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Chapter 213 Sheng Xiao

After being reprimanded by Lin Jiansheng in front of everyone, Yu Huang felt a little ashamed. She carried the lizard back to her seat and listened to the class obediently.

After Lin Jiansheng finished teaching, the surrounding disciples immediately gathered around Yu Huang

“Yu Huang, is this really a dragon horn?”

As the President of the Prosperous Capital’s Purifying Spirit Academy branch, the entire branch’s Purifying Spirit Masters were considered his in-name disciples. Of course, only Yu Huang was his personal disciple.

Therefore, Yu Huang became their junior.

Yu Huang placed the lizard on the ground and nodded with a complicated expression.

“Can you lend it to us?”


So they started discussing the lizard

“So that’s how Black Qing Sky Dragon’s dragon horn looks like. Even though it’s a bit small, it still looks very mighty.”

“I really want to see how heroic the Black Qing Sky Dragon is.”

Suddenly, someone asked Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, can you purify this lizard into the form of a Black Qing Sky Dragon? It can also be mini.”

Yu Huang looked at that person as if she was looking at an idiot. Then, she rescued the lizard from under their hands, held the lizard’s dragon horn, and left the Cultivation Hall.

Yu Huang walked to Lin Jiansheng’s waiting room.

Lin Jiansheng was feeding Yu Huang and even said, “I will feed you.”

Yu Huang laid listlessly on the table. When the minced meat was fed to it, it stuck out its tongue and licked it lazily.

Lin Jiansheng sensed that this little fellow did not like to eat meat. He frowned and said, “You don’t even like meat. What do you want to eat?” Why was it so troublesome to rear a spirit


Yu Huang leaned against the door frame and looked at it for a while before knocking on the door to attract Lin Jiansheng’s attention.

Lin Jiansheng put down the bowl filled with minced meat and asked Yu Huang with a fierce expression, “You came at the right time. Come and take a look. Is Yu Huang sick? I fed him minced meat, but he doesn’t seem to like it.” Yu Huang walked to the table and reached out to rub the soft flesh on the back of Yu Huang’s neck. She told Lin Jiansheng, “Yu Huang’s body can’t take it anymore. It’s already too old. If you want to treat it, you can only feed it the holy water of the Light Sea.”

“Holy water? That’s too extravagant.” Holy water was indeed a good thing, but this thing was too precious. Typical Beast Tamers would only be willing to spend money to buy a few drops to nourish their bodies when they were seriously injured.

“I have no choice. Yu Huang is too weak.”

Yu Huang took out the last drop of holy water from her interspatial ring. She poked through the pearl’s shell and squeezed the holy water into Yu Huang’s mouth. Yu Huang quickly rolled up its tongue and drank the holy water completely. It even stared at the pearl shell in Yu Huang’s hand with a hungry gaze. However, Yu Huang did not feed the pearl shell to it.

Lin Jiansheng said in anguish, “A thousand spirit stones are gone just like that.” It was not even this costly to rear a Gold Swallowing Beast.

Yu Huang didn’t feel any distress.

She took out all her savings and handed it to Lin Jiansheng. “I will be quite busy after returning to the academy. I’m afraid I don’t have the energy to take care of Yu Huang. All my savings are here. You have a lot of connections. Help me buy more holy water to feed Yu Huang.”

Lin Jiansheng held the card and looked at Yu Huang helplessly. “Are you planning to keep raising it like this?”

Yu Huang sighed. She bent down and picked up Yu Huang’s thin body. Then, she said, “Yu Huang has suffered greatly by following me. I can’t watch him die like this. Money and spirit stones can be earned again, but Yu Huang only has one life.”

Lin Jiansheng nodded and said, “You’re right. Let’s keep raising it like this.” After helping Yu Huang find a husband, Yu Huang could finally cultivate the Purifying Spirit Art in peace.

In the afternoon, she expedited the red elm tree’s birth and purified the little lizard again.

After her morning lesson, Yu Huang did not dare to be distracted when she was cleaning the little lizard. She was afraid that she would purify the little lizard into another species.

Fortunately, her hard work paid off. Yu Huang successfully purified the little lizard’s fourth leg, but the pair of dragon horns on its forehead was unable to be purified.

Yu Huang was somewhat dejected. She stared at the little lizard for a moment. Then, she took out her phone and took a photo of the little lizard. She sent the photo to Sheng Xiao and asked, “Look, what creature is this?”

Sheng Xiao replied quickly. [… Lizard? Or some new species?]

Yu Huang suppressed her laughter and replied, ‘It was originally a three-legged lizard. When I tried to purify its spirit for the first time, I was distracted. I thought of your black shirt and it caused this little lizard to purify a pair of dragon horns.’

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

He sat alone on the desert and stared at the message for a long time before laughing softly.

Sheng Xiao called Yu Huang.

Yu Huang hurriedly picked up the video call. Seeing that there was no tree at all, Yu Huang asked him, “Where are you?” “The Tamur Desert.”

The Tamur Desert was the most famous desert in the Holy Spirit Continent. It was a place where not a single blade of grass grew. It was said that even camels would die if they entered


Yu Huang asked him, “Why are you going there?

“The central tower has a total of 99 levels. Each level is a completely different world. It’s said that the 98th level is the desert world. I came here to train.”

By familiarizing himself with the desert environment in advance, it would be easier for him to enter the Central Pagoda.

“I see.” Yu Huang saw that the light was so strong that she could not see Sheng Xiao’s face clearly. She said, “Take an umbrella and cover your face. Otherwise, I won’t be able to see your face.”

“Okay.” Sheng Xiao took out an umbrella from his interspatial ring and raised it above his head. The light was blocked a little, and Sheng Xiao’s face became clearer on the screen. After months of training outside, Sheng Xiao’s face had become more chiseled. His fair and handsome face had been tanned. There was a pair of dark eyes in his deep-set eyes that looked sharp and piercing. Sheng Xiao looked even more manly. Yu Huang stared at Sheng Xiao for a while before looking away. She swallowed hard.

Sheng Xiao did not notice her small movements. He smiled as soon as he spoke. His laughter reached Yu Huang’s ears through the receiver on the phone, and it made her heart skip a beat. “It’s not good to miss classes.”

Yu Huang picked up her cup and took a sip of cold water before replying calmly, “I miss you too much.” Her frankness surprised Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao blinked and comforted her. “I’ll be back in half a month at most.” The Central Pagoda Breakthrough Ceremony was coming soon, and it was time for Sheng Xiao to return to the academy.

Yu Huang asked, “How much longer will it be until the tower challenge?”

“A month.” The Central Pagoda challenge was held every five years. Each time, it was held in the middle of August, and this year was no exception. “Alright, I’ll wait for you.”


Sheng Xiao heard something chirping. It sounded very pleasant. He asked, “What are you hiding there? I hear voices.”

“It’s a Companion Beast!”

Yu Huang put down her phone and got off the bed to grab Yu Huang.

She walked far away and her entire body appeared in the camera. It was only then that Sheng Xiao realized that Yu Huang was wearing a long sapphire blue dress today. Her long hair was draped behind her shoulders. As she walked, her back looked noble and enchanting.

Sheng Xiao looked at it again. A moment later, Yu Huang returned to the camera with Yu Huang.

The last time Sheng Xiao saw a Companion Beast was 20 years ago. He had no impression of it. Sheng Xiao asked, “Is this a Companion Beast? Where did you get it?”

He remembered that in the entire Holy Spirit Continent, only the Yin family had one Companion Beast.

Yu Huang laid on the bed with Yu Huang in her arms. She held Yu Huang in her arms and stroked his fur from time to time. She told Sheng Xiao in detail what happened in the Yin family yesterday.

After knowing that this Companion Beast was the Yin family’s Companion Beast, Sheng Xiao sighed. “It is said that this Companion Beast was captured by the selfless Prime Master from the Upper World. I heard that the Companion Beasts are the same as the auspicious beasts. They are formed by the purest spiritual power in the world. They are very humane and are only close to people who are kind.”

Yu Huang sighed and said, “The Prime Master must have doted on his daughter very much.” “Of course.” Sheng Xiao’s smile disappeared at the mention of the young master of the Yin family. He looked at Yu Huang, who was in Yu Huang’s arms. Naturally, he realized that Yu Huang was not in good spirits. “Is this Companion Beast sick?” “It’s not sick. It’s because it misses the Little Master too much and has no teeth that its health has become very poor, and it doesn’t have much time left. Now, it can only use the holy water of the Light Sea to sustain its life.”

Sheng Xiao suddenly said, “I have a bottle of holy water from the Light Sea. I’ll send it to you later.”

“Where is it from?”

Sheng Xiao explained, “I fought with the prince of the Elf Race. He lost and compensated me with a bottle of holy water.”

Yu Huang immediately carried Yu Huang and said to the camera, “Yu Huang, thank Daddy quickly!”

Yu Huang chirped.

Sheng Xiao smiled. “I’m the father. Are you the mother?”

“I’m the older sister,” Yu Huang said without thinking

Sheng Xiao’s smile disappeared immediately. He stared at Yu Huang sternly and said, “Yu Huang, call me brother-in-law.”

Yu Huang froze.

“Ignore him. He’s crazy.” Yu Huang thought that Sheng Xiao was crazy. She hung up immediately.

Sheng Xiao was stunned when he saw that Yu Huang had really hung up. He touched his nose and looked back at the endless desert. Then, he walked deeper into the desert.

After dark, Yu Huang returned home.

Yu Donghai knew that she was coming back and prepared food in advance.

Yu Huang pressed the doorbell and waited for half a minute before she heard Yu Donghai running over to open the door.

The door opened from the inside. Yu Huang raised her head and shouted with a smile, “Father!” After she shouted, Yu Huang finally saw Yu Donghai’s appearance clearly. She was instantly shocked.




“Father, what’s wrong with your face?”

The Yu Donghai in front of her looked a little different from before. Although he was still the same person, there were many wrinkles on his face. He looked older and more dispirited.

But a few months ago, during their video chat, Yu Donghai clearly looked much younger than he was now.

Yu Donghai pulled Yu Huang into the room and said, “Someone’s investigating me.”

Yu Huang was slightly stunned. “They’re from the Yin Clan?”

“I’m not sure. You’re famous now. There must be many people who want to investigate your family background. No matter who it is, I can’t let them discover my identity. It’s always right to be careful, so I specially wore a human skin mask.”


After Yu Donghai put on the human skin mask, he didn’t look like himself at all. Presumably, even Yin Mingchong would be unable to discover his true identity when he stood in front of Yu Donghai.

However, Yu Huang felt that it was most likely Yin Mingchong’s doing. Yin Mingchong had taken out Yu Huang yesterday with the intention of testing Yu Huang. Yin Mingchong had suspected her since a long time ago and would definitely send someone to investigate her family background.