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Chapter 50: Even A Pretty Boy is Here to Join The Fun

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Yu Huang finally understood!

She suddenly opened her eyes. The moment her eyes opened, the entire spiritual sea was sensed by her soul. The originally calm spiritual sea suddenly rippled. They trembled with excitement and restlessness.

Sensing the changes in her spiritual sea, the Butterfly Queen stopped in confusion and looked at Yu Huang.

It did not understand why the spiritual power that it was supposed to devour suddenly resisted it.

At this moment, Yu Huang stretched out her right hand and shouted loudly, “Sword, come!”

Upon hearing the summon, a small portion of mental strength instantly turned into a silver longsword that was held tightly in Yu Huang’s hand.

Yu Huang raised her sword, aimed, and threw it at the Butterfly Queen.

The longsword hit the Butterfly Queen’s wings, and a red lava solution fell from the Butterfly Queen’s wings. The butterfly queen realized that her wings had not healed on their own, and realized that Yu Huang’s attack had caused her substantial damage. She finally flew into a rage!

The Butterfly Queen flapped her wings violently while her entire body burned with monstrous flames that burned along her spiritual sea before finally wrapping around Yu Huang.

Yu Huang was burned to ashes again…

When she woke up again, Yu Huang was still lying on her boat. Just as she had expected, as long as her spiritual power had not been completely absorbed by the butterfly, she would not die.

The Butterfly Queen had been guarding beside Yu Huang. When she saw the already burnt Yu Huang appear in front of her again, the Butterfly Queen felt a sense of danger!

Kill her!

The Butterfly Queen wanted to kill Yu Huang and did not give her time to prepare. She opened her mouth and spat out a fireball at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang hurriedly shouted, “Iron Shield!”

Upon hearing the order, a portion of mental strength quickly turned into a shield to help Yu Huang withstand the fireball’s attack! That shield was very weak, and after blocking three to four fireballs for Yu Huang, it shattered.

Yu Huang was struck by the fireball and burned to ashes once again…!

Just like that, Yu Huang died and lived again. Under the continuous attacks of the Butterfly Queen, Yu Huang could already use her mental strength to control her mental strength to transform into dozens of different defensive weapons…

The weapon formed by her psychic power gradually grew stronger and stronger.

Time slowly passed. Yu Huang, who was in the Purgatory Sea, did not know that half a month had passed since she jumped into the Purgatory Sea…

In the outside world.

After half a month, the entrance to the Black Dome was still open, but more and more people were gathering under the Black Dome.

In this world, Feng Si was not the only one who wanted to improve his beast form. The Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was about to appear, and everyone wanted a share of the loot. The people guarding the foot of the mountain were all enemies.

In order to be the first person to enter the Black Dome, Feng Si and the others had moved to the mountainside to set up camp. He stared at the troops at the foot of the mountain and on both sides, and gradually pursed his lips.

There were even more people than he had expected. The probability of him obtaining the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl was also lower.

Feng Si’s expression became better when he thought about the two Masters in his team.

“Fourth Young Master, eat something.” The follower handed Feng Si a compressed dry food. Feng Si had just taken a bite when he discovered another car driving towards the black dome in the distance.

Feng Si quickly threw down the dry food and picked up the binoculars to observe the car.

The black SUV stopped at the foot of the mountain. The door opened and an extremely tall young man jumped out.

His wide shoulders and narrow waist made him look leisurely yet domineering in his dark green shirt.

He was like a supermodel.

After the man got out of the car, he inserted a black fountain pen into his chest pocket. Then, he carried a backpack with one hand and walked towards the peak of the Black Dome.

Feng Si stared at the youth’s face a few more times.. Then, he put down the telescope and cursed softly, “F** k, even a pretty boy is here to join the fun. Do they think the Black Dome is a marketplace?”

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