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Chapter 124: This Was a Series of Tricks

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After the video problem was solved, Mo Chen heaved a sigh of relief. No matter who it was, it wouldn’t be easy to be suspected of killing someone.

He closed the computer and tapped his fingers on the table rhythmically.

Who was the one who shot that video?

He and Ning Dai both had a spy by their side. Ma Zhuang’s ability to bypass the spy’s range was enough to make him wary. He didn’t think that there would be someone who could dodge the spy’s range and shoot the video.

No matter how he looked at it, it was a meticulous plan. The strength of the dark forces was indeed not to be underestimated.

“Young Master, Young Madam, something bad has happened.”

The butler ran upstairs while panting. Under Mo Chen’s surprised gaze, he hurriedly reported.

“The police are here. They said that they received evidence that Young Master pretended to be crippled and pretended to be kidnapped for the purpose of killing. They want to bring Young Master to investigate.”

Mo Chen was shocked. He raised his eyes and looked at Ning Dai who had just walked over. Her face was filled with solemnity.

This was a series of schemes!

In just a few minutes of talking, two police officers went upstairs.

“Mr. Mo, please follow us to the station.” The two of them had cold expressions on their faces and had a business-like attitude.

Ning Dai coughed and smiled as she went forward to greet them. “I’ll have to trouble the two of you. Can I send him over? I’m a family member. I’d like to see the evidence too.”

“Sure,” the two policemen replied. Their tense bodies seemed to have relaxed a little.

Noticing their slight changes, Ning Dai came to a sudden realization.

They didn’t want to get into a conflict with them either.

However, she didn’t want to go head-to-head with the police either.

From Mo Chen being forced to make a move by Ma Zhuang to the video of the murder, the police received evidence that he wasn’t disabled. They were meticulous and careful.

If one of the links went wrong, the next link would not be able to operate.

Every step that she and Mo Chen took was within the other party’s expectations.

Therefore, the best method now was to let Mo Chen follow the police. He would be under investigation while she would not make a move. She wanted to see if there were any unusual movements from the dark forces.

It was not until Mo Chen and Ning Dai got into the police car that Ning Dai saw the so-called report evidence.

It was the video of Mo Chen controlling Ma Zhuang!

“How troublesome.” Ning Dai took a deep breath. In the blink of an eye, she met Mo Chen’s worried eyes and forced out a smile. “Second Brother, you can stay inside in peace. I’ll take care of the outside. Don’t worry.”

Mo Chen stared into her sparkling eyes and silently patted the back of her hand.

“Be careful.”

The car stopped.

The two policemen brought Mo Chen into the police station.

Looking at their backs, Ning Dai felt extremely lonely for the first time.

Mo Chen was inside to cooperate with the investigation. All of his communication tools would be taken away. If the police station didn’t release him, she wouldn’t be able to contact him. She could only wait.

Following that, Ning Dai had to face all the storms by herself.

“What a series of tricks. What other tricks do you have? Use them all,” Ning Dai said in a low voice, then turned around and got into the car.

The police had said that this investigation would start for twenty-four hours. The exact time would depend on the investigation. She planned to return to the villa first and wait for Mo Chen to come out. At the same time, she would also dig out the purpose of the dark forces.

As the car drove at a constant speed, the space between Ning Dai’s brows was almost twisted into a ‘川’ shape.

When she drove to a relatively remote main road, a sudden change occurred.


A violent collision sound came from the back of the car. Ning Dai’s car lost control and fled to the side of the road.

“D*mn it!” She cursed as she stepped on the brakes with all her strength. The tires of the car rubbed against the ground of the road, emitting a series of intense flames.

Without waiting for the car to stop, a steel pipe smashed into Ning Dai’s window!

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