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Chapter 209 Saint Xuan Ye Gets Outdone

“I wonder if Supremacy Lin is willing to share your teaching methods with me. Later on, I’ll use your methods to teach my disciples.” Xuan Ye was really curious about that.

In a short span of two to three months, Yu Huang had advanced from an ordinary person to a Level 2 Purifying Spirit Master. She should not have been able to achieve this speed even if she ate artillery shells! Xuan Ye did not believe that Yu Huang’s talent was so heaven-defying. Even his mentor, Su Tingxue, had spent half a year to condense a Psychic Pearl.

Therefore, Xuan Ye really thought that Lin Jiansheng had a unique way of educating his disciple.

Upon hearing Xuan Ye’s question, Lin Jiansheng was troubled. How could he have any teaching methods? His disciple worked hard and refined the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly’s Butterfly Queen!

Seeing that Lin Jiansheng remained silent, Xuan Ye’s gaze suddenly became much more sinister. When he spoke again, his voice clearly became displeased. “What? Supremacy Lin is unwilling to share?”

Damn it!

He was asking to be humiliated!

“It’s like this.” Lin Jiansheng looked up and met Xuan Ye’s gaze. He smiled awkwardly before saying, “That disciple of mine heard about the you jumping into the Purgatory Sea for the sake of breaking through. She holds you in high esteem. That child actually imitated you and jumped into the Purgatory Sea.”

Upon hearing this, Saint Xuanye raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Oh really? Then did she encounter any opportunities?”

Lin Jiansheng’s gaze flickered. He braced himself and said, “She… accidentally refined the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly’s Butterfly Queen.”

The smile on Xuan Ye’s face disappeared completely. “How is that possible?!” He lost his composure and blurted out what he was thinking Back then, in order to refine the Butterfly Father, Xuan Ye almost died in the Purgatory Sea. He did not believe that Yu Huang could refine the Butterfly Queen. That was the Butterfly Queen, who was even stronger than the Butterfly Father, and could command all the Soul Devouring Blood Butterflies! How old was Yu Huang back then?

18 years old? Or 19?

Regardless of whether Yu Huang was 18 or 19 years old, if she really succeeded in refining the Butterfly Queen, it would be a slap to Xuan Ye’s face.

Lin Jiansheng, not daring to look at Xuan Ye’s face, lowered his head. He thought: You forced me to do this.

Regarding the matter of Yu Huang successfully refining the Butterfly Queen, Lin Jiansheng kept it to himself and did not dare to boast about it. His goal was to save Xuan Ye some face.

In the end, Xuan Ye insisted on forcing him to tell the truth.

Now, Xuan Ye had humiliated himself.

Seeing Lin Jiansheng lower his head and remain silent, Xuan Ye asked with suspicion, “She… really refined the Butterfly Queen?” When Xuan Ye asked this, he felt his throat go dry.

Under Xuan Ye’s probing gaze, Lin Jiansheng nodded once again. “It was all luck.”

Yeah right!

Xuan Ye had personally jumped over the Purgatory Sea. He knew the dangers of the Purgatory Sea better than anyone else. To a Purifying Spirit Master, the Purgatory Sea was like a mountain of knives and a sea of fire. The Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly was destroying their mental strength at all times.

There was no such thing as luck after refining the Butterfly Queen

Yu Huang was able to successfully refine the Butterfly Queen not because of luck.

After confirming that Yu Huang had really refined the Butterfly Queen, Xuan Ye remained silent for a full two to three minutes. He suddenly raised his wine glass and drank all the wine inside.

He heavily put down his goblet and sighed. “The younger generation will surpass us in time!”

Lin Jiansheng could even hear Xuan Ye grinding his teeth. In order to help Xuan Ye salvage his dignity, Lin Jiansheng racked his brains for a moment before finding a reasonable explanation.

He said, “She told me that the Butterfly Queen’s attitude towards her was rather gentle. I guessed that the weaker the person, the weaker the attack of the Soul Devouring Blood Butterfly.”

“When you jumped into the Purgatory Sea, you were already a quasi-rank 9 Purifying Spirit Master. You were powerful, so the attack that Butterfly Father launched on you was naturally even stronger.”

Lin Jiansheng’s explanation sounded reasonable. Although Xuan Ye knew that this conjecture was fake, he still felt better. “Perhaps.”

He stood up with his legs covered in water droplets. Lin Jiansheng, not daring to look at Xuan Ye’s body, hurriedly lowered his head.

Xuan Ye took the large towel from the waiter and draped it over his body. He stepped out of the bath and said, “Perhaps it’s also related to her super beast form.”

Lin Jiansheng hurriedly said, “Saint’s analysis is reasonable.”

Super beast form was extremely rare in the entire Holy Spirit Continent. There were only three beast tamers in the Divine Moon Kingdom. The oldest one had become an Prime Master and was now the dean of the Divine Realm Academy. The younger one, Sheng Xiao, had become a Supreme Master within a decade.

On the other hand, Yu Huang had also defeated Xuanyuan Jing, who had the cultivation of a Master, today.

To think about it, the super beast form was special.

The reason Yu Huang was able to successfully subdue the Butterfly Queen was likely related to her super beast form.

With that thought, Xuan Ye felt a little better.


Since Xuan Ye was already up, Lin Jiansheng naturally couldn’t occupy his bath. Lin Jiansheng stood up as well, wrapped himself in a towel, and returned to the shower.

After changing into a clean set of clothes, Lin Jiansheng was brought to the dining room by the waiter to eat with Xuan Ye.

Seeing Lin Jiansheng come to the dining room alone, Xuan Ye asked, “Where’s your beloved disciple?”

Lin Jiansheng said, “That child rarely comes to Jingdu. She went to play.”

“Girls love shopping.”


Lin Jiansheng had a meal with Xuan Ye, but Xuan Ye did not beat around the bush to inquire anymore.

Yu Huang was wearing a white tank top, which revealed her waist, paired with a pair of black denim shorts. Hugging the pet, she strolled along the streets of Jingdu.

The sun had already set, and the streets of Jingdu were at their peak hour in the evening.

The streets were crowded with people. Yu Huang was lying in Yu Huang’s arms while feeling very uneasy. Its small head was lying on Yu Huang’s chest, and its two eyes were anxiously sizing up this unfamiliar world. Its mouth was making some sounds.

Yu Huang rubbed Yu Huang’s head. When she thought about how this little brat had been kept in a cage by the Yin Clan for 20 years, her heart ached.

“Yu Huang, is there anywhere you want to go? I’ll take you there.”

Yu Huang, unable to give Yu Huang any response, sobbed.

Yu Huang carried it and walked forward aimlessly. After walking for an unknown period of time, she and Yu Huang arrived at the city tower of the Mo Clan.

As they approached the Imperial City, there were no high-rise buildings around them. The Divination Tower that stood in the middle of the Imperial City stood out.

Yu Huang stared at the Divination Tower and subconsciously wanted to turn around and leave. But at that moment, she saw a man in an embroidered robe of a crane appear under the roof of the Divination Tower, and he even beckoned towards her.

Did the Grand State Master have the scent of a dog?

The gates of the Imperial City opened wide. A soldier wearing a military cap walked in front of Yu Huang and respectfully said, “Miss Yu Huang, the Grand State Master invites you in.”

Yu Huang could only carry Yu Huang and head to the Divination Tower.

Yu Huang climbed to the top of the Divination Tower on foot. The Grand State Master had already prepared tea. Before the attendant could knock on the door, the tightly shut door was opened from the inside.

The Grand State Master opened the door personally.

He stared at Yu Huang and asked, “You made me wait for a year. Little girl, what’s your answer?”

Yu Huang was caught between laughter and tears. She asked, “If my answer is unsatisfactory to you, will I not be able to drink this cup of tea?” The Grand State Master shook his head and said, “You can drink as much tea as you want. However, if you reject me, then I won’t save this Companion Beast in your arms.”