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Chapter 48: Why, Do They All Despise Her?

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Chapter 48: Untitled

The entrance to the Purgatory Sea was at the top of the mountain and was surrounded by a natural sinkhole. The opening of the sinkhole was about a hundred feet wide, and there were strange-looking trees in the pits. Fog surrounded the roots, and it was impossible to see the exact situation at the bottom.

The path that her predecessors had trodden was still there. Yu Huang took out a suitable dagger from her leg sheath and carefully followed that path into the sinkhole.

When she walked to the bottom of the pit, Yu Huang could clearly feel the surrounding temperature rising. Turns out that those white gases were not true fog, but the heat emitted from the Purgatory Sea.

After walking for a period of time, Yu Huang clearly felt that the vegetation had become fewer and fewer, and the path ahead was becoming more and more spacious. She continued forward, and after walking for another period of time, she saw the entrance to the Purgatory Sea.

It was a hole about three meters in diameter. White gases were seeping out of the hole, and there was a strong sulfur smell.

Yu Huang laid at the entrance of the cave and looked inside. She discovered that below the entrance of the cave was a cliff. Under the cliff was a churning sea of lava. That was the legendary Purgatory Sea.

It turned out that the entire bottom of the sinkhole was floating above the Purgatory Sea.

On the Purgatory Sea, there were three to four black circular platforms. They were where the Purifying Spirit Masters cultivated, and they were called the Purgatory Platform. A group of red butterflies danced on the Purgatory Sea. This scene gave off a dreamlike feeling.

“Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly?”

The Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies were creatures that were born in the Purgatory Sea and could only live in the Purgatory Sea. They had the appearance of ants, but they had a pair of fiery red wings on their backs.

The reason why the Purgatory Sea could temper a person’s mental strength was not because of anything special about the Purgatory Sea, but rather the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies that lived in the Purgatory Sea. It had the magic power to devour a person’s mental strength, so it was called the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly.

Just like ants, the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly had a division of labor. In this Purgatory Sea, there were countless butterflies, a butterfly leader of all the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies, and a butterfly father responsible for mating with the butterfly queen.

The Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies had an absolute sense of territory. Once they sensed a Purifying Spirit Master approaching their home, they would enter the body of a Purifying Spirit Master and devour their mental strength.

After the Purifying Spirit Master’s mental strength was sucked dry, the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly would summon their companions to reproduce in the corpse of the Purifying Spirit Master.

Purifying Spirit Masters with different potential would attract different levels of Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies. Back then, when Saint Xuan Ye jumped into the Purgatory Sea, he was at the peak of level 8. His majestic and powerful mental strength had attracted the Butterfly Father.

Saint Xuan Ye stayed in the Infernal Sea for nearly half a year before he defeated the Butterfly Father and broke through the bottleneck to become a Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master.

Staring at the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies, Yu Huang couldn’t help but stick out her tongue and lick her lips.

“Come, let me see what you can do!”

Yu Huang did not hesitate in the slightest and resolutely jumped into the Purgatory Sea!

She landed on the Purgatory Stage accurately while kneeling on one knee. When she raised her head, she discovered that the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies that were flying in the air had all stopped.

All the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies turned their heads in Yu Huang’s direction. Their eyes were filled with malice, and they were as cunning and greedy as humans.

At this moment, Yu Huang was like a plate of freshly cooked peanuts on the plate. She was fragrant and crispy, and anyone could have a bite.

After a short while, the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies suddenly flew towards Yu Huang in unison. They spat out blood-red needles at the same time. Once the needles touched Yu Huang’s skin, they would be able to enter Yu Huang’s body through the needles and give her a taste that was worse than death.

Yu Huang closed her eyes and allowed them to attack. She had come here to temper her mind, so she naturally wouldn’t resist.

A scorching hot needle shot into Yu Huang’s shoulder. A Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly entered Yu Huang’s body through her pores and headed straight for her Spiritual Abode.

Yu Huang took the initiative to open her Spiritual Abode. The moment the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly touched that overbearing spiritual power, it instantly turned to dust!

The first one failed, and soon a second one pounced. Then a third, a fourth…

When more and more Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies died in Yu Huang’s body, gradually, those Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies actually revealed timid expressions.

The atmosphere instantly became calm.

Yu Huang sensed the retreat of the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies. She opened her eyes and stared at the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies that were hesitating and didn’t dare to act rashly. She couldn’t help but feel somewhat confused.

Why did they all despise her?


Suddenly, the Purgatory Sea under her feet rumbled.

Yu Huang frowned and hurriedly lowered her head to look at the Purgatory Sea below.

The surface of the Purgatory Sea rolled continuously while raising huge flame waves. A wing condensed from lava slowly surfaced in the air.

Endless lava flowed towards the wing. Very quickly, a fiery red butterfly that was 30 meters long appeared in front of Yu Huang.

Upon seeing that butterfly, Yu Huang felt fear from the depths of her soul.

Her pupils dilated as she muttered silently, “Butterfly Queen…”

The Butterfly Queen had personally made a move.. She was really flattered.

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