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Chapter 200 Fighting For the Red Elm Fruit

Seeing Yu Huang sizing up the courtyard, Sheng Yang told her, “No one lives here.”

Yu Huang asked Sheng Yang, “How do you know? Do you come to the Yin Clan often?”

“That’s not true.” Sheng Yang pointed at the red elm tree above her head. She said, “I heard from my mother that because of a red elm tree planted in the northeast corner of the Yin Clan, it is the place with the densest spiritual energy in the entire clan. The courtyard where the red elm tree is located is the courtyard where THE Prime Master and his daughter liveD.”

Sheng Yang sighed and lowered her eyes while saying, “The Prime Master has been dead for many years, and the Yin Clan’s young master has also disappeared for 20 years. This courtyard, without its owner, is naturally desolate.”

Yu Huang remained silent for a long time when she heard this.

She stood in the middle of the courtyard and looked up at the closed doors around her. She imagined her father shuttling back and forth in this courtyard every day after work while hugging her in the sun and teasing her. Her nose actually felt a little sour.

Yu Huang looked up at the red elm fruit above her head. The thought of these fruits being the same batch of fruits she had seen when she was a baby made her feel warm.

Before the fruit ripened, her father must have pointed at the fruit and said to her, “Huangler, when you grow up, I will pluck all these fruits and let you eat all you want.” Yu Huang lowered her head and pressed her hand to the corner of her eyes. She secretly wiped her eyes and heard someone shout, “Look, the red elm fruit is about to ripen!”

Hearing this, everyone looked up at the crown of the tree.

On this elm tree, there were 150 fruits scattered around. The fruits looked like small goldfish. Before the red elm fruit fully matured, its color was light yellow, but when it fully matured, it would turn golden.

It was said that the red elm fruit’s juice was blood red, just like blood. That was why it was named the red elm fruit.

At this moment, the 150 fruits started to move without any wind. Their bodies trembled slightly. Under the gaze of this group of youths, the fruits quickly ripened, and their skin turned from light yellow to golden yellow.

When the 150 fruits turned golden, someone shouted, “The fruits are ripe. Hurry up and pick them!”

There were a total of 150 red elm fruits, but there were close to 350 youths participating in the harvest. If they wanted to successfully get the red elm fruit, there would definitely be a fierce battle.

Yu Huang’s mission was not getting the red elm fruit, but the academy did not state that she could not snatch the red elm fruit!

Yu Huang naturally wanted a share of such a good thing.

Upon hearing this, everyone displayed their skills and flew towards the crown of the red elm fruit.

Yu Huang immediately spread her Vermillion Bird wings and flew into the sky. She was the first person to approach the tree crown and successfully pluck the red elm fruit. After picking the fruit, Yu Huang landed in a quiet corner to watch the battle.

Seeing Yu Huang obtain the fruit so easily, the descendants of the aristocratic families were somewhat envious and jealous.

However, they refused to admit that there was such a huge disparity in strength between them and Yu Huang

“Heh, how lucky to have a flying witch technique.” It must be because she had a flying witch technique that Yu Huang’s technique was of a higher grade. When Yu Huang heard this, she did not refute.

She raised the red elm fruit in her hand and bit down on it without washing it. The moment she bit down on it, juices splattered everywhere and the fragrance filled the air.

Yu Huang swallowed the fruit and praised, “How delicious!” Father, this fruit is very delicious. It’s a pity that I can’t share it with you.

Everyone was speechless.

Thus, while everyone was busy fighting and hoping to defeat their opponent and successfully obtain the red elm fruit, Yu Huang was leisurely eating the red elm fruit with a wooden pillar.

On the field, in order to complete the mission as soon as possible, Na Luo did not hesitate at all. She directly fused with her mother and used the Heaven Extermination Finger. The power of the Heaven Extermination Finger was extremely powerful. When that move was used, the ground in the courtyard was shaken until it shattered. The opponent was severely injured. Na Luo quickly flew to the nearest red elm fruit and reached out to successfully pluck


After completing the mission, Na Luo did not linger in battle and quickly returned to Yu Huang’s side.

Yu Huang handed the unfinished fruit to Na Luo and asked, “Do you want to eat it?”

Na Luo was flattered. She said, “It’s such a precious fruit. You should eat it yourself.” Besides, when she brought this fruit back to the school for her teacher to take a look, she could also consume it after the mission was completed.

Yu Huang chuckled and said, “It’s just a tasty fruit. With it or without it, I can still advance to the level of a Master.”

Na Luo thought it made sense, then lowered her head and took a bite of Yu Huang’s red elm fruit. “So sweet.”

Yu Huang acknowledged and didn’t eat anymore. She said softly, “Leave two bites for Yang Yang.”

In the courtyard, Sheng Yang defeated her opponent and successfully picked the red elm fruit. On the other side, Liuli Feng also picked his fruit.

Sheng Yang returned to Yu Huang’s side and was fed two mouthfuls of red elm fruit by Yu Huang before she said, “This mission isn’t that difficult.”

To Sheng Yang and Na Luo, this mission was not difficult, but to the other students, it would undoubtedly be a fierce battle.

Class A of the first grade had a total of 78 students, but only 48 of them managed to snatch the red elm fruit. In other words, this year, 30 students from their class would get held back.

The youths who had obtained the red elm fruit were extremely happy. They held the red elm fruit as though it was a treasure, and were afraid that they would lose it if their hands trembled.

As for the students who did not manage to snatch the red elm fruit, they did not look glad at all.

Not every student had an interspatial ring and storage device. Hence, the thoughtful disciple specially prepared a storage bag for the disciples who managed to snatch the red elm fruits so that they could bring it back to the academy.

After a fierce battle, the courtyard was already destroyed to the point where it couldn’t be used anymore. Yin Cangsheng hurriedly called over servants to repair the courtyard, while he brought these youngsters to Yin Clan’s fighting arena.

The Yin Clan’s martial arts arena was naturally not as big as the Divine Realm Academy, but it was not small either. It was as big as two football fields.

This group of youths was taken to the martial arts arena and were very surprised.

What was he doing?

Yin Mingchong only appeared when everyone was present. Behind him were Mrs. Sheng, the other four chiefs, and Lin Jiansheng.

After was walking onto the stage, the seven people took their seats.

As the host, Yin Mingchong naturally sat at the center.

Yin Mingchong stood up and walked to the front of the arena. He stared at the youths below the arena and said with a smile, “Congratulations to the disciples that have successfully obtained the red elm fruit! Children that haven’t obtained the red elm fruit, don’t be discouraged because we still have an informal competition coming up!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yin Mingchong waved his hand, and seven long trays appeared on the long table before him. Every single tray had an item placed on it. There were cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, spirit artifacts, and a branch.

“It’s rare for everyone to gather together. After discussing with Supremacy Lin, the various Patriarchs have decided to hold an informal competition for everyone! The top seven disciples who win will have a chance to receive a prize!”

“They are respectively the Grade 5 Earth Grade elixir Lightning Trap Pill, Earth Grade 5 elixir Beauty Retaining Elixir, Witch-level cultivation technique Soul Suppressing Song… and the root of the red elm tree!”

Upon hearing the names one after another, the youths were burning with desire.

When Yu Huang heard the name of the tree root, she could not help but cast a grateful look at Lin Jiansheng.

Lin Jiansheng blinked at her while feeling rather proud.

If there was anything that his disciple could not handle, she could look for her mentor!