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Chapter 114: Ning Dai’s Lust For Men

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After the shareholders’ meeting ended, the shareholders left one after another. Ning Dai wanted to leave too, but she was blocked by a shareholder.

“President Ning, I want to hold a celebration party for you. What do you think?”

He rubbed his hands, his eyes full of flattery. Ning Dai glanced at him and immediately understood his intention.

This person was called Ma Zhuang, a small shareholder of the Ning Corporation. He owned a home improvement company. He was trying to please her because of the projects that she had just won. Among the three projects, two were civil engineering projects. He wanted to take them so that he could make money with them.

Thinking of this, Ning Dai smiled. “President Ma, you don’t have to be so polite. How can I not give you face if you invite me?”

“Thank you, President Ning.” Knowing that she had agreed, Ma Zhuang rubbed his hands excitedly. “Tonight, I would like to invite President Ning to Heavenly Earth at 8 o’clock. I will book the entire place for you and give you a surprise.”


Ning Dai became more interested and agreed with a smile. When she returned to the villa, Mo Chen was busy in the study. She smiled charmingly and went over to hug his neck, sitting on his lap naturally.

“Second Brother, I’m afraid I won’t be able to have dinner with you tonight.”

The rich fragrance of the roses on her body lingered around the tip of Mo Chen’s nose. The fire in his heart was ignited by her, but he didn’t show it on his face. He took the opportunity to hug her and kissed her on the lips.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ma Zhuang wants to hold a celebration party for me.”

Ning Dai explained the matter of Ma Zhuang inviting her in a few sentences and yawned.

“He also said that he wanted to prepare a surprise for me. He was acting so mysteriously. I want to go and take a look.”


Mo Chen agreed immediately.

“You go and rest first. Take a shower. I’ll finish reading these documents.”

He patted Ning Dai’s perky butt. She threw him a flirtatious glance and left with a smile.

After she left, the gentle smile on Mo Chen’s face slowly disappeared.

A celebration party?

He was afraid that Ma Zhuang’s thoughts were not that simple.

After the An family had taken advantage of the loophole, Mo Chen had started to mobilize his hacker forces to monitor every inch of Ning Dai’s surroundings. He was afraid that she would run into danger again.

Just ten minutes ago, he had just received news that Shareholder Ma had booked Heavenly Earth and ordered the best banquet.

Forget about it, but Shareholder Ma had even called Heavenly Earth’s most famous male host.

He must have believed the rumors and thought that Ning Dai liked men and wanted to please her.

Mo Chen’s expression turned cold.

“Those who want to touch her, dream on.”

8 pm, Heavenly Earth.

The hotel was filled with cheers and laughter. Ma Zhuang kept serving Ning Dai wine. Ning Dai took a few sips and chatted with him and the other shareholders perfunctorily.

In the private room on the second floor, Mo Chen dragged the male host out. “Keep an eye on him. Don’t let him come out and cause trouble.”


Chen Shan accepted the order and led his two subordinates to throw the male host into the private room opposite and shut the door.

The private room of this hotel had a very good soundproof effect. After the door was closed, even if they were shouting inside, they wouldn’t be able to hear anything outside the room. After he settled everything, he saw Mo Chen ask them to leave and entered the private room himself.

Chen Shan: “…”

It seemed like the Young Master had made up his mind to take the opportunity to teach the Young Madam a lesson. He only hoped that the Young Madam would have a clear mind and not bring the room card upstairs.

The dinner downstairs was bustling with activity. Seeing that it was about time, Ma Zhuang secretly gave Ning Dai a room card.

“President Ning, I see that you’re drunk. Why don’t you go up to the second floor to rest? I’ve arranged a room for you.” He lowered his voice and gave her a knowing smile.

“The surprise is inside.. President Ning, don’t worry and enjoy it.”

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