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Chapter 139: There’s No Way Out

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Ning Dai felt relieved and walked out of the hall with the gangster. Tiger and the others were right behind her and didn’t chase after her. She was very excited.

As long as she got to the car, she could drive back.

Soon, she arrived at the entrance of Clearwater Bay. Ning Dai saw that her car was still parked in the same place.

“Big Sister, let me go,” the gangster said weakly. His body was cold and he felt weak due to the excessive loss of blood.

Ning Dai ignored him. She quickly reached the car and kicked him away.

She could finally walk.

She quickly got into the car and started the car. However, no matter how hard she turned the steering wheel, the car did not move at all.

Oh no!

Ning Dai’s body suddenly stiffened and she cursed fiercely. Someone had tampered with her car. The engine had malfunctioned and she could not drive.


Ning Dai quickly got out of the car and ran outside. After a few steps, she was blocked by a woman and a group of men.

“My dad didn’t let you go, but you just ran away. Isn’t it embarrassing for us?” The woman sneered. Her red lips were particularly glaring.

Ning Dai sized her up and clenched her fists slightly.

“Are you the daughter of Tiger?”

“Yes, everyone calls me White Cat.” White Cat looked at Ning Dai mockingly and blew out a smoke ring. “Do you want to go back by yourself, or do you want me to cripple you and drag you back?”

Ning Dai stopped in her tracks, gritted her teeth, and looked back. The hooligans that she had kicked out earlier had already run back to the entrance, and Tiger had also walked out with his men.

There was a White Cat in front, a Tiger behind, and countless underlings and hooligans. Even if she had wings, she would not be able to escape.

Ning Dai let out a sigh of despair. Just as she was about to give up resisting, she heard a familiar voice.

“Dai’er, let’s go!”

She suddenly turned her head and ran towards the left without any regard for her life.

Mo Chen was there!

He had brought his underlings over to bring her back.

However, when he saw the large number of underlings under Tiger and White Cat, a grave look flashed across his eyes. He ordered his underlings to defend while he brought Ning Dai back.

White Cat looked at them with great interest.

Mo Chen, who was not wearing a mask, was handsome and had good skills. No one could block his way alone. Only such a man was worthy of her.

Thinking of this, she looked at Tiger beside her.

“Dad, let them go?”

“What a joke.” Tiger licked his teeth and sneered. “They ran away after entering my lair? If the people on the street know about this, they will laugh at us to death.”

“Catch them.”

Tiger gave the order and the gangsters rushed towards Mo Chen and Ning Dai like a tidal wave. Soon, they surrounded them.

Bang! Mo Chen opened another gangster with a punch. Ning Dai followed by his side and was equally agile.

However, they had too few subordinates. How could they be compared to Tiger? Not long after, the two of them were once again surrounded. There was no way out.

“Second Brother, I’ve implicated you,” Ning Dai said in a low voice. Mo Chen ignored everything else and grabbed her hand tightly.

Even if he had to die, he would still send her away. She was a woman. If she stayed here, he wouldn’t even dare to think about the consequences.

At this moment, the hooligans parted ways and White Cat walked out.

“You guys have no way out.” She looked at the two of them holding hands and smiled elegantly, “But I’m in a good mood, so I can let her go.”

Mo Chen looked straight at White Cat and asked coldly, “Conditions?”

“Smart. I like it.” White Cat clapped her hands, her eyes burning.. “You stay and obey me.”

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