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Chapter 217 The Academy Is Full of Hidden Masters

Although she had indeed had a conflict with Yin Ya in the Mission Hall and Sheng Xiao had indeed appeared to punish Yin Ya, they did not hug each other, and Sheng Xiao did not say those mushy words to her.


Return my woman to me?!

Yu Huang rubbed the goosebumps on her arms and quickly turned off her phone. She turned to ask Sheng Xiao, “Do you know who wrote this post? Is there something wrong with this person’s head? What is this crap?”

Sheng Xiao had noticed the post a long time ago. His father was the president of the Beast Tamer Alliance. He could check the real information of every user at will. Sheng Xiao knew the identity of the person who posted the post.

“You know this person.”

Yu Huang raised her eyebrows. “Who?”

Sheng Xiao’s expression became complicated. He said, “Yin Rong.”

Yu Huang blinked and thought she had heard wrongly. “Senior Yin Rong? That’s impossible, right?” She, Senior Yin Rong, was such a gentle girl. How could she write something like this?

Sheng Xiao said, “You will never know what kind of monster a person is just from their appearance.”

Yin Rong, for example, looked gentle and intellectual. No one would be able to guess that she was a cultist who was into shipping couples. Sheng Xiao, for example, looked like a cold and reserved disciplinary officer, but was actually a lecherous pervert who would fantasize about Yu Huang whenever he saw her stomach.

Yu Huang stared at Sheng Xiao for a while and nodded. “Yes, otherwise, why would there be such a saying like ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’?”

Seeing the dean stand up, Yu Huang quickly shut her mouth.

Sheng Xiao said, “The tower challenge ceremony is about to begin.”

The dean appeared on the top of Skysplit Tower in a flash.

He was dressed simply today.

The old man was wearing a thin, open-necked shirt with a pair of loose black pants. He was wearing a pair of black handmade cloth shoes as he stood on the top of the tower. He did not have the aura of a super big shot and looked no different from an old man playing chess in the park.

Seeing the dean appear, the prospective graduates immediately stopped talking and looked up at the amiable dean with respectful gazes.

The director smiled and his eyes narrowed.

Staring at the young and high-spirited faces beneath him, the dean’s smile subconsciously widened, and his eyes looked even smaller. “Children, some of you have already challenged the pagoda for the third time. I wish you all the best this year and that you guys graduate smoothly!”

Hearing this, some of the students who had stayed behind consecutively lowered their heads in shame. This time, if they failed to clear the tower, they would be expelled.

How disappointing!

“Children, I still remember how vigorous you all were when you first entered the academy. When I saw you, I saw the hope of the Holy Spirit Continent. Now, the young eagles have already grown up. It’s time for you to spread your wings and soar into the sky.”

After a pause, the dean shouted, “May we never see each other again next year!”

All the students felt their blood boil when they heard this. They shouted loudly, “We won’t see each other again after today!”

The President heard their roars and couldn’t help but feel relieved. “I announce that the graduation and tower challenge ceremony of Skysplit Tower has officially begun!”

After speaking, the tightly shut door of Skysplit Tower rumbled open.

Yu Huang lowered her eyes and looked inside the door. She saw dozens of men and women standing side by side inside the door. Some of them were wearing the canteen uniforms of the Divine Realm Academy, while others were wearing the uniforms of the academy’s health workers.

In short, they were all the staff members that could be seen everywhere in the academy.

Yu Huang opened her mouth wide when she saw that. She heard Sheng Xiao explaining things to her. “The employees who work in the Divine Realm Academy, including the workers who sweep the floor, are all outstanding students who have successfully reached the 90th floor of the Skysplit Tower.”

Yu Huang nodded and said, “I know. Mentor has explained it to me.” However, even though she had heard it, she was still shocked when she saw those people who usually carried brooms and swept the floor transform into soldiers.

At this time, more than 600 prospective graduates ran into Skysplit Tower together. When the last student ran into the tower, the door of Skysplit Tower was instantly closed.

Night lights instantly lit up the dark tower. The students opened their eyes and were stunned when they saw the middle-aged men and women holding shovels and brooms in the center. “Uncle Lin!”

“Auntie Su!”

“Soy milk lady!”

Familiar names blurted out from their mouths.

But no one told them that the staff of the academy were all Beast Tamers, and this was the first challenge they would face when they challenged Skysplit Tower!

The uncle, who was standing in the center with a trash can in his hand, chuckled and said, “Children, are you very surprised? Hehe, come at me! I won’t show any mercy!”

With that, he threw the trash can in his hand into the sky, and the trash can instantly turned into a four-eyed golden lion.

The lion stood above everyone’s head and roared, “Roar!”

When the lion roared in anger, everyone trembled.

The students were shocked.

“Uncle Lin is actually a Supreme Master!”

Only a Beast Tamer who was a Supreme Master could change his beast form freely.

The surprise was yet to come.

Under the stunned gazes of the students, the other people also summoned their beast forms.

“Aunt Su is Supreme Master!”

“The soymilk lady is also a Supreme Master!”

“Oh my God, how many big shots are there in our school?!”

As core disciples of the six major cultivation families, Liuli Luoluo and Xuanyuan Chen clearly knew about this long ago. After all, some of their elders had graduated from the Divine Realm Academy. Before they entered the school, their elders had reminded them

Never underestimate any staff member in the academy, even if it was an inconspicuous cat. Because you would never know whether what was hidden under the cat’s skin was an animal or a Grand Master expert!

However, even though they knew, they would still be shocked and in disbelief if they really saw the old woman who usually wielded a spatula transform into a Beast Tamer.

After they came to their senses, Liuli Luoluo and Xuanyuan Chen exchanged glances.

Xuanyuan Chen nodded at her and said, “Fight!”

Liuli Luoluo immediately shouted, “Students, this is only our first hurdle. We have to work together to break through their defenses!”

“That’s right!”

Xuanyuan Chen immediately summoned his Demon Slayer and roared, “Attack!”


Immediately, more than 600 beams of light of various colors lit up within the pagoda, and the entire pagoda instantly became multicolored.

A great chaotic battle began!

The chaotic battle in the tower had already been projected into the sky through the projection screen.

Yu Huang sat cross-legged beside Sheng Xiao. She looked up at the image in the sky and felt her blood boiling. She wished she could pull out her knife and break into the tower to join Xuanyuan Chen’s battle.

Sheng Xiao could feel Yu Huang’s excitement. He patted her head and said, “If you go to the tower now, you won’t live past the 30th floor.”

Yu Huang rolled her eyes at him. “Shut up!”

The chaotic battle lasted for more than ten minutes. Many prospective graduates were already injured.

There were a total of 695 students who had been approved. More than 100 of them had been retained for the retest because they had failed the graduation assessment. A portion of the students who had entered the academy in the same year as Xuanyuan Chen had been expelled for various reasons.

Of the 695 beast tamers, there were close to 500 Monarch Masters, and the rest were all at the peak of the late-stage Scholar realm. Among them, Liuli Luoluo and Xuanyuan Chen had both reached the mid-stage Master Realm.

Logically speaking, the ability to approve graduates was considered formidable, but when they faced the 30 faculty members of the academy, they still found it troublesome.

It seemed like the cultivation gap between grades was really difficult to overcome.

This chaotic battle lasted for nearly half an hour.

Everyone passed the first level!

After entering the second level, they would have to face 50 level 4 demon beasts, and this time, Anna and the department head of the Breeding Department were the commanders of the demon beasts.

“Anna!” When Yu Huang saw Anna’s figure on the projection screen, she was truly shocked.

Sheng Xiao noticed Anna too. A mirthful look flashed across his eyes as he said to Yu Huang, “It seems that your friend has found her rightful place.”

“She’s so awesome!”

On the second floor, Anna stood in the middle of a group of demon beasts with a bamboo flute in her hand.

The sound of a bamboo flute could be heard. Under her command, the demon beasts at the outermost circle launched the first round of attacks at the students. The sound of the bamboo flute was weak, and the demon beasts at the outer circle quickly retreated to the back to rest while the demon beasts in the inner circle charged forward.

Seeing this, the dean stroked his small beard and pointed at the figure of the little girl on the projection screen. “This child is quite interesting. She can actually command these demon beasts to fight tirelessly. Who is this child? What grade is she in? We can nurture her!”

Professor Mu hurriedly said, “This child’s background is rather complicated. I’ll tell you in detail after the test is over.”