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Chapter 93: Sword Kinesis Flight

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After successfully absorbing the Beast Tamer Formula, Yu Huang also walked out from the illusion created by the fourth-grade Divine Tier cultivation technique. She discovered that she was still sitting on the back of the bird and maintaining her falling posture, as if everything that happened in the illusion had never happened.

Yu Huang hurriedly turned around to look behind her, but found that there was no one in the deep valley. Both Sheng Yang and Garo Xianyang were gone.

She lowered her head to look down again, and found that the ‘Time Valley’ that was formed by a fourth-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique had already disappeared, revealing the true appearance of the Time Valley hidden underneath.

To everyone’s surprise, the real Time Valley didn’t have the terrifying appearance of a rolling fog. It looked more like a peaceful amber sea. Sunlight sprinkled on it and even reflected a sparkling luster.

It was beautiful, so beautiful that one could easily lose their rationality and want to reach out to touch it.

Yu Huang steered the bird higher for a while before taking out a small folding stool from the storage device and throwing it into the amber sea.

As soon as the stool fell into the amber sea, the originally calm sea immediately began to churn violently. In the blink of an eye, the stool was pulverized into wood shavings by the Time Valley.

This was the true power of the Time Valley!

“Let’s go up.” Yu Huang hurriedly hugged the bird’s neck and let it carry her out of the deep valley and onto the cliff.

The bird had completed its mission. It lowered its head and rubbed its forehead against Yu Huang’s palm. After receiving Yu Huang’s response, the bird was satisfied and flew back to the nest on the cliff.

When Yu Huang saw that there was no one in the deep valley, she guessed that the others had already left. She didn’t know how long she had been in the illusion. Afraid that her mentor and father would be worried, Yu Huang prepared to leave.

She turned around and was about to leave when she heard Lin Jiansheng’s voice. “Ah Huang?” Lin Jiansheng stared at the beautiful figure at the edge of the cliff and suspected that he had seen wrongly. “Are you Ah Huang?”

Yu Huang was shocked.

Her mentor’s voice?

Yu Huang suddenly turned around and saw her mentor. Lin Jiansheng was standing under a towering ancient tree and walking towards her excitedly.

Yu Huang hurriedly jogged to Lin Jiansheng. “Mentor!” Yu Huang stared at the black hair on Lin Jiansheng’s head that was three fingers long and realized a serious problem.

Her mentor’s hair had grown long, which meant that time had passed much faster than she thought. “Your hair has grown long. Have I been at the bottom of the valley for a long time?”

Lin Jiansheng said angrily, “You still have the cheek to ask?! It’s been half a year, and you’re finally out! If the Blood Pact didn’t show that you were still alive, I would have gone back to report to your father!”

When she heard that half a year had passed, Yu Huang was surprised. “I’ve been in this deep valley for half a year?”

“Of course!” Lin Jiansheng rubbed his head and said, “When you entered the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion, I was still bald. Look at my black hair!” He stroked the hard beard on his chin and said, “Touch this beard. Can it grow overnight?”

Yu Huang really stroked her mentor’s small mustache. The touch made Yu Huang understand that she had really disappeared for half a year.

Seeing that Yu Huang was fine, Lin Jiansheng felt relieved. He then rubbed his hands and asked expectantly, “Tell me, did you find a suitable cultivation technique?”

Yu Huang raised her chin slightly and revealed a mysterious expression. “Guess.”

Seeing her quirky reaction, Lin Jiansheng knew that Yu Huang must have gotten hold of a treasure. He guessed boldly, “You got a Witch-level cultivation technique?”

Yu Huang shook her index finger and encouraged Lin Jiansheng to continue guessing boldly. “Guess again, and guess at something more impressive!”

“Impressive!” Lin Jiansheng narrowed his eyes, and his heart rate quickened slightly. His tone became hurried. “Could it be that you obtained a Divine Rank cultivation technique?”

Yu Huang nodded.

Lin Jiansheng grabbed Yu Huang’s arms forcefully and revealed an ecstatic expression. “What grade is it? What type is it?!”

Yu Huang kept blowing his mind—

“Fourth Grade Divine Rank! A battle-type! Very powerful. Through refining the blood of others, one can duplicate the other party’s beast form and cultivation technique!”

Lin Jiansheng was dumbfounded. “There’s such a bandit technique?”

See, not only did the Divine Feather Prime Emperor think that the cultivation technique she had created was a bandit technique, but even her mentor thought so too. Yu Huang coughed lightly and told Lin Jiansheng, “What bandit technique is that? It’s called the Beast Tamer Technique!”

Lin Jiansheng clapped his hands and said, “The Beast Tamer Technique is good! This name is good! It’s cool and catchy!” The shorter the name, the more reliable it was. He liked it.

At the thought of his disciple actually obtaining a fourth-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique, Lin Jiansheng’s face was full of smiles, and the gaze he used to look at Yu Huang became more and more affectionate.

He smiled and said, “You’ll be better than your father. Your father will be proud of you.”

Lin Jiansheng began to fantasize. As he fantasized about the glorious future, he said, “Not only are you the only dual Master on the Holy Spirit Continent, but you are also a rare Beast Tamer who possesses a fourth-grade Divine Rank cultivation technique. You are so outstanding. Even if you don’t take the college entrance examination, the Divine Realm Academy will still open its doors to you!”

“In the future, you will definitely surpass your father and become an even more powerful Prime Master. You might even be able to become the first Divine Master on the Holy Spirit Continent! And I will become the mentor of a Divine Master! Hehehe, I’m a Purifying Spirit Master, but I managed to nurture a Divine Master. If this matter gets out, it will so glorious!”

Yu Huang was originally smiling. Upon hearing Lin Jiansheng mention the Divine Realm Academy and the examinations, she finally thought of serious matters.

“Holy shit!” Yu Huang slapped her forehead in despair. “It’s been half a year. Doesn’t that mean I only have three months before the college entrance examination?!”

Lin Jiansheng also came back to his senses.

He stared at Yu Huang’s anxious expression and could not help but feel schadenfreude. “Yes, there are only three months left. Yu Huang, don’t forget to become the top scorer and bring glory to me.”

Yu Huang had not flipped through her books for half a year. What could she use to become the top scholar?! Yu Huang grabbed Lin Jiansheng’s arm and acted cute with Lin Jiansheng with an innocent expression. “Mentor, good Mentor, help me gain three months worth of knowledge and help me enter the Divine Realm Academy, alright?”

Could Lin Jiansheng reject her?

He couldn’t.

She was his disciple. Even if he had to stay up all night to lecture, he had to send her to the Divine Realm Academy!

Lin Jiansheng complained angrily, “Did I get a disciple? I got a little diva instead!” The kind that couldn’t be sent away after being invited in!

“Go back. Your father must have been worried sick.”


The two of them left the independent space and returned to the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion.

The main door of the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion was locked from the outside. Lin Jiansheng’s temper flared up. He used his Psychic power to transform into a giant ax and hacked at the ancient door, creating a rectangular hole.

Lin Jiansheng put away his psychic axe, lifted his windbreaker, and walked out. Standing outside the door, Lin Jiansheng raised his head and saw Grand Master Qingying.

Lin Jiansheng, who was caught, was speechless.

Grand Master Qingying lived near the Lou Lan Island. The commotion caused by Lin Jiansheng opening the door had alarmed Grand Master Qingying. She thought that a thief had attempted to enter the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion, so she teleported to the ancient pavilion to investigate the situation.

Unexpectedly, the thug who opened the door was Lin Jiansheng.

The two of them suddenly met and looked at each other.

Lin Jiansheng’s beloved disciple had died in the empty valley. The derelict Grand Master Qingying felt guilty and could only pretend not to see Lin Jiansheng opening the door.

“Are you planning to leave?”

Lin Jiansheng acknowledged and said, “It’s time to leave.”

Hearing this, Grand Master Qingying heaved a sigh of relief.

This old scoundrel was finally willing to leave.

Lin Jiansheng turned his head and said to the girl behind the door, “Alright, you can come out.”

Seeing Lin Jiansheng speaking to the back of the door, Grand Master Qingying was surprised. Who was standing behind the door?

Under the gaze of Grand Master Qingying, Yu Huang walked out of the door. When she saw the person who should have been buried in the Time Valley standing in front of her, she was shocked.

“You’re actually still alive!” Grand Master Qingying looked as if she had seen a ghost.

“You clearly fell into the Time Valley. How could you walk out alive?!” As the gatekeeper of the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion, Grand Master Qingying had worked here for more than 200 years. This was the first time she had seen someone walk out alive after falling into the Time Valley.

“I was only able to survive because of luck.” Yu Huang lied without batting an eye. She said, “That day, after I fell into the Time Valley, I woke up and found myself in an illusion array. I spent half a year to successfully break the array. After I exited the array, I realized that the Time Valley we saw before was not the real Time Valley at all. Instead, it was a poisonous gas layer with an illusionary effect. The real Time Valley is hidden underneath the poisonous gas layer.”

“After I successfully breached the spirit formation, the poison gas disappeared.”

Yu Huang had already perfected her ability to speak nonsense. Upon hearing her explanation, Grand Master Qingying did not notice anything amiss. She only felt that Yu Huang was really lucky.

No matter what, it was a good thing that Yu Huang was still alive.

Grand Master Qingying sighed with emotion. “Previously, there were quite a few people who fell into the Time Valley, but none of them survived. I think they didn’t see through the illusion formation. You didn’t rely on luck to break the formation and walk out alive. You relied on your own abilities.”

Grand Master Qingying looked at Lin Jiansheng with some envy and praised him with mixed feelings. “Master Lin, you’ve really accepted a powerful disciple.”

Lin Jiansheng was feeling extremely proud, but he said hypocritically, “Sigh! What’s so great about it? She’s too reckless. She might just treat it as playing a game and breaking through the levels!”

Grand Master Qingying felt exasperated. She wanted to flare up, but she couldn’t.

Seeing that Yu Huang was still alive, Grand Master Qingying thought about the pill that originally belonged to her.

Grand Master Qingying glanced at the space ring on Lin Jiansheng’s thumb. She said, “Sir, since your beloved disciple is still alive, then…”

The moment Grand Master Qingying spoke, Lin Jiansheng guessed what this woman was going to say.

He suddenly grabbed Yu Huang’s hand and said anxiously, “My dear disciple, you haven’t been home for half a year. Your father must be worried sick! Quick, I’ll use Kinesis Flight to bring you back and tell your father that you’re safe!”

After saying that, Lin Jiansheng used his Psychic power to transform into a sword. He pulled Yu Huang and stood on the sword. He cupped his fists and said to Grand Master Qingying, “We’ll meet again if we’re fated!” Then, he flew away on his sword.

Grand Master Qingying was dumbfounded and couldn’t stop him in time.

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