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Chapter 210 Know the Past and the Future

Although the Grand State Master did not really pinch Yu Huang’s weak spot, his words still caused a ripple in her heart.

“The Grand State Master can cure Yu Huang?” After a pause, Yu Huang explained, “Yu Huang is the name of my Companion Beast.”

The Grand State Master smiled mysteriously and said, “Whether or not I can cure it will depend on whether you are willing to be my disciple.” The Grand State Master lowered his head and adjusted his long sleeves. He then said casually, “After all, we are not related. There is no reason for me to help you.”

In her heart, Yu Huang cursed the other party for his cunningness.


“Grand State Master, do you know what I hate the most?”

The Grand State Master looked at her calmly and did not reply.

Yu Huang caressed the little ear that was fluttering in the wind in her arms. She said, “I hate people threatening me the most.” Bribery was also a form of coercion.

“Do you think I’m threatening you?” The Grand State Master asked calmly.

Yu Huang chuckled. “The Grand State Master should know whether it’s a threat or not.”

The Grand State Master’s gaze immediately turned dark.

He stared at Yu Huang’s eyes for a moment before saying, “Your eyes can connect to the future and the past. You were born to be my disciple.”

Yu Huang subconsciously frowned and said, “I can’t see the past…”

“You can.”

The Grand State Master stared at Yu Huang and said firmly, “You saw your infancy through Yu Huang. If this isn’t knowing the past, what is it?”

Yu Huang was shocked. How did he know everything? She suddenly realized that she could not see through the person in front of her at all.

As if guessing what Yu Huang was thinking, the Grand State Master suddenly said, “There are currently three Prime Masters in the Holy Spirit Continent. The Merman Clan has one, and the Divine Realm Academy has one. Do you know who the remaining one is?”

Yu Huang stared at his flawless fair handsome face and had an answer in her mind. She couldn’t hide her shock and asked, “Grand State Master, you… are a Prime Master?”

The Grand State Master nodded. “Didn’t your mentor tell you that I am the third Prime Master?”


Lin Jiansheng had only warned Yu Huang not to look directly at the Grand State Master’s face. That was because anyone who looked directly at the Grand State Master’s face would be thrown into the Snake Cavern.

Yu Huang took a closer look at the Grand State Master’s handsome face that was full of deceit and couldn’t help but ask, “May I ask Grand State Master, how old are you this year?”

The Grand State Master chuckled and said, “The crown of the first emperor of the Mo Clan was personally put on by me.” Yu Huang felt that it was unbelievable when she heard this.

The royal family of the Mo Clan had ruled the Divine Moon Kingdom for more than seven hundred years. The Grand State Master had personally crowned the first emperor, so he was at least seven or eight hundred years old. However, the Grand State Master looked much younger than Lin Jiansheng.

Yu Huang found it hard to believe that he was actually a few hundred years old.

He was really an old monster.

In front of the Grand State Master, she was indeed a little girl.

The Grand State Master opened the door completely and said to the servants in the room, “Get out.”

Upon hearing this, all the servants quickly retreated.

Instantly, only Yu Huang and the Grand State Master were left in the entire floor. The Grand State Master sent out a soundproofing talisman and said to Yu Huang, “Sit down. I have something to say to you.”

Yu Huang carried Yu Huang and walked in with a numb expression. She sat down on the small futon opposite the Grand State Master. The Grand State Master asked her, “Do you want coffee or tea? Or… milk and fruit juice?”

“Red tea.”

“Perfect. I just made a pot of red tea earlier.”

The Grand State Master extended his hand and was about to pick up the teapot. Seeing this, Yu Huang hurriedly put down Yu Huang. “Grand State Master, let me do it. You should rest.” After knowing that the man in front of her was actually a Prime Master, Yu Huang’s attitude changed drastically and she immediately started to suck up to him.

The Grand State Master found it funny, but he did not expose Yu Huang’s intentions.

Yu Huang first filled the porcelain cup in front of the Grand State Master before pouring herself a cup. Yu Huang picked up the cup of tea opposite her and passed it to the Grand State Master with both hands, “Grand State Master, have some tea.”

The Grand State Master tapped his fingers on the table and said, “I only drink your apprenticeship tea.”

Yu Huang’s expression stiffened.

She carefully put down the teacup and ignored the Grand State Master. She picked up her cup of tea and drank it.

Who didn’t have a temper?

If he didn’t want to dirnk it, so be it.

The Grand State Master was somewhat discouraged when he saw Yu Huang drinking her tea. “You little girl, you don’t even know how to coax people.” Even so, the Grand State Master still lifted the cup of tea.

He had something on his mind and did not drink his tea.

Yu Huang, on the other hand, had a contented look on her face. She finished the cup of tea and bent down to pick up the Companion Beast beside her.

Yu Huang gently caressed the back of Yu Huang’s body. She could feel the smooth fur passing through her fingertips, and she was somewhat addicted to it.

No wonder Mrs Sheng always held the leopard cat in her arms. It felt so good to pet a cat or


The Grand State Master shook his head when he saw that Yu Huang was sitting there leisurely, as if she had returned to her own home. He then said, “Actually, 20 years ago, I had already deduced the changes in the Time Gate. However, on the day I deduced the results, the Central Pagoda had already opened.”

“By the time I rushed to the Central Pagoda, your father had already sacrificed himself.”

Yu Huang’s hand that was stroking the wind suddenly stopped.

She lowered her head and asked in a low voice, “Why are you telling me this?”

The Grand State Master pursed his lips and hesitated for a few seconds before asking, “Child, do you hate me?” Yu Huang shook her head, and she said with a calm tone, “The unexpected change in the door of the Time Gate wasn’t caused by you. My father sacrificed himself, and he wasn’t forced by you. Why should I hate you?” Upon hearing this, the Grand State Master felt gratified, but he blamed himself in his heart. “But if I had deduced the changes in the Time Gate earlier, I could have come up with a countermeasure earlier. Perhaps your father wouldn’t have to sacrifice himself.”

Yu Huang pondered for a moment before saying, “You have already done your best.”

His best…


The Grand State Master let out a long sigh and said with a complicated mood, “It’s often not enough to try my best. Little girl, I have to repeatedly deduce and practice before I can predict the occurrence of a major event. And you only need to use your eyes to see and listen with your heart to do better than me. If you have such talent, why aren’t you willing to take me as your mentor and learn from me?”

Seeing that Yu Huang was unmoved, the Grand State Master could not help but ask, “After learning the art of divination, you can easily know the past and the future. Are you really not tempted?” He did not believe that Yu Huang could really resist this temptation.

Hearing the Grand State Master’s question, Yu Huang remained silent for a long time.

Was it really good to know the past and the future?

Yu Huang suddenly laughed self-deprecatingly. She said, “If a felon is sentenced to death, then during the period of waiting for the death penalty, every day will be incomparably torturous. Similarly, if you deduce that a terrifying thing will definitely happen, and you are unable to reverse the situation, would you feel good?”

The Grand State Master was rendered speechless by Yu Huang’s words.

Yu Huang saw the Grand State Master’s reaction and knew that she had hit the nail on the head. She could not help but ask the Grand State Master, “Grand State Master, are you really happy living in this Divination Tower?”

The Grand State Master’s face instantly turned a few shades paler. He looked at Yu Huang and his lips quivered a few times. He was speechless.

That sense of powerlessness when he knew that a calamity would happen but was unable to resolve it always made the Grand State Master feel powerless and pained. Everyone could only see how glorious the Grand State Master was, but who could understand the pain in his heart?

“Little fellow, you see things quite thoroughly.”

The Grand State Master played with the porcelain cup and resigned himself to fate. “There’s not a day that I don’t live under anxiety and pressure, especially when I deduced that something terrifying was about to happen. I couldn’t eat or sleep in peace.”

Yu Huang looked at him with eyes filled with pity. “I am desperate to take you in as my disciple because I have deduced something terrible, and you are the only anomaly in the whole thing.” Yu Huang had expected the conversation to be heavy, and she subconsciously wanted to leave.

It was fine if you did not know some things, but once you did, you would become part of the story.

Yu Huang wanted to get up and leave, but it was as if her body was nailed to a praying mat, and she was unable to move at all. Yu Huang opened her eyes and swept a glance at the Grand State Master, then asked angrily, “What are you doing?”

Was he planning to imprison her?

The Grand Master shook his head slightly. “Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Let me finish what I have to say. I will let you go.” Yu Huang couldn’t defeat this old man even if she wanted to, and she couldn’t leave either. She could only unwillingly kneel on the praying mat and listen to the Grand State Master.

Seeing this, the Grand State Master felt gratified.

However, when he thought about what he was going to say next, his expression immediately became serious. The Grand State Master suddenly said

“The Holy Spirit Continent is about to reach its end.”

Yu Huang’s pupils trembled slightly.

She had guessed that something big was going to happen, but she didn’t expect it to be something so big.

The Grand State Master’s finger circled the top of the cup as he lowered his eyes and said, “There must be something terrifying hidden behind that Time Gate. Even though the Prime Master sacrificed himself to seal the Time Gate, he was only able to temporarily suppress that power and not completely disintegrate it.”

“I can sense the aura of destruction at all times. Sometimes, when I look up at the sky, I always feel that there is a pair of invisible eyes in the sky silently monitoring the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Hearing the Grand State Master’s description, Yu Huang could not help but feel her back sweating. “All these years, I’ve been staying in the Divination Tower trying to calculate the future direction of the Holy Spirit Continent. It was only three years ago that I finally deduced that outcome.”

Yu Huang’s eyes widened unconsciously. She heard herself asking, “What did you deduce?”

The Grand State Master closed his eyes and said with a trembling voice, “The future of the Holy Spirit Continent is suddenly cut off six years later!”

The end of the Holy Spirit Continent’s future meant that it had disappeared!

Yu Huang sucked in a breath of cold air and said, “How is this possible?!”

“Yeah, how’s that even possible…” The black tea in the Grand Advisor’s right porcelain cup rippled slightly because his hand was shaking.