Slave’s Nightmare


“Ha ha. You say words of rejection through your mouth, but your body burns with pleasure.”

Sayuri felt like she was losing her mind.


Even before she could realize what was happening, the ropes on her body were removed


a few moments, she was bound again. Tied up in a different way

They were perfectly stimulating all of her erogenous zones.

“Auu, Mumumu”

Sayuri, desperately trying to speak, couldn’t do so.


One rope after another was tied onto her body;

One rope was tied around her waist and was twisted  multiple times,

another end tied up her breasts tightly,

and another end circled around her nape.  


A large number of ropes were tied around her body.

Sayuri felt like each rope was a snake that was licking her.

“Oh, oh, oh ahhh”


Sayuri twisted her body to escape from the ropes,

but it ended up further stimulating her that she started moaning.
The more she struggled, the tighter it also got.

“Oh, stop, please stop, Sayuri is feeling strange, please”


While she was begging, another rope tightened around her nipples.

At the moment Sayuri not only felt helpless and wanted to escape,

but she was also filled with expectation.


“Oh no, please stop”

Sayuri tried to evade the incoming ropes but she couldn’t

“Oh, yes, yessssss! “


Not able to control herself, Sayuri’s voice spoke out:

“Ha, ha, uu, huh”

And in this unusual situation, Sayuri consciously felt pleasure rushing.

“Oh no, no more, if you do it like this I will go crazy, I feel really weird. Pleaseeee stopp!”


Regaining a little bit of sanity, Sayuri desperately tried to escape from the bindings.A big rope was then tied around her lower limbs, completely binding her.

“Oh no, any place but that there.”

Sayuri knew where the next rope would tied, and tried to cover her most important part with her hands.

However, another rope had tied her hands behind her, so she couldn’t use them.

In despair, Sayuri felt goosebumps when she saw the men staring at her.

At that moment, the rope went through her buttocks and was rubbed against her pussy.


Something felt strange, as a huge knot was right below her pussy.

It little by little pushed against her vulva stimulating her.



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