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Chapter 60: Spirit Restraining Parasite Eradicated, Beast Form Awakened!

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Yu Huang laid on the ground and struggled. The skin all over her body instantly turned red, making her look especially scary.

Sheng Xiao wanted to help Yu Huang. At that moment, a powerful force raised Yu Huang and made her float in the air.

A ball of grayish-black light enveloped Yu Huang’s entire body. Her black hair fluttered, and her painful cries were on the verge of toppling the roof.

Sheng Xiao quickly sealed the space to prevent others from hearing Yu Huang’s movements.

“I’m about to explode!” Yu Huang really felt like she was about to explode.

The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was an energy body condensed by Su Tingxue’s mental strength. It was too rebellious and was unwilling to be used by everyone. Therefore, it wanted to destroy Yu Huang and kill her!

The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl turned into a grayish-black ball of light that flowed through Yu Huang’s limbs and bones. Yu Huang subconsciously wanted to resist the impact of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl, but it quickly broke through her defense.

After six hundred years, the power of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was no longer the same as before, but it was also no weaker than a Supreme Master’s energy. Yu Huang was weak, so how could she withstand the destructive power of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl?

Wherever the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl went, Yu Huang’s meridians would break. It was a torture that was even more painful than death!

Sheng Xiao could only release his beast form when he heard Yu Huang’s painful cry for mercy.

“Black Qing!”

Black Qing’s huge body appeared in the suite and the room became crowded. “Combine!” After hearing Sheng Xiao’s order, Black Qing immediately entered Sheng Xiao’s body and became one with him.

After they merged into one, Sheng Xiao was covered in a layer of hard black dragon scales again. A pair of dragon horns appeared on his head.

Sheng Xiao floated above Yu Huang. He held Yu Huang’s shoulder with both hands. He was shocked to feel the scorching warmth of Yu Huang’s body.

If this continued, Yu Huang would definitely explode and die!


Sheng Xiao sighed silently. Then, he leaned his forehead against Yu Huang’s and told her in a deep voice, “Concentrate and open your Spiritual Abode!”

In the midst of the chaos, Yu Huang heard Sheng Xiao’s voice. She quickly opened the Spiritual Abode.

The moment the Spiritual Abode opened, an unfamiliar and robust black energy body quickly entered her Spiritual Abode. A black dragon appeared in Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode. It circled high in the sky above Yu Huang’s spiritual sea and opened its mouth to emit dragon roars.

The black dragon flew one round around the spiritual sea before quickly flying out of Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode. It turned into a black energy body and swam along Yu Huang’s meridians in an attempt to find the hiding place of the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl.

This was an extremely strange experience for Yu Huang. This was not the first time she had opened her Spiritual Abode to a stranger. She had opened her Spiritual Abode to Lin Jiansheng before. However, Sheng Xiao was the first person to wander around her body. It was more intimate.

The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl had been subdued by Sheng Xiao. It had an instinctive fear of Sheng Xiao. Therefore, when it sensed Sheng Xiao’s aura, it immediately hid and did not dare to move.

Sheng Xiao searched Yu Huang’s meridians and blood vessels for a long time before finding the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl near her heart.

“Found it!”

The fear of being captured by Sheng Xiao was deeply ingrained in the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl’s mind. Now that Sheng Xiao had discovered it, it began to tremble.

Sheng Xiao turned into a little black dragon and ran toward the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl. He crushed it with his claw.

The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was condensed by Su Tingxue’s mental strength. After it was shattered, Su Tingxue’s mental strength turned into dust that landed on every part of Yu Huang’s body and attached to her meridians and bones.

The moment that powerful energy adhered to Yu Huang’s bones, Yu Huang’s bones that had been invaded by the Spirit Restraining Parasite for many years immediately burned. It was as if a raging fire was burning in her body, and layers of light black poisonous gas were expelled from her bones…


Yu Huang opened her eyes. Black poison gas seeped out of the small mole in her left eye. When Sheng Xiao left Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode, he saw the Spirit Restraining Parasite being dispelled.

He was relieved.

From the looks of it, the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was indeed useful against the Spirit Restraining Parasite.

The Spirit Restraining Parasite had been hidden in Yu Huang’s body for eighteen years and would not be completely removed anytime soon. Sheng Xiao carried Yu Huang and landed on the ground. He placed her gently on the bed and got out of bed. Then, he sat on the floor beside the bed and meditated.

Two days and one night passed just like that.

During that time, the receptionist knocked on the door to remind Sheng Xiao that it was time to check out. However, no one opened the door after he knocked a few times. He was afraid that offending Master Sheng would cause trouble for the hotel, so the receptionist had no choice but to leave.

The next night, Yu Huang finally woke up.

She opened her eyes and saw that the room was pitch-black. She moved her body to turn on the light.


The room suddenly lit up.

“You’re awake?” It was Sheng Xiao’s voice.

Yu Huang narrowed her eyes. After getting used to the light, she looked in the direction of the voice.

Sheng Xiao stood by the bed. He was wearing a dark green silk bathrobe and looking at her with his arms crossed. His eyes were filled with curiosity.

Yu Huang sat up with her hands on her elbows. She leaned against the bed frame and asked Sheng Xiao, “How long have I been asleep?”

“Two days and one night.”

Yu Huang was alarmed. “That long?”

Sheng Xiao did not want to waste time. He asked her directly, “How is it? Has the Spirit Restraining Parasite been removed?”

Yu Huang acknowledged it. “It’s been removed.”

“Try to summon the beast form.” Sheng Xiao did not notice that his tone was filled with anticipation.

Yu Huang pursed her lips and stared at Sheng Xiao for a moment. Then, she closed her eyes and summoned the beast form in her heart.

It was completely different from the feeling she had during the awakening ceremony. This time, when Yu Huang attempted to summon her beast, every bone in her body was burning, and a terrifying energy was gathering in her body.

All the energy bodies charged towards Yu Huang’s heart. Beside her heart, they slowly condensed into a fiery red beast heart.

When the beast heart was successfully condensed, the space beside Yu Huang suddenly distorted. Accompanied by a strange bird’s cry, balls of fiery red light slowly condensed in that space.

The bird’s cry was very weak, like the voice of a bird at the beginning. Although its voice was very weak, it gave off a sense of oppression.

This was not the first time Sheng Xiao had heard this voice. A month ago, he had heard it during the awakening ceremony of the Purifying Spirit Academy. He could not help but feel curious. What kind of beast would make such a sound?

Under Sheng Xiao’s expectant gaze, Yu Huang’s beast form gradually took shape.

It was… a little chick.

The chicken was small. It was only the size of Sheng Xiao’s fist and had red fur.

Sheng Xiao was stunned. What was that?

A chicken?

At this moment, Yu Huang opened her eyes as well and looked at the beast form beside her at the first moment.

Upon seeing the little chick, Yu Huang’s eyes immediately revealed a look of disdain. “What is this? A little chick?” It was so small that it wouldn’t be enough to fill the gaps between her teeth!

The greater Yu Huang’s expectations, the greater her disappointment.

Sheng Xiao looked at Yu Huang and the little chick. He said, “I think it’s a little duck.”

The corner of Yu Huang’s mouth twitched as she ridiculed, “What’s the use of a little duck? Let it lay eggs every day and give it to my father to make salted duck eggs?” Was she going to rely on a little duck to become rich in the future?

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