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Chapter 82: Yu Huang: Sheng Xiao Doesn’t Like Women (2)

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“How powerful!” Vermillion Birds were considered to be the most powerful existence in the beast form of a bird. Yu Huang’s beast form had the bloodline of Vermillion Bird, so it could be considered to be a middle-level beast form.

“Come, let us see the power of your beast form!”

Yu Huang stared at the little Phoenix and ordered it, “Little thing, go.”

The little Phoenix turned around and looked at Yu Huang. Its eyes seemed to be filled with confusion. It stood motionless in Yu Huang’s palm and looked a little silly.

Yu Huang immediately felt embarrassed.

What? Is it angry since she called it ‘Little thing’?

When Lin Jiansheng saw this, he couldn’t help but smile. He reminded Yu Huang from behind, “This is your beast form. You have to give your beast form a name.”


Yu Huang stared at the little duck for a moment before saying, “Xuan Yu. Little thing, your name will be Xuan Yu from now on.”

When Yu Huang said the name Xuan Yu, a red light suddenly shot out from the little phoenix’s eyes and entered between Yu Huang’s eyebrows into her Spiritual Abode.

It was an extremely weak energy. It would only become stronger after Yu Huang established an absolute rapport with it.

Yu Huang immediately sensed an even more intimate connection between her and the little Phoenix. She bent down and said to Xuan Yu, “Xuan Yu, go!”

Xuan Yu immediately spread his two small wings and jumped into the battlefield aggressively before joining the beastly chaotic battle.

Xuan Yu immediately spread his two small wings and jumped into the battlefield aggressively, joining the beastly chaotic battle.


However, what made Yu Huang feel the most conflicted was that the seemingly innocent and cute black-dressed young lady’s beast form was a hideous Piranha Plant.

Xuan Yu stood in front of Yu Huang’s toes and shook its feathers. It aimed at the most lively battle royale and spread its wings before charging into the center.

It spread its wings and ran with all its might. It even looked funny. However, when it entered the center of the circle, it easily knocked away the black panther and eagle that were biting at the center of the battlefield.

“Huh?” Seeing this scene, the youths focused their attention on Xuan Yu. “As expected of a beast that has been tainted by the characteristics of the Vermillion Bird. Its combat strength is really extraordinary.”

At this moment, Lin Jiansheng lowered his head and whispered into Yu Huang’s ear, “Try your best to sense your beast form and establish a spiritual connection between you and it. You can only be considered a scholar after you and your beast form successfully establish a spiritual connection.”

In fact, Lin Jiansheng didn’t actually want Yu Huang to gamble to earn money. He wanted to use this opportunity to train the soul chemistry between her and Xuan Yu.

Upon hearing Lin Jiansheng’s reminder, Yu Huang finally understood her teacher’s true intentions.

“I’ll try.” Yu Huang entered the Spiritual Abode and called Xuan Yu’s name. However, Xuan Yu was too weak. He had yet to gain consciousness, so he was unable to sense Yu Huang’s call.

Yu Huang decided to sit down cross-legged. She searched patiently in her Spiritual Sea. Once she searched, she felt as if she had forgotten about time and herself.

Lin Jiansheng saw that Yu Huang had easily entered a meditative state, so he did not disturb her.

Staring at the charging little Phoenix on the stage, Lin Jiansheng was somewhat looking forward to seeing how this little fellow would perform after the little Phoenix and Yu Huang successfully established a spiritual connection.

The beast forms on the stage were eliminated one after another. The eliminated beast forms directly disappeared from the stage, and their masters would suffer varying degrees of injuries.

The injured youths sat down cross-legged to regulate their breathing.

In next to no time, only four beast forms remained on the battlefield. They were Yu Huang’s Phoenix Xuan Yu, the snake youth’s black python, the black-dressed girl’s Piranha Plant, and a young man’s black panther.

One bird, one snake, one flower, one leopard.

Four completely different creatures stood at four different corners. Although they did not have consciousness, they could instinctively sense how powerful and terrifying the other party was.

At first, no one moved.

Suddenly, the ferocious Piranha Flower pounced at the petiteest little phoenix. The Piranha Flower opened its hideous mouth and attempted to bite off Xuan Yu’s head.

The little Phoenix’s fur stood on end. In an instant, endless red flames burned around its body and actually wrapped around the Piranha Flower.

The Piranha Flower bit Xuan Yu’s head and was blown into pieces instantly.


The girl in black suddenly knelt down and spat a mouthful of blood on the ground.

Seeing this, the corners of Lin Jiansheng’s lips curled up slightly. Those bystanders who had been waiting to see the little Phoenix lose revealed shocked gazes. “Is this little duck that fierce?”

“The flames on its body are a little strange…”

After Xuan Yu killed the Piranha Plant, he seemed to have been invigorated. All the feathers on its body rose up as it ran towards the black panther.

The bird and the leopard were entangled together, and for a time, it was difficult to determine the victor. After nearly a quarter of an hour of fierce battle, Xuan Yu successfully killed the black panther.

Instantly, only Xuan Yu and the black python were left.

The snake youth had already established a spiritual connection with his beast form. He stared at the little Phoenix warily and finally gave his beast form his first order for tonight—

“Twining Move!”

When it heard this, the black python that had been standing still on the spot suddenly jumped up. It jumped into the sky and used its tail to hook onto Xuan Yu’s small body while wrapping it around its stomach.

Xuan Yu felt threatened and let out a strange cry. It sounded very painful.

At this moment, Yu Huang suddenly felt a trace of weak energy fluctuations within her Spiritual Abode. She quickly flew over and finally found Xuan Yu in her spiritual sea.

Xuan Yu’s energy body was a weak red light. Yu Huang protected it at the center of her left hand and used her right hand to gently stroke its energy ball.

Under Yu Huang’s comfort, the energy ball gradually returned to normal.

Yu Huang placed the energy ball on her forehead and muttered softly, “Hello, Xuan Yu. I’m Yu Huang, from Earth.”

Xuan Yu could feel Yu Huang’s closeness and trust. Its dazzling light gradually softened. It turned into stars and engraved them between Yu Huang’s eyebrows.

Soul communication was completed!


Yu Huang suddenly opened her eyes, and a red glow flashed within her hazel eyes. “Xuan Yu, peck its eye!”

In the next second, Xuan Yu, who was originally in a daze, suddenly became energetic. It raised its little head and bit the black python’s right eye.

One of the black python’s eyes was injured, and it hissed in pain as it loosened its grip on Xuan Yu.

Xuan Yu immediately jumped out of the black python’s stomach.

Yu Huang gave it a second order. “Xuan Yu, peck its other eye!”

Xuan Yu spread its wings and flew up before landing on the black python’s head.

At this moment, the snake youth hurriedly shouted, “Divine Dragon’s Tail!”

The black python immediately swung its head and tail frantically. Xuan Yu swayed left and right on its head and almost fell down a few times.

However, Xuan Yu still remembered Yu Huang’s orders. Its sharp claws sank into the black python’s flesh. After it stabilized itself, it mercilessly injured the black python’s second eye.

Then, without waiting for Yu Huang’s order, it burned the massive black python.

“I admit defeat!” The snake youth saw that the situation was bad and hurriedly admitted defeat.

Yu Huang nodded and said to Xuan Yu, “Come back.” Xuan Yu immediately transformed into a red light and vanished from Yu Huang’s body.

The snake youth’s face turned slightly pale. He cupped his hands at Yu Huang and said in a weak voice, “My skills are inferior to others, so I accept my loss.”

“Thank you.”

Yu Huang extended her right hand towards the snake youth and asked, “Where’s the photo?”

The snake youth looked at the girl in the black dress. The girl pouted as if she was about to cry.

She had bought Sheng Xiao’s photo at a high price. It was said that it was a picture taken by a student of Divine Realm Academy at the risk of being beaten by Sheng Xiao. There were only three photos.

These three photos were the only ones that showed Sheng Xiao.

The young lady treated Sheng Xiao as her idol. Naturally, she could not bear to give the photo to Yu Huang. “Miss, can we change the bet’s conditions? I only have one photo.”

A woman’s tears were crocodile’s tears. Who would believe in them?

Yu Huang was unmoved. She shook her head and said, “I admit defeat. Give it to me.”

The black-dressed girl slowly took out the photos from her bag. She stroked the man’s face lovingly and refused to give it to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang was unhappy when she saw the girl caressing Sheng Xiao’s face.

Yu Huang snatched the photo from the girl’s hand and quickly threw it into the storage device. Then, she said to the girl in the black dress, “Master Sheng doesn’t like women. It’s better to give up some inappropriate thoughts early on.”

The young woman’s mouth formed an O shape when she heard this, and the other young men and young women had expressions that looked as if they’d seen a ghost.

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