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Chapter 218 Sheng Xiao, Don’t Learn From Her

Rank 4 Demon Beasts were equivalent to Master-level Beast Tamers. Moreover, Demon Beasts had a ruthlessness that showed that they were not afraid of death. If 50 Demon Beasts used their full strength in a tag-team battle, it would be enough to deal with these students.

But they were, after all, a large camp composed of more than 500 Masters. They quickly worked together to break through the demon beasts’ defenses and arrived at the third level.

The higher one went, the more difficult the test was.

When the light of the clearing tower reached the 28th floor, two male students were forced to stop the test because they were too injured and were sent out of the tower.

After that, people left one after another.

When they reached the 59th floor, more than 80 students were successively teleported out. Including the students who had been eliminated previously, there were 183 students who had failed to pass the tower graduation test this year.

Of these, 103 were the first batch of rookies to participate in the tower challenge. There were 55 people who failed the tower challenge last year and stayed behind to challenge the tower twice.

The remaining 25 people were those who had failed to pass the test for three consecutive years. Most of them were at the peak of the late-stage Scholar Realm. It was very likely that they would never be able to break through to the Master Realm in their lives.

Of these 25 people, the youngest entered the Divine Realm Academy at 14 years old. He was already 30 years old. The oldest was called Meng Yinghao. He entered the Divine Realm Academy at 13 years old. To date, he was already 39 years old.

His qualifications were not good. On the way from the first year to the 12th grade, he stayed behind for many times.

After failing again, Meng Yinghao’s expression was sorrowful.

“I failed again! I can’t graduate!” After working hard for 20 years, he ultimately failed to obtain the graduation badge of the Divine Realm Academy. Meng Yinghao finally broke down.

He squatted on the ground and covered his face while crying

When Meng Yinghao was young, he was considered a genius. However, after he turned twenty, his cultivation speed slowed down. Even though Meng Yinghao was willing to work hard and could endure hardships, he was unable to break through to the Master Realm.

The dean stood at the top of the tower and stared at Meng Yinghao with a look of pity on his face. There were too many examples like Meng Yinghao in the cultivation world.

Affected by Meng Yinghao, the other 24 students hugged each other and broke down into tears. Yu Huang looked at them and could not help but feel sad.

Beside her, Sheng Xiao said slowly, “I see such a scene every year.” He had seen it many times, but he still could not remain aloof.

Looking at the group of people crying, Sheng Xiao suddenly said, “Look at them and then at us. We have the talent and comprehension that they dream of. What right do we have to not work hard?”

Yu Huang tilted her head and stared at Sheng Xiao’s profile. She felt that Sheng Xiao was especially charming at that moment. “You’re right. We have to work harder.”


Soon, someone broke into the 61st floor.

Yu Huang stared at the light on the Skysplit Tower and asked Sheng Xiao, “Do you think anyone can clear Level 99 successfully today?”

Sheng Xiao pursed his lips and shook his head. “I’m not sure.”

“Do you wish there was?”

“Of course.” Sheng Xiao said, “The students who pass the 99th floor can participate in the Central Pagoda Breakthrough Ceremony with me. I hope that someone can be my partner.”

Unfortunately, no one had passed level 99 since Sheng Xiao.

Yu Huang was filled with anticipation. She said, “I think Senior Xuanyuan and Senior Liuli can succeed.”

“I hope so.”

The tower challenge ceremony began in the morning and did not end until evening. The lights of Skysplit Tower already reached the 97th floor.

The lights on the 97th floor lit up for more than 30 minutes. Two more students were sent out. At this time, a total of 691 students had been eliminated from Skysplit Tower, and only four were still fighting bitterly.


Suddenly, the lights on the 98th floor lit up.

“Someone has broken into the 98th level!”

Professor Mu immediately turned on the surveillance cameras on the 98th floor.

The surveillance footage on the first floor was shown on the big screen above their heads.

All the students and professors looked up at the big screen at the same time.

She saw…

Xuanyuan Chen was the first to be teleported to the 98th floor. At this moment, his combat uniform was in tatters and the hair on his head had been burnt into small curls by something that stuck to his scalp.

He looked extremely miserable.

Immediately after, another person was sent in. This time, it was Liuli Luoluo.

Liuli Luoluo was in an even more sorry state than Xuanyuan Chen. Her combat uniform was completely torn and her waist was exposed. Her two collarbones and pale blue underwear were clearly visible under her skin as they trembled slightly with her breathing.

The rope around Liuli Luoluo’s head was cut, and her long hair hung on both sides of her shoulders. In her disheveled state, she looked even more charming. The moment she appeared, she shouted at Xuanyuan Chen, “Brother Xuanyuan, give me a piece of clothing!”

Xuanyuan Chen turned around and glanced at her. When he saw the blue undergarment under her tattered clothes, he blushed and he quickly looked away. He took out a large shirt from his interspatial ring and threw it to her.

Liuli Luoluo grabbed the shirt, tore off her tattered combat uniform, and put it on.

Seeing that, Yu Huang raised her eyebrows and praised, “How bold!”

Sheng Xiao snorted. “How promiscuous!” All the women in the Liuli family were like that.

Yu Huang rolled her eyes at him. “What do you know?”

Sheng Xiao did not argue with her. He said, “You can’t be like her.”

Yu Huang gave him a spurious smile and did not reply. At this time, another man and woman were teleported to the 98th floor. What was surprising was that the man and woman were actually twins. They looked quite similar. They had the same face. The girl appeared gentle and elegant, while the boy appeared handsome and delicate.

The twins were in an even more sorry state than Xuanyuan Chen and Liuli Luoluo. The girl was injured, and there were several knife wounds on her fair arms. The man was also covered in wounds.

Liuli Luoluo saw that the woman’s injuries were a little severe and clicked her tongue twice. She casually took out a bottle of hemostatic medicine from her interspatial ring and threw it to her. “Catch! Yin Fang!”

The woman called Yin Fang quickly reached out and grabbed the hemostatic medicine. She cupped her fists at Liuli Luoluo and thanked her before taking the medicine.

Xuanyuan Chen asked the man, “Yin Cong, how are you? Can you still hold on?”

Yin Cong said, “I’m fine. My sister’s injuries are more serious.”

Yin Fang lifted her uniform and stared at her torn abdomen. She shook her head and said, “I can’t get past this floor.” Yin Fang looked at her brother and said, “I’ll hold on for a while longer and send you up to the 99th floor.”

Liuli Luoluo snorted and said, “Yin Fang, this isn’t a life and death battle. If you can’t hold on, just give up. Don’t get yourself killed.”

Liuli Luoluo’s words sounded very harsh, but Yin Fang knew that she was a woman who was sharp-tongued but soft-hearted. She didn’t argue with her. She said, “I’ll act according to my ability.”


Suddenly, Gold Ingot appeared in front of everyone. When they saw Professor Gold Ingot, their expressions changed and they subconsciously gathered together.

Gold Ingot stared at the miserable appearances of the four people for a while. Then, he stretched out his right hand and raised three fingers.

“Three moves,” he said.

The four of them looked at each other.

Liuli Luoluo asked cautiously, “Professor Gold, what do you mean?”

Gold Ingot smiled and said, “Those who can withstand three of my attacks will pass!”

The four people’s faces turned pale.

Gold Ingot was a peak late-stage Grand Master Beast Tamer. His beast form was that of a high-level Taotie Beast. In the entire Divine Realm Academy, Gold Ingot was the strongest person besides the dean.

Who could withstand his three moves?

Gold Ingot did not summon his beast form. He just reached out his right hand and made a seal in the void, then mobilized all the spiritual power in his body and gathered it in his right hand.

Under the gazes of Liuli Luoluo and the others, Gold Ingot’s right arm suddenly disappeared and turned into a black wormhole. The wormhole looked very small, but it gave off a feeling that its power was boundless and immeasurable. The four of them immediately adjusted their states and faced Gold Ingot’s attack in their strongest state.

Gold Ingot growled. “Fury of Taotie!”

The wormhole suddenly released a dark light that spread towards Liuli Luoluo and the others. As the light approached, a powerful suction force pulled the four of them forward.

The four of them mobilized all their spiritual power to barely resist Gold Ingot’s power. However, they only lasted for two to three seconds before Yin Fang was the first to be defeated. She spat out a mouthful of blood and was pulled into Gold Ingot’s wormhole by the spiritual power.

“Ah!” The other three people crashed into the wall of Skysplit Tower. As they fell to the ground, all of them vomited a mouthful of blood.

At the same time, Yin Fang was sent out of Skysplit Tower. “Ah!” Yin Fang fell to the ground, and her vision went dark from the pain.

Professor Mu quickly went to Yin Fang’s side and performed an emergency treatment for her.