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Chapter 199 Master Leads the Troubles

The house became quiet, and the voices of the children next door became clearer.

At this moment, Lin Jiansheng suddenly added, “If the young master of the Yin Clan is still alive, she should be twenty this year.”

Yin Mingchong almost couldn’t breathe when he heard this.

This fellow must have come here on purpose to snub him!

“That’s right!” Hearing the laughter of the teenagers outside, Mrs Sheng thought of the young master of the Yin family and sighed with emotion.

Mrs Sheng said, “That child was so fair when she was little. She was so pretty. If she were still alive, she would have been the Yin family’s most brilliant genius.”

“Speaking of geniuses.” Lin Jiansheng surveyed the crowd in the hall and said, “Today, I believe that all of you must have brought outstanding talents from the younger generation. Since it’s rare for all of you to gather here, why don’t we let them take this opportunity to compete? This will let these geniuses know that there’s always someone better out there.”

“Of course, there must be a prize for the competition. As the family head and teacher, we will take out a treasure to be a prize for them.”

After saying that, Lin Jiansheng took out a black elixir from his interspatial ring. He said, “This is the Lightning Trap Pill, a fifth-grade Earth Grade elixir.”

Fifth-grade Earth Grade was the closest to Heaven Grade medicinal pill.

“Consuming this elixir can help Scholars and Beast Tamers resist the lightning tribulation of the Master level once.” Lin Jiansheng placed the elixir on the small coffee table beside him.

When they saw that medicinal pill, everyone’s eyes were somewhat envious.

Young Master Xuanyuan had almost been struck down by lightning during the Master level lightning tribulation. This incident also served as a warning to the disciples of the other clans who were about to break through.

To them, the Lightning Trap Pill was like a pillow being handed over when they were sleepy.

Seeing that Lin Jiansheng was actually willing to take out such a treasure, the few Patriarchs were tempted.

Patriarch Garo, who was as benevolent as Maitreya Buddha, laughed and said to Lin Jiansheng, “Ah Sheng, since you’re willing to part with your love, let me participate as well.”

After saying that, he also took out a treasure from his interspatial ring. “This is my Garo Clan’s first-grade Witch-level cultivation technique, Soul Suppressing Song. This is a musical manual, more suitable for support-type Beast Tamers to cultivate.”

Seeing that, Mrs. Sheng took out a belt from her interspatial ring as well. “This is a Rank 3 Spirit Gathering Belt. Beast Tamers can use it to avoid going down the wrong path.” Seeing that Lady Sheng was participating in this game, the others also took out their treasures.

The Mo Clan’s Patriarch was the current Emperor’s younger uncle. His name was Mo Yunyan, and he was an old man with white hair. He took out a cultivation method and said, “I have a first-grade space system Witch-level cultivation technique here.”

“Since everyone is participating, I can’t fall behind!” The one who spoke was the clan leader of the Liuli Clan, Liuli Xiangsi.

Liuli Xiangsi was almost 200 years old, but the women of the Liuli Tribe were best at maintaining their appearances. She looked to be in her forties.

In the middle of summer, Liuli Xiangsi was dressed very skimpily. She wore a dark-colored low-collared cheongsam that accentuated her cleavage and waistline.

Her skirt was just wrapped around her hips, and her crossed legs were hidden under a pair of black silk. Her flesh was faintly discernible, making her look even more sexy and alluring.

As soon as she spoke, all the men couldn’t help but look in her direction. Only the brainless Lin Jiansheng and Mrs. Sheng, who was also a woman, remained unmoved.

Liuli Xiangsi wore a purple necklace around her neck. It was also a spatial storage device.

Liuli Xiangsi took out a light green elixir from her necklace. She said, “This is the Huan Yan Elixir. It’s a Grade 5 Earth Grade elixir. Consuming this elixir can ensure a hundred years of eternal youth.”

Liuli Xiangsi touched her beautiful face and said, “To be honest, the reason why I can maintain my beauty is because of her.”

Mrs Sheng snorted and mumbled, “No way.”

Liuli Xiangsi heard it and her smile stiffened, but she didn’t say anything.

She had been at odds with Mrs. Sheng for quite some time now. The Sheng family was in the limelight now, and Mrs. Sheng had given birth to a genius son. Sheng Lingfeng doted on her very much. Liuli couldn’t compete with her, so she decided to keep quiet.m

As if he did not notice the beef between the two women, Xuanyuan Shen also took out a first-grade Witch-level cultivation technique as a wager. At this moment, only the host, Yin Mingchong, hadn’t expressed himself. In the early years, Yin Mingjue had been in charge of the Yin Clan. The Yin Clan had enjoyed glory for many years and collected many treasures.

Just as Yin Mingchong was about to take out a random treasure as a prize, he heard Lin Jiansheng say, “I once read in an ancient book that the root of the red elm fruit has the miraculous effect of reviving one’s flesh and blood.” “Oh really?”

Yin Mingchong hadn’t heard of this.

The elm tree was brought back by the Yin Clan’s seniors from the Upper World. They only knew that the elm tree’s fruit had a chance of raising a Scholar’s cultivation to become a Master. They did not know that the roots of the elm tree had such a miraculous effect.

Yin Mingchong asked doubtfully, “Is that so?”

Lin Jiansheng touched his bald head and said, “I’m not sure about that either. I’ve also forgotten which book I read about it in. I think everyone knows that my disciple was disfigured because of an accident. After all, who doesn’t like to be beautiful?”

“As her mentor, I naturally hope that she can recover her looks.” Speaking up to this point, Lin Jiansheng suddenly stood up and bowed towards Yin Mingchong. He said rather solemnly, “I have a presumptuous request. I hope that Patriarch Yin can bear the pain and part with the red elm tree as a prize and give my disciple a chance.”

How could Yin Mingchong, who was’ wise and righteous’, reject Lin Jiansheng’s request now?

He only wanted a tree root, not a whole elm tree. If he did not agree, it would seem like he was being petty.

Yin Mingchong said, “Since Supremacy Lin wants the red elm tree, then I’ll give it as a prize. But whether or not she can obtain the red elm tree will depend on that little girl’s own ability.”

Lin Jiansheng cupped his fists gratefully. “Thank you, Clan Leader Yin.”

Although the Yin Clan’s resting hall was spacious, it was still a little crowded to accommodate more than three hundred youths at the same time. Some youths simply left the resting hall and sat or stood in the courtyard to chat.

As a merman, Na Luo’s unique appearance attracted the attention of many people. Among them, most people looked at her with curiosity.

Na Luo was not used to it, so she stayed in the team of the Divine Realm Academy. Those students subconsciously surrounded Na Luo in the middle to prevent others from peeping at her.

Liuli Feng saw that Na Luo’s face was a little pale. He opened a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Na Luo. “Drink some water.”

Na Luo stared at the bottle of water but didn’t take it.

Liuli Feng was a little embarrassed. He scratched the back of his head like a child who had done something wrong and asked softly, “Is this water wrong? You merfolk live in the sea, so do you only drink seawater?”

Without waiting for Na Luo to answer, Liuli Fengfeng said, “I’m going to the kitchen to get some salt.” Then, Liuli Feng grabbed the bottle of water and ran away.

After a while, Liuli Feng returned.

He handed the water mixed with salt to Na Luo. “Here, this is salty.”

In fact, Na Luo preferred to drink fresh water, but she still took the bottle of water and raised her head to take two sips. She didn’t know how many spoonfuls of salt Liuli Feng had mixed in the bottle, but Na Luo felt it was salty just from tasting it.

Liuli Feng noticed that the descendants of the aristocratic families were sizing up Na Luo from afar. He was afraid that Na Luo would be afraid, so Liuli Feng said to her, “Don’t be nervous. They’ve never been to Xixia Ocean in their entire lives. This is the first time they’ve seen a merman in their lives, so they’re curious.”

Na Luo hugged the bottle and said, “But when you first saw me, you looked at me with disdain.”

Liuli Feng was speechless.

His handsome face flushed, and he began to stutter. “I—I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have looked at you with prejudice.”

Na Luo grunted.

Right at this moment, Yu Huang and Sheng Yang walked out from the hall. Seeing Na Luo and Liuli Feng sitting together and talking, Sheng Yang’s gaze shifted back and forth between them.

Liuli Feng found an excuse and left.

Sheng Yang walked to Na Luo’s side and sat down. She revealed a worried expression and warned Na Luo, “Na Luo, don’t develop feelings for Liuli Feng that you shouldn’t have. His parents were killed by the beastmen and he has a deep prejudice against the non-human race. If you fall in love with him, you will be hurt.”

So the reason why Liuli Fengfeng looked at her with such disdain was because of his parents.

Na Luo shook her head. “He’s not my type,” she said.

“Then what type do you like?” Na Luo’s beautiful purple eyes stared at Sheng Yang as she said with deep affection, “Of course it’s someone like you.”

Sheng Yang quickly raised her hands to make a heart gesture. She said, “I’m so touched.” Yu Huang slapped both their heads. “Don’t talk nonsense. Madam and Mentor are out.”

When they heard this, Sheng Yang and Na Luo put away their smiles and stood up at the same time. They raised their heads and looked towards the direction of the living room with the others.

The main door of the living room had already been opened. A few Patriarchs, Lin Jiansheng, and the others were standing side by side in front of the living room while talking in low voices.

Yin Mingchong’s eldest disciple, Yin Cangsheng, shouted with a clear voice. “Everyone, please be quiet!” All the disciples shut their mouths. The courtyard instantly fell silent.

Only then did Yin Cangsheng say, “Everyone, the fruit is about to ripen. Everyone, please head to the scene of harvesting. All of you can use your own abilities to pick the fruit.”

After speaking, Yin Cangsheng led these three hundred over youths towards the courtyard where the tree grew.

The Yin Clan’s ancestral mansion was very big. The red elm tree was planted in the northeast corner of the Yin Clan. Everyone walked around the eaves and long corridors, and after walking for more than ten minutes, they arrived at the courtyard where the red elm tree was planted.

The main trunk of the red elm tree was thick and tall. Its winding tree crown spread in all directions. The golden leaves were only on the tree crown. This made the red elm tree look like a huge golden mushroom cloud.

The red elm tree was so huge that it covered the entire northeast corner of the Yin residence. Therefore, it was very cool in the summer.

Yu Huang sized up the courtyard. She had a nagging feeling that although the courtyard seemed to be filled with flowers, it was overly cold and cheerless. It was as if no one lived there for years.