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Chapter 198 Mentor Is a Professional At Looking for Trouble

The atmosphere in the living room instantly became tense.

The three Patriarchs of the Garo Clan, Mo Clan, and Glass Clan didn’t speak, and they looked at Yin Mingchong and Xuanyuan Shen, as if they were watching a show.

They wanted to see how far this farce could go.

Yin Mingchong cursed Xuanyuan Shen in his heart, yet his expression was flawless.

After saying that, Yin Mingchong revealed a disappointed and remorseful expression on his face. He shook his head and sighed, “Yin Ya is a naughty child. I’m ashamed of what she has done. Yin Ya’s parents have taught her wrongly, and I also have the responsibility of not disciplining her properly. That child has been expelled from the Divine Realm Academy, and I also kicked their clansmen out of the Yin family’s genealogy.” Yin Mingchong raised his eyes to look at Xuanyuan Shen before he asked in a low voice. “I wonder if Patriarch Xuanyuan is satisfied with this punishment?”

Hearing that, Xuanyuan Shen sneered. “Heh, Clan Leader Yin is a righteous person.” He had kicked Yin Ya’s family out of the genealogy just because of this matter. This punishment was really harsh. Xuanyuan Shen continued, “Although this is a rumor, rumors are not baseless.” He chuckled meaningfully and then said to Madam Sheng with a smile, “However, regardless of whether this is true or not, Yu Huang is already an adult and Young Master Sheng is at the age where he can start a family. It’s hard for young people to control their emotions. It’s understandable even if something really happened.”

“Nowadays, it’s common to have a child before marriage. I hope you won’t be angry when you find out about this.”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s expressions were awkward. None of them dared to look at Madam Sheng’s face. Lin Jiansheng glared at Xuanyuan Shen and secretly scolded him for being an old fox.

In Xuanyuan Shen’s eyes, Yu Huang was not worthy of Sheng Xiao.

Mrs. Sheng would definitely fly into a rage out of humiliation if her precious son was pestered by an ugly monster. Mrs. Sheng would definitely fall out with Lin Jiansheng.

Xuanyuan Shen watched Mrs. Sheng calmly to see the drama between Mrs. Sheng and Lin Jiansheng.

Several pairs of eyes were staring at her at the same time. Mrs. Sheng’s face turned grim. It was obvious that she had just heard the news. She was both surprised and angry.

Just as Xuanyuan Shen expected, Mrs. Sheng turned to look at Lin Jiansheng.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Shen revealed a gloating smile at Lin Jiansheng.

It was Mrs Sheng’s turn to snub him.

Madam Sheng said with a solemn expression, “I thought that Xiaoxiao and Yu Huang had only known each other for a short time and were still in the stage of understanding each other. But after hearing what Patriarch Xuanyuan said today, I realized that Xiaoxiao and Yu Huang have long wanted to settle down for life. If that’s the case…”

Madam Sheng glanced at Xuanyuan Shen out of the corner of her eye. She smiled and said, “Master Lin, since those two children are in love with each other, as their elders, we might as well make a decision and settle their marriage!”

“Let them get engaged first. After graduation, they’ll get married. When this unmarried couple hold hands and kiss each other in the academy, no one will say anything. Do you think my idea is good?”

Everyone was speechless.

This was different from what they had imagined.

Lin Jiansheng was shocked by Mrs. Sheng’s words.

He had expected that Sheng Lingfeng and his wife would not make things difficult for Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao. But, he did not expect that Madam Sheng would be so happy about their marriage.

Lin Jiansheng could not help but cast a provocative look at Xuanyuan Shen.

Seeing the look in Lin Jiansheng’s eyes, Xuanyuan Shen’s eyelids kept twitching. He asked Madam Sheng in disbelief, “Madam Sheng, do you mean that you approve of your son’s marriage with Yu Huang?”

Mrs Sheng sat up straight and said to Xuanyuan Shen with a frown, “Chief Xuanyuan, you sound like you don’t like Yu Huang!”

Without waiting for Xuanyuan Shen to explain, Mrs. Sheng added, “I’ve seen that child before. She’s excellent in both capabilities and character. My son is a perfect match for her.”

Xuanyuan Shen was speechless.

Xuanyuan Shen was unwilling to accept this. He added, “But that child’s appearance is damaged.”

Mrs. Sheng sneered. “If my son doesn’t care, you don’t have to worry about him, Patriarch Xuanyuan.” Besides, Lady Sheng had watched Yu Huang grow up. How could she not know whether Yu Huang was beautiful or ugly?

Xuanyuan Shen couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

He didn’t believe that Sheng Lingfeng and his wife would accept Yu Huang sincerely.

No matter how great Yu Huang’s natural talent was, she was still an ugly freak. Moreover, she had an engagement with his son. She was nothing more than a sl*t!

How could an outstanding young man like Sheng Xiao marry a sl*t? However, Xuanyuan Shen felt relieved when he thought about Yu Huang’s dual cultivator identity.

Yu Huang was talented. If she was given enough time to grow, she might become a Prime Master in the future. Sheng Lingfeng and his wife must have taken a fancy to Yu Huang’s status as a dual cultivator. That was why they agreed to Yu Huang’s marriage with Sheng Xiao.

Heh, who would have thought that she would be willing to sacrifice her son’s marriage for the future of the Sheng family!

No one expected Madam Sheng to react in such a way. The Sheng family was the head of the six great cultivation families. If Sheng Xiao really married Yu Huang, it would be like adding wings to a tiger. And this was not what these big families wanted to see.

Yin Mingchong chuckled and said to Mrs Sheng, “Today is the day when the red elm fruit of the Yin family ripens. Let’s put the other matters aside for now. As for your son’s marriage, it’s a big deal. Don’t make any rash decisions.”

Mrs. Sheng knew what Yin Mingchong was afraid of. She stroked the fur on the leopard cat’s back and smiled. “You’re right, Chief Yin.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

The disciples of several large families and the students of the Divine Realm Academy were all arranged in the lounge. The lounge was not far from the reception hall, and everyone could hear the noise of the children.

Hearing the commotion outside, Lin Jiansheng suddenly sighed.

Seeing that, Mrs. Sheng asked Lin Jiansheng, “Master Lin, why do you keep sighing?”

Even though they knew that Lin Jiansheng was mischevious and that he had a motive for sighing, curiosity killed the cat. Everyone could not help but look at him.

Lin Jiansheng suddenly said, “It’s been about 20 years.”

His words came out of nowhere, but everyone could guess what he was referring to.

Everyone fell silent when they heard this number.

Patriarch Garo, who was always smiling affectionately like Buddha, put away his smile as well. He raised his head to look towards Yin Mingchong’s seat and sighed. “It has already been 20 years since the death of the Prime Master. If he’s still alive…”

Yin Mingchong’s eyes turned red before Patriarch Garo could finish speaking, and he choked on his sobs as he said, “My elder brother left abruptly. I still can’t believe that he actually left just like that.”

When Yin Mingchong cried, the other Patriarchs that wanted to sigh with emotion instantly shut their mouths.

Lin Jiansheng stared at the hypocritical Yin Mingchong and said with a fake smile, “The relationship between Patriarch Yin and the Prime Master is really good. Twenty years have passed, yet you cry at the mention of the Prime Master. Those who don’t know better might even think that you are brothers.”

Yin Mingchong’s amiable expression changed, and he looked at Lin Jiansheng viciously. “Lin Jiansheng, what do you mean by that? Cousins are also close relatives. I grew up with my cousin, so our friendship is naturally deep.”

“Deep friendship?” Lin Jiansheng raised his hands and touched his bald head. He shook his head and said, “Your friendship is deep? There’s something that I find rather strange.”

Yin Mingchong frowned and didn’t speak.

Everyone else looked down and no one responded to Lin Jiansheng.

Lin Jiansheng muttered to himself, “Back then, the Prime Master passed away, but his only daughter was still alive. However, Patriarch Yin was busy taking over the Yin Clan’s affairs at that time and neglected the protection of that Little Young Master. You actually allowed burglars to break into the Yin Clan and steal the Little Young Master.”

“Now that 20 years have passed, we still don’t know if the Little Young Master is still alive or not. I wonder if the Patriarch in the netherworld knows about this.” Lin Jiansheng said to Yin Mingchong with a forced smile, “If I were Patriarch Yin, I would have to kill myself to atone for my sins. Only then would I be able to live up to my brotherly affection!”

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

Back then, there were already many clues regarding the theft of Yin Huang.

It wasn’t that no one had suspected Yin Mingchong, but Yin Mingchong had always been a cautious person, and he’d always put on a good front all these years, so no one was able to get a hold of him.

Thus, even though some people doubted Yin Mingchong in their hearts, no one dared to speak about it openly.

However, Lin Jiansheng was a lunatic.

Even when this person was still weak, he’d always bickered with Yin Mingchong. Now that he’d become the President of the Purifying Spirit Academy’s branch, he possessed both authority and power, so he didn’t have to fear Yin Mingchong.

Only Lin Jiansheng dared to say such things.

Yin Mingchong’s face trembled, as if he’d been greatly humiliated, and his face flushed red.

He raised his wrinkled right hand and pointed at Lin Jiansheng. He asked in exasperation, “Lin Jiansheng, don’t slander me! What do you mean by that? Are you suspecting me?”

Lin Jiansheng hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Patriarch Yin, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you want! Which ear of yours heard me suspecting you? At most, I’m just blaming you for not keeping a tight watch on that child and for not putting in enough effort.”

Yin Mingchong’s raised hand trembled in the air for a long while before it finally drooped down weakly.

He said, “It was indeed my fault that the child was stolen. At that time, I had just assumed the position of Yin Clan’s patriarch, and I had to personally handle all the matters in the clan. When my elder brother passed away, my heart was also filled with grief. In addition, I had many matters to attend to, so it was inevitable that there would be some areas that I had neglected. Why didn’t I think that there would actually be someone who would do such a crazy thing?!”

“My poor little niece…” Yin Mingchong pressed his fingers against his forehead as he lowered his head and sobbed. “I’ve let my brother down! I’ve let my brother down!”

Lin Jiansheng looked on coldly as Yin Mingchong put on an act. He snorted and did not say anything else.

Seeing that Lin Jiansheng had stopped, everyone advised Yin Mingchong not to blame himself too much. Under their consolation, Yin Mingchong finally stopped crying.