately became nervous. “Cousin, listen to me.”

Ning Dai was the first to kneel on Mo Chen’s lap, sobbing as she complained, “Second Brother, don’t blame Cousin. He only did such a thing because of his impotence. Fortunately, I resisted stubbornly, so Cousin didn’t make a big mistake.”

The expressions of the surrounding people immediately changed, and they didn’t hide their disdain at all.

Everyone knew that this branch family member of the Mo family loved to come here and take advantage of them whenever he was free.

However, they did not expect Mo Chuan to actually dare to r*pe his own Sister-in-law. If it was not for his sexual dysfunction, the scandal might have been confirmed.

Listening to Ning Dai twisting the truth, Mo Chuan was so angry that his hair stood on end. He pulled his hands out from his crotch and was about to point them at Ning Dai’s nose. However, his remaining bit of rationality stubbornly reminded him that he could not afford to offend Ning Dai because of her identity.

After taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down, he could only turn his head and explain to Mo Chen, “Cousin, listen to me. The truth isn’t like this.”

“Cousin, didn’t you say that you were going home? Why are you in my bathroom again?” Mo Chen asked with a dark expression.

Mo Chuan: “…”

Seeing that Mo Chuan was speechless, everyone became even more certain of their guesses.

“The Mo family doesn’t welcome you. Don’t come again in the future. Chen Shan, send the guest out.” Mo Chen’s tone was cold, and the aura around him was terrifying.

Looking at the people around him pointing at him, Mo Chuan knew that if he continued to stay, it would only make him even more embarrassed, so he could only leave in a sorry state.

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