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Chapter 208 Xuan Ye’s Probe

Su Tingxue looked at Lin Jiansheng thoughtfully and suddenly asked, “Do we know each other?”

Lin Jiansheng shook his head. “I’m only a hundred years old. How can we know each other?”

Upon hearing his answer, Su Tingxue was even more puzzled. Since she didn’t know him, why did this boorish man treat her so well?

Su Tingxue couldn’t figure it out, but she still had to thank Lin Jiansheng for all that he had done for her. “Thank you. When I successfully revive, I will definitely reward you.”

“You can’t afford the benefits I want,” Lin Jiansheng said.

Su Tingxue squinted and asked, “What do you want?”

Lin Jiansheng only looked at her without saying anything. Su Tingxue couldn’t be bothered with his complicated gaze. She sat cross-legged and closed her eyes to concentrate on absorbing every strand of soul force.

Lin Jiansheng stared at Su Tingxue’s shadow for a moment before returning from the Spiritual Abode.

He sat on the bed and remained silent for a long while. Then, he tapped his interspatial ring with his finger. In the next second, a thirty-centimeter long figurine doll appeared in Lin Jiansheng’s hand.


The doll had the appearance of an adult woman. She wore a long-sleeved robe and her long hair was tied up into a bun. Her beauty could topple cities, and her expression was cold yet arrogant. Lin Jiansheng gently caressed the doll’s brows and eyes while looking slightly transfixed.

So, you are Su Tingxue.

This doll was Lin Jiansheng’s goddess.

More than a hundred years ago, Lin Jiansheng was just an ordinary student from the Purifying Spirit Department of the Divine Realm Academy. His talent was ordinary, and he was the one with the slowest cultivation speed among his peers.

Other people could condense a Psychic Pearl in a year’s time, but Lin Jiansheng had spent three years without success. As such, Lin Jiansheng felt extremely discouraged.

There was a period of time when an unknown ancient ruin appeared in the Kui Mountain area of the Divine Moon Kingdom. Many Beast Tamers went to that ancient ruin, but they all returned empty-handed.

After learning of the existence of the ancient ruin, Yin Mingjue wanted to test it out. Lin Jiansheng and Yin Donghai accompanied Yin Mingjue to the ancient ruin.

After entering the ruin, Lin Jiansheng was separated from Yin Mingjue and his servant due to an accident. He walked alone in a dark tunnel for a very long time, and he didn’t know if he could walk out.

At that time, he had thought that regardless of whether there was a way out or not, he could not give up his confidence in finding a way out.

He groped his way forward in the dark alone. He did not know how long he walked until his mouth was dry and his body was weak. He could no longer lift his feet. Then, he leaned against the wall of the pathway and slid down weakly.

Just as his consciousness was about to dissipate, a strange, glowing woman suddenly appeared in the darkness. The woman was wearing a gray, long-sleeved robe. Her hair was tied up high, and her face was beautiful, but her eyes were cold.

The woman stood quietly in front of Lin Jiansheng and stared at him for a long time before saying with a frown, “I really didn’t expect that the person who passed the test would be an ordinary little fool like you.”

“Forget it. Since you’ve passed my test, I’ll give you a piece of karma.” As she spoke, the woman tapped Lin Jiansheng’s forehead with her index finger. A majestic wave of psychic energy entered Lin Jiansheng’s Spiritual Abode and formed a small Psychic Pearl.

After the Psychic Pearl was formed, the woman disappeared from the world due to the energy consumption.

The day Lin Jiansheng successfully condensed his Psychic Pearl was also the day he met his goddess.

After returning, Lin Jiansheng drew the goddess’s appearance and asked a student in the academy who was good at making porcelain sculptures to help him carve out the goddess’s appearance.

That student charged an extremely high fee. After looking at his blueprint, he charged 30,000.

Lin Jiansheng was so poor that he only had 10,000 yuan on him. He had no choice but to borrow 20,000 yuan from Yin Donghai. Because of this, Yin Donghai had laughed at him all his life.

Lin Jiansheng did not expect to see his goddess again in his lifetime. He also did not expect that the goddess he had admired all his life was the infamous Su Tingxue!

Purifying Spirit Grand Master Su Tingxue was the most ruthless person.

However, Lin Jiansheng felt that she was not as scary as the rumors said she was. At this moment, Yu Huang knocked on the door from outside. Lin Jiansheng hurriedly put away the porcelain doll and returned to his normal self. “Come in.”

Yu Huang walked in and stood behind the door. She said to him, “Mentor, Saint Xuan Ye is here. Please come upstairs for a chat.” “I’ll go now.” Lin Jiansheng stood up and walked out. He thought of something and turned back to look at Yu Huang, which was in the cage. He said to Yu Huang, “Yu Huang doesn’t have much time left. If you have nothing else to do, bring it out for a walk. When I return, we will return to the Prosperous Capital tonight.” “Alright, Mentor.”

Lin Jiansheng was brought to a bathhouse by the attendant.

Xuan Ye was soaking in the bath. The water in the bath was black, making Saint Xuan Ye’s skin look even fairer.

Xuan Ye had suffered some injuries when he subdued the Butterfly Father in the Purgatory Sea. For the past 30 years, he had been using medicinal baths to heal his old injuries.

Lin Jiansheng stood beside the bathtub and bowed to Saint Xuan Ye. “Saint Xuan Ye, greetings.” Saint Xuan Ye did not open his eyes. He raised his right hand and crooked his finger at Lin Jiansheng. “Come down and take a bath together.”

Lin Jiansheng had long heard that Saint Xuan Ye’s medicinal bath was very effective. He had long wanted to soak in it. Since Xuan Ye had taken the initiative to invite him, Lin Jiansheng naturally wouldn’t reject him.

Lin Jiansheng quickly took off the Purifying Spirit Master’s robe and inner clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He wrapped himself in a towel and went down the pool.

The medicinal effects of the pool were very strong. The moment Lin Jiansheng entered the pool, he felt a warm medicinal effect enter his body through the soles of his feet and rapidly spread throughout his body.

Lin Jiansheng sat down on the stool and relaxed while focusing on absorbing the medicinal essence.

Xuan Ye glanced at him and smiled when he saw his satisfied look. “You sure know how to enjoy yourself better than me.” Lin Jiansheng smiled honestly and said, “It’s all thanks to you.”

Lin Jiansheng was tall and muscular, and his square face looked fierce. He looked completely different from the handsome Xuan Ye.

Xuan Ye stared at Lin Jiansheng’s fierce face and paused for a moment before saying, “I haven’t congratulated you, Supremacy Lin.”

“Huh?” Lin Jiansheng didn’t understand what Saint Xuan Ye was congratulating him about.

Firstly, he did not get married, secondly, he did not have any children, and thirdly, he did not break through his cultivation. What was there to congratulate him about?

Saint Xuan Ye said, “Congratulations, Supremacy Lin. You have accepted the only dual cultivator in the Holy Spirit Continent as your beloved disciple.” Xuan Ye had already met the child called Yu Huang. He had never expected that the child was actually a dual cultivator.

Xuan Ye sighed and said, “What a formidable young woman. I never thought that there would be someone in this world who could cultivate both Beast Taming and Purification. Such talent can be considered a treasure!”

Xuan Ye was really envious of Lin Jiansheng. He had many disciples under his name, but Lin Jiansheng had only taken in one disciple that was enough to beat his dozens of disciples.

Lin Jiansheng was pleased with himself, but he did not dare to show off in front of Xuan Ye. After all, this person was his leader and the only Level 9 Purifying Spirit Master on the continent. He could not offend Xuan Ye.

Lin Jiansheng smiled and said, “I’m just lucky.”

“It’s because of your discerning eyes.” Xuan Ye took a sip of the fruit wine on the table beside him and suddenly said, “I heard that the child called Yu Huang failed to awaken her beast form when she participated in the beast awakening ceremony last year. I’m very curious, how did she successfully awaken her beast form?”

Lin Jiansheng’s heart skipped a beat.

Why was Saint Xuan Ye asking this?

Regarding the Spirit Restraining Parasite, Lin Jiansheng was unwilling to reveal the truth. Just as he was about to find an excuse to muddle through, he heard Xuan Ye say, “Her situation seems like Spirit Restraining Parasite was planted in her.”

Lin Jiansheng did not dare to speak. Xuan Ye was the descendant of the Su family of Kui Mountain. No one knew about the Spirit Restraining Parasite better than Xuan Ye. After all, Xuan Ye was Su Tingxue’s disciple and Su Tingxue trusted him. He might be the only person in the world who knew how to make the Spirit Restraining Parasite.

Yu Huang had once suspected Xuan Ye. Hence, when Lin Jiansheng faced Xuan Ye, he did not dare to answer casually.

However, since Xuan Ye took the initiative to ask, Lin Jiansheng had no choice but to answer. He had to choose his words carefully.

Lin Jiansheng put on an expression of shock and confusion. He said, “Spirit Restraining Parasite? Wasn’t that thing burned down by the six families six hundred years ago?”

Xuan Ye, trying to figure out if Lin Jiansheng was lying or really did not know, stared at Lin Jiansheng for a while.

After a while, Xuan Ye said, “Although it was destroyed, as long as anything existed, there would always be traces left behind.”

Lin Jiansheng did not dare to reply.

Xuan Ye smiled again. He held the wine glass in his right hand and pressed his temples with his thumb. As he pressed, the fruit wine in the wine glass also shook.

The light was refracted by the alcohol and landed on Xuan Ye’s nose bridge.

That face suddenly became radiant.

Xuan Ye laughed and said, “But you are right, the Spirit Restraining Parasite has already been destroyed by the six families, so it no longer exists.”

Lin Jiansheng nodded. “Yes.”

“However, if Yu Huang did not have the Spirit Restraining Parasite, why did she not awaken her beast form back then?”

Lin Jiansheng felt like rolling his eyes.

He wouldn’t stop until he got to the bottom of this!

“Maybe every super beast has its own temper. If it’s in a bad mood, it won’t let my disciple awaken. If it’s in a good mood, it will let it awaken.”

Xuan Ye was speechless.

Xuan Ye gave a faint smile. “In that case, it’s temper is quite bad.”

Lin Jiansheng pretended not to hear Xuan Ye’s ridicule. He also tilted his body and took a sip of the wine to use the act of drinking to cover up his nervousness.

“If I remember correctly, Supremacy Lin’s beloved disciple is already a Level 2 Purifying Spirit Master, right?”

This was something that could not be hidden. Lin Jiansheng nodded graciously. “That’s right.”

Xuan Ye continued, “But I heard that your beloved disciple was an actress a year ago. She wasn’t a Purifying Spirit Master then.”

Lin Jiansheng replied vaguely, “That’s right.”

“I’m very curious.” Xuan Ye put down his wine glass.

He leaned forward and held his chin with both hands. His sharp gaze landed on Lin Jiansheng’s face. “Supremacy Lin, I’m very curious. What method did you use to teach your beloved disciple how to cultivate? In just a few months, she became a Level 2 Purifying Spirit Master from an ordinary person.”

“This teaching method must be extraordinary.”