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Chapter 138: He Was Humiliating Her

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Clearwater Bay was Tiger’s. Ning Dai was locked in a room with a lock, and there was only a small window to ventilate. Fortunately, she was not tied down, so she could still think of a way to escape.

Ning Dai looked around the room. Her fingertips rubbed the silver needles, and her brows were tightly knitted. She could only go out through the door, but the security there was tight, so it was not easy for her to make a move.

This time, she had entered the tiger’s den. She could not escape even if she wanted to.

Just as Ning Dai was looking around, the leader of the hooligans in the hall cupped his hands to Tiger in a flattering manner.

“Boss, this woman is very arrogant. I checked her identity. She is the CEO of the Ning Corporation. The man who beat me up with her is her husband, Mo Chen.”

“The Ning Corporation? No wonder she is so arrogant. The head of the chamber of commerce has a lot of money behind them.” Tiger took a sip of tea as he spoke, his eyes shining.

He believed what Ning Dai said. At least with her financial strength, she could be a big help to him. As long as she supported him unconditionally, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to swallow Golden Dragon.

But how did she find him?

Tiger thought for a moment and asked the gangster to tell him what Ning Dai had done in the United Detective Agency. When he heard her request, he snorted coldly.

“Cooperate? No way. I want her to be my dog.”

He gave the thug a look. The thug rubbed his hands excitedly and asked someone to bring Ning Dai over.

“Boss, it’s good that you understand. That woman is really pretty. She has a seductive aura. Just looking at her makes people want to push her to the ground and f*ck her.”

His voice was not soft. Ning Dai happened to be brought out and heard every word. Her expression became colder and colder. She gritted her teeth and stared at the thug, killing intent emerging in her eyes.

If there was a chance in the future, she would make him pay the price.

Noticing Ning Dai’s expression, Tiger leaned back on the sofa with great interest. His gaze darted around her body unceremoniously. It was obscene and lewd.

“You want to work with me?”


“Sure, but you have to accompany my little brother first.”

Tiger slowly pointed at the thug and continued, “You beat him up in United Detective Agency, so I won’t let you pay for the medical fees. If you serve him well, I’ll give him to you and let you find Golden Dragon.”

Hearing this, the thug cheered excitedly.

“Boss, you’re still the best.”

Tiger impatiently waved his hand and only stared at Ning Dai.

“Are you going to accompany him or not?”

An irrepressible anger rose from the bottom of Ning Dai’s heart.

He was humiliating her!

From the corner of her eyes, Ning Dai saw the dense crowd of people around her. She came back to her senses and forced herself to calm down. Now was not the time to make a move. If she acted rashly, she would definitely be locked up again.

As for accompanying… just accompanying.


When Ning Dai said this word, her body trembled. Tiger was very satisfied with her reaction and let the gangsters bring her down.

The gangsters grabbed her arm and violently pushed her into the room.

“Little b*tch, did you enjoy yourself back then? Today, I’ll let you have a good time too.”

The other men understood and let out a lewd laugh.

The room door closed.


A hoarse scream was heard and everyone’s laughter stopped. Tiger stood up and looked at the door warily.

The door opened and Ning Dai pushed the thug out. She held three silver needles in her hands and stabbed them deep into the thug’s neck. Blood was gushing out.

Ning Dai glanced at Tiger, who was in a state of shock and anger. She was too lazy to say anything and tightened her grip.

“If you don’t want him to die, let me go.”

“Let her go.”

Tiger gave the order, and everyone made way..

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