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Chapter 83: Yu Huang, Money Grubber

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After receiving the photos she wanted, Yu Huang returned to her seat.

Lin Jiansheng returned to his seat in satisfaction after seeing that Yu Huang had won. He did not know that his good disciple had slandered Sheng Xiao outside.

Yu Huang took out the booklet and realized that the photos were taken secretly. The person who took the photos might have been afraid that Sheng Xiao would find out. His hand shook when he took the photos, causing the first photo to have a double image.

In the photo, Sheng Xiao was wearing the dark green shirt that Yu Huang had seen him wearing the first time. He seemed to like this dark-colored shirt very much. It made him appear even colder and unapproachable. He seemed out of ordinary people’s league.

Yu Huang flipped to the back. In the second photo, Sheng Xiao was wearing the uniform of Divine Realm Academy. There were six to seven alumni in the same uniform standing behind him.

They were in a wide ring. It seemed like they were participating in a friendly competition. Sheng Xiao, who was standing at the front, listened to the people behind him. He raised his chin slightly and revealed his slender and attractive neck outside the collar of his school uniform. The small black mole beside the collar bone was clearly visible.

Yu Huang pressed her finger on the small mole. It was unknown what she thought of, but her ears blushed silently.


Yu Huang did not dare to continue looking. She hurriedly closed it and continued to read and solve questions.

After sailing at sea for an entire day, the ferry finally reached the shore.

Lin Jiansheng stood up and called Yu Huang. “Let’s go.”

Yu Huang followed behind Lin Jiansheng and got off the boat.

The world of mermen was far away from heavy industry and high-tech technology. There was no electricity on the Lou Lan island, so the wealthy mermen used Night Pearls to light up the entire island.

Yu Huang stood on the deck. At a glance, there were Night Pearls emitting a dim light. She was somewhat shocked by the merman’s extravagance.

Lin Jiansheng stared at the Night Pearls while his eyes darted around. It seemed like he wanted to steal a few of them in passing, but his morals restrained his actions.

After alighting from the ship, Yu Huang finally saw the legendary merfolk. Like Yu Huang, these merfolk were Beast Tamers who were heading to the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion to search for cultivation techniques.

Mermen and the mermaids in television dramas were essentially the same type of creature. The males had a human body and a fish tail. He was tall and sturdy. The female merfolks had slender waists and voluptuous chests. They wore necklaces made of pearl seashells.

The merfolk tribe had more than six million people, and there were only fifty thousand beast tamers recorded. But these fifty thousand merfolk occupied the largest and most resourceful Xixia Sea.

Logically speaking, this shouldn’t have happened.

However, the Holy Spirit Continent respected strength, and although the merfolk were few in number, because of their blood source, they were innately suitable for cultivation, and their cultivation speed was far faster than other types.

They did not have many Beast Tamers, but their overall strength was very strong. Currently, there were only three Prime Masters in the world, and one of them was a merman.

Among the non-human races, Mermans had the highest status. The elves and beastmen had to stand aside.

Mermen did not have legs like humans. When they reached the ground, they could not walk and could only glide through the air with their beast energy.

Lou Lan island was the largest island in the Xixia Sea. Without a car, most people could only walk. Yu Huang blended into the crowd and climbed to the top of the mountain. Suddenly, they heard a rumble in the sky.

She looked up and saw that it was an oval-shaped aircraft. In the night sky, a red spider lily could be faintly seen on the plane.

Lin Jiansheng told her, “That’s the Garo Family’s aeroplane. Their family is rich, and this is how they travel to Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion every year.”

Among the six great cultivation families of the Divine Moon Empire, the Garo Clan’s strength was ranked at the bottom, but the wealth of the Garo Clan was ranked at the top, and it even surpassed that of the royal family the Mo Clan, which controlled the entire Divine Moon Empire.

The Garo Clan was rich. When their disciples went out to train, they squandered money.

Yu Huang was somewhat envious of their aeroplane. She asked Lin Jiansheng, “Mentor, don’t you have an aeroplane?”

Lin Jiansheng said, “What do you want that thing for? One hundred thousand spirit stones are needed for every activation. Do I have that much money to burn?”

Yu Huang said, “When I become successful, I’ll build a plane for you.”

There was warmth in Lin Jiansheng’s eyes. He smiled and said, “I’ll wait for that day.”

When the sky was about to brighten, Yu Huang and the others finally climbed to the peak.

The tightly shut door of Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion had yet to be opened. Only when the sun shone through the darkness and sprinkled on the sea surface, lighting up the topmost tower of Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion, would the door open automatically.

Everyone sat on the ground casually to rest. Yu Huang imitated them and sat on the ground. She took out a hot pot from her storage device and ate with Lin Jiansheng.

The aroma of the hotpot wafted out and quickly attracted the attention of some people.

A female merman floated in front of Yu Huang and stared at the hot pot in her hand with a curious expression. “What are you eating?”

Yu Huang swallowed the rice in her mouth and told her, “Hot pot.”

The merman took off the beautiful and expensive necklace on her neck and asked Yu Huang, “Can I use my necklace to exchange with you?”

Before Yu Huang could speak, Lin Jiansheng quickly reached out and grabbed the necklace. He tilted his head and blinked at Yu Huang. “Ah Feng, give this lady a hotpot.”

Yu Huang obediently took out a pot and passed it to the merman.

The merman left with the food she wanted.

Lin Jiansheng sized up the necklace and told Yu Huang, “This kind of pure natural pearl necklace is most liked by those women in the Divine Moon Empire. It won’t be a problem to sell it for four to five hundred thousand.”

Yu Huang saw the glint in her mentor’s eyes and immediately had a bad premonition.

As expected, Lin Jiansheng had an evil idea. He stared at Yu Huang’s storage device and asked her, “How many pots do you have left? Take them all out and sell them at a high price!”

Yu Huang really admired Lin Jiansheng. With such a mind, he should go into business.

Seeing that Yu Huang did not reject, Lin Jiansheng knew that she had agreed.

Lin Jiansheng hung the necklace around his neck and shouted, “Merman friends, elf friends, orc friends, we have brought delicious hotpot from the Divine Moon Empire! We are willing to exchange it for food with everyone. If you want to eat, come and collect it!”

Upon hearing this, the orcs and elves who had long smelled the aroma but were afraid of Yu Huang rushed over.

“I’ll use a Night Pearl in exchange for a hotpot!”

“I’ll use the most precious holy water in the Light Sea to exchange for a hot pot!”

“I want one—”

Lin Jiansheng accepted their gifts with a smile. After he accepted one, Yu Huang handed him a hotpot.

The mentor-disciple pair worked well together and crazily amassed wealth.

At this moment, the youths of the six great cultivation families of the Divine Moon Empire were gathered in the aircraft of the Garo Clan and discussing things.

A young man by the window noticed the commotion below and realized that someone was doing business. He couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

“Huh?” The young man suddenly exclaimed with admiration.. “Quickly come and take a look. Doesn’t the person below look like Yu Huang?”

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