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Chapter 113: The Ning Corporation Doesn’t Leave Anyone To Be a Traitor

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“I also caught this.” Mo Chen let go of Ning Dai. He turned on his phone and played the video that he had just received.

Ning Dai looked at the two familiar faces on the screen and sneered.

“With these things, the two of them can be considered to have reached the end of their career in the company.”

The Ning Corporation never left anyone to be a traitor!

“It’s up to you.” Mo Chen sent the video to her and smiled dotingly. There seemed to be a lively flame dancing in his eyes.

She gently licked her lower lip and her eyes moved charmingly. “Second Brother, are you trying to seduce me?”

The next day, at nine in the morning, Ning Corporation held a general meeting. Ning Dai’s Second and Third Uncles had received the message and rushed over. They sat in the meeting room and chatted with the other shareholders.

Ten minutes later, Ning Dai, dressed in a small black suit and holding a document in her hand, went up to the high platform of the meeting room.

She coughed, and the entire meeting room immediately quieted down.

“Before the shareholders’ meeting begins, I want to announce some good news first.” Ning Dai turned on the screen. On it was a few projects from abroad.

“This is the project that the An Corporation did previously. I’ve discussed it with the partners, and they’ve decided to entrust our Ning Corporation with full authority to manage it. These projects are now ours.”

Hearing this, the shareholders applauded and congratulated excitedly.

“President Ning is amazing!”

Second Uncle and Third Uncle looked at each other with gloomy faces. They both knew clearly that these were the projects of the An Corporation’s foreign subsidiaries. Now, they were all in the hands of Ning Dai and had become the Ning Corporation’s.

It seemed that the An Corporation’s plan to enter the domestic market was about to go bankrupt, but how could Ning Dai have such great ability to actually stretch her hand overseas?

Their expressions changed. Ning Dai could see everything clearly from the high platform. She smiled coldly and narrowed her eyes. Her fingers swiped on the laptop and changed to another video.

“What’s going to be announced next is the incriminating evidence of the two shareholders. Everyone, take a good look.”

The entire meeting room was silent.

On the screen, the faces of Second and Third Uncles were clear. Their words also echoed in the room.

“Let them go and help the little b*tch?”

“With the An family, this favor, if you don’t want it, I’ll…”


After the video ended, Ning Dai supported herself with her hand on the table and looked at the two of them coldly.

“Yesterday, An Zhenguo brought people to break into the Ning family, wanting to take me away illegally and control my personal freedom. I pressed the alarm bell, but no one came up.”

“I thought An Zhenguo took care of the security guards and could only wait. Fortunately, my husband arrived in time and resolved the crisis. But I didn’t expect that the people who didn’t let the security guards rescue me were the two of you.”

After the initial shock, the other shareholders looked at the two of them coldly.

They were traitors and had framed their superiors. These two people had no right to stay in the Ning Corporation. Otherwise, they might be the next to be stabbed.

Second Uncle and Third Uncle were trembling. They gritted their teeth and could not say a word.

Ning Dai walked down from the platform and stood beside them. “Hand over the shares and get lost.”

She looked at them from top to bottom. The head of the security team rushed in with his men. He gave off a cold and murderous aura.

The two of them were shocked and immediately understood. If they did not hand over their shares, neither of them would be able to walk out of here safely.

The situation was pressing, and they had no choice but to grit their teeth and sign the share transfer contract.

Ning Dai took the contract in her hand and stared at their unwilling backs. A cold light flashed across her eyes.

“From today onwards, they are no longer the shareholders of the Ning Corporation, and they are no longer members of the Ning family.”

Her cold voice echoed in everyone’s ears. Second Uncle and Third Uncle’s faces were pale and their eyes were filled with hatred..

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