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Chapter 49: Become Her Own Master!

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The moment the Butterfly Queen appeared, all the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies flew towards the Butterfly Queen at the same time and fused with her.

The Butterfly Queen flapped its wings and looked down at the petite and slender girl on the circular platform. Its fiery red eyes were filled with humanistic greed and desire.

This was the first time it had sensed such a powerful and boundless spiritual power since the birth of the Butterfly Queen! If it successfully devoured this power, its cultivation level would definitely increase by several levels!

Seeing the greed and killing intent in the Butterfly Queen’s eyes, Yu Huang immediately felt her scalp go numb.

The Butterfly Queen was the most powerful among the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies, followed by the Butterfly Father.

Back then, Saint Xuan Ye, a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master, had only met the Butterfly Father. Yu Huang did not think that she was powerful enough to defeat the Butterfly Queen.

Yu Huang looked up at the exit of the Purgatory Sea and wondered if she was confident that she could escape.

The Butterfly Queen sensed Yu Huang’s thoughts. Killing intent surfaced in her eyes as she immediately spread her wings and pounced at Yu Huang!

The Butterfly Queen used its massive body to surround Yu Huang, leaving her with no way out!

This was the first time Yu Huang had felt the threat of death since her rebirth.

Yu Huang raised her head and met the Butterfly Queen’s greedy and ferocious gaze. She didn’t want to sit still and wait for death. She immediately took out a quantum cannon from her storage device.

Yu Huang fired a shot at the back of the butterfly’s head. The quantum cannon twisted space and shot towards the back of the butterfly with powerful pressure!

The Butterfly Queen did not dodge and directly blocked that shot.

The quantum cannon directly shattered the Butterfly Queen’s head. Before Yu Huang could rejoice, she discovered that the Butterfly Queen’s head had spontaneously reassembled.

Yu Huang: “!”

She could even do that?

The Butterfly Queen quickly regained her abilities. After being attacked by Yu Huang, she was completely enraged. She suddenly flapped her wings and knocked Yu Huang to the ground.

The Butterfly Queen spread its wings and flew high. Instantly, it turned into a blood-red light that swooped down towards Yu Huang’s head! The moment the light entered Yu Huang’s mind, she felt an even stronger terror than death.

The Butterfly Queen forcefully opened Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode. After it entered Yu Huang’s spiritual sea, it immediately returned to the form of the Butterfly Queen. It spread its wings and created a hurricane while turning Yu Huang’s spiritual sea upside down!

The pain of her spirit being torn apart tortured Yu Huang to the point that she rolled on the spot and howled in pain.

Yu Huang let out a painful cry. She held her head and rolled on the circular platform. She almost fell into the lava sea below several times.

Although Yu Huang possessed boundless spiritual power, she still did not know how to control spiritual power. Under the attack of the Butterfly Queen, Yu Huang did not have the strength to fight back at all.

Yu Huang’s spiritual power was tortured by the Butterfly Queen, and her consciousness became more and more blurry. She gritted her teeth and endured for a period of time before finally being unable to hold on any longer, and she fainted.

After an unknown period of time, Yu Huang woke up again and discovered that she was lying on a small boat floating in her spiritual sea. The Butterfly Queen was fluttering her wings while floating in her spiritual sea while sucking in her spiritual power.

Yu Huang wanted to attack the Butterfly Queen. She tried to take out a weapon from her storage device to attack the Butterfly Queen, but when she raised her hand, she realized that the storage device was not on her wrist.

Only then did Yu Huang realize that in her spiritual sea, all the weapons from the outside world were probably unable to be used.

If she wanted to attack the Butterfly Queen, she could only rely on her mental strength.

However, she did not know how to control spiritual power at all!

The Butterfly Queen discovered Yu Huang’s existence. Seeing Yu Huang’s defeated expression, it looked at her disdainfully and spat a mouthful of scorching flames at her.

Yu Huang’s entire body was ablaze. She wanted to extinguish the flames, but discovered that the flames could not be extinguished no matter what. Yu Huang watched helplessly as she was burned to death by the flames, and in the end, she became a pile of ash…

Yu Huang opened her eyes again and discovered that she was alive again. She was still lying on the small boat and floating aimlessly in the sea of consciousness.

Yu Huang sat up and looked up at the butterfly that was greedily devouring her spiritual power in the distance. She vaguely understood why she was still alive.

Perhaps before her spiritual force was completely devoured by the Butterfly Queen, she would continue to die and be reborn.

Yu Huang couldn’t help but sigh.

Her spiritual sea was so huge that it would take at least half a month for the Butterfly Queen to absorb it completely. Was she going to die a dozen times?

Yu Huang stared at the Butterfly Queen for a moment before suddenly feeling enlightened. Instead of thinking about how to kill the Butterfly Queen, she might as well think about how to control her mental strength and let it be used by her.

Yu Huang stared at her spiritual sea and fell into confusion.

She sat on the boat and thought about many things.

Purifying Spirit Masters, Psychic Pearls, Spiritual Sea, Beast Tamers…

“Su Tingxue!”

Yu Huang suddenly widened her eyes.

Before Su Tingxue, there had been no Purifying Spirit Masters. How did Su Tingxue learn to control her mental strength? Why could she control her mental strength?

It was hatred.

Su Tingxue could become a Purifying Spirit Master because of her hatred for the Su Clan of Kui Mountain.

What about her?

Yu Huang thought: Why did I come to the Purgatory Sea and dream of becoming a Purifying Spirit Master?

Just to defeat Xuanyuan Jing? To take back the Yin Clan? To seek justice for her father?

No, it was all wrong!

What she wanted was to become an absolute expert and become her own master!

Only by becoming her own master would no one dare to bully, humiliate, or look down on her!

To become stronger, become her master, and not be controlled by anyone was the strongest desire in her heart!

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