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Chapter 194 Sleeping On Sheng Xiao’s Bed

All of Yu Huang’s nervousness and uneasiness vanished under Mrs. Sheng’s concern.

She calmed herself down and smiled at Madam Sheng. She shook her head and said, “Thank you for your concern. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Tears welled up in Mrs. Sheng’s eyes. She said in a choked voice, “It’s good that it doesn’t hurt anymore.” Afraid that Yu Huang would see her tears, Mrs. Sheng quickly turned around to wipe her eyes.

Sheng Yang winked at Yu Huang and lowered her voice to tell her, “You know, my mother is your fan and cares about you a lot. In the past, when your movies were released, she bought more than 20,000 tickets for the entire city to watch!”

In the entire Yufu City, who didn’t know that the Patriarch’s wife was Yu Huang’s fan?

Yu Huang stared at Mrs. Sheng’s back with a complicated look on her face. This was not how she imagined the first time seeing her mother-in-law.

Not only did her future mother-in-law not despise her, but she also liked her a lot.

She was lucky.

When Mrs Sheng turned around to talk to them again, she had already calmed down. No one could tell that she had been crying just now. “Alright, come in and eat.”

Mrs. Sheng led the three children to the dining hall.

There was a courtyard outside the dining hall. Sheng Lingfeng was standing in the courtyard while talking to the servants. Hearing Mrs. Sheng’s footsteps approaching, Sheng Lingfeng waved his hand to dismiss the servants. Then, he turned around and looked at Sheng Yang and the others. “Yang Yang, you’re back?”

Sheng Yang jumped into Sheng Lingfeng’s arms. “Father!” The cat squeezed into Sheng Yang and Sheng Lingfeng’s arms and couldn’t help but cry out.

Mrs Sheng hurried over to rescue the civet cat and said to Sheng Lingfeng, “Yang Yang brought two friends back.”

As the patriarch of the Sheng Clan, Sheng Lingfeng was naturally imposing. His gaze swept over Yu Huang and Na Luo, and both of them felt their scalps go numb. Na Luo called him Patriarch Sheng cautiously and didn’t dare to say anything else.

Yu Huang was not afraid of Sheng Lingfeng.

Sheng Lingfeng was around 160 years old this year. If one were to be serious, Yu Huang had lived longer than Sheng Lingfeng. In Yu Huang’s eyes, Sheng Lingfeng was just a junior.

However, this young man would be her future father-in-law.

Yu Huang accepted it.

She bowed to Sheng Lingfeng respectfully and said in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “Good morning, Patriarch Sheng.” Yu Huang continued, “We have come to visit you suddenly today. Sorry for disturbing you.”

Seeing that Yu Huang was neither humble nor arrogant, the stern look in Sheng Lingfeng’s eyes faded a little. He suddenly took a step back, bent down and gave Yu Huang a standard bow.

Yu Huang was shocked. “Patriarch Sheng, you


Sheng Lingfeng lowered his head and said, “Yu Huang, a year ago, you risked your life to save my daughter, Sheng Yang, in the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion. This is a life-saving grace. I have to thank you!”

At this moment, Sheng Lingfeng didn’t have the pride and dignity of a family head. He was just a father, an ordinary father who doted on his daughter like pearls.

Yu Huang saw the radiance of fatherly love from Sheng Lingfeng. She suddenly thought of the selfless Prime Master.

“Patriarch Sheng, Yang Yang and I hit it off. I’m willing to save her. Please get up. I’m just a junior. I’m not worthy of this.”

Only then did Sheng Lingfeng stand up straight. With the attitude of treating a distinguished guest, he sincerely and politely made an inviting gesture. “Please come in and


Yu Huang and Na Luo weren’t bashful or fussy. Both of them entered the dining room and sat at the dining table.

The dishes on the dining table were all very light.

The chef’s cooking was very delicious. Na Luo and Sheng Yang both had big appetites, so they finished two bowls of rice.

Sheng Lingfeng and Mrs. Sheng didn’t eat much. Sichuan people didn’t like non-spicy food, so they definitely couldn’t get used to the light dishes. Yu Huang thought to herself, ‘Looks like I have to get used to spicy food as soon as possible. Only then can we get along as a family.’

After dinner, it was already dark.

Sheng Lingfeng had work to do and left after dinner.

Seeing that Yu Huang and the others were tired after a long day, Mrs Sheng said, “The room is ready. Yang Yang, take Na Luo and Yu Huang to their rooms.”

Sheng Yang asked, “Which two rooms?”

“Na Luo will stay in the guest room of your building. Yu Huang will stay upstairs.” Upon hearing this, Sheng Yang subconsciously said, “But there’s only one room upstairs. That’s my brother’s…” Then, Sheng Yang fell silent.

She understood now. Her mother wanted Yu Huang to stay in her brother’s room.

No one had ever been allowed to enter her brother’s room as they pleased. Since her mother had allowed Yu Huang to sleep in her brother’s room, it must have been her brother who suggested this. When Yu Huang heard their conversation, she could only feign ignorance. Sheng Yang quickly regained her composure and said to Na Luo and Yu Huang, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to your room to rest.”

Sheng Yang first sent Na Luo to the guest room before bringing Yu Huang to the floor above. Once they were upstairs, Sheng Yang told Yu Huang, “This floor is my brother’s territory. My brother, afraid that I’ll ruin his things, doesn’t even allow me to come up.”

“My brother treats you really well,” Sheng Yang said jealously. “Men… once they have a wife, they don’t care about sisters anymore.”

Yu Huang could not refute her because Sheng Xiao was indeed such a person.

The lock in Sheng Xiao’s room was already unlocked. Sheng Yang opened the door easily and said to Yu Huang, “Alright, this is my brother’s room. Sister-in-law, rest early!”

“Don’t call me that.” It was fine if she called her that in school, but it was inappropriate for her to speak like that in the Sheng family’s home.

Sheng Yang shut up, chuckled twice and ran away.

The bed in the room was an antique bed. Yu Huang had only seen it in television dramas. She curiously walked to the bed and sat down. In the end, she simply laid down.

Unexpectedly, the bed was very soft and the blanket smelled very good. It looked like a brand new blanket. Yu Huang was a little tired. Just as she was about to fall asleep, her phone rang again. She opened her eyes and picked up her phone. When she saw that it was Sheng Xiao calling, she picked up the call.

It was getting dark on Sheng Xiao’s side. He was sitting alone on a big tree. The blood on his face had been wiped away. He looked sharp and intimidating. Seeing Yu Huang lying on his bed, Sheng Xiao’s eyes darkened. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse. “Are you in my bed?”

Yu Huang laid on the bed and stared into Sheng Xiao’s deep and fierce eyes. She said, “What you said is ambiguous. I am in your bed, but not with you on the bed.” Sheng Xiao understood what she meant. “That day will come.”

Yu Huang could not be bothered with him.

Sheng Xiao did not dare to continue this topic. He was afraid that he would not be able to control himself. Seeing that Yu Huang was a little tired, he changed the topic. “What is your mission?”

Yu Huang told Sheng Xiao about her mission.

Sheng Xiao said frankly, “It must be the dean who came up with such a bad idea.”

“I suspect it’s him too.”

Sheng Xiao continued, “The Yin family is very protective of the red elm tree. You can’t snatch the tree root, but…” Sheng Xiao’s eyes shone. He said, “When the red elm tree fruit ripens, the six families will send their disciples to the Yin family for a share. You must miss Mr. Lin a lot after not seeing him for a few months. Why don’t you call him and invite him to visit Jingdu? He is a Level 8 Purifying Spirit Master. I think the Yin family will welcome him.”

Yu Huang remained silent after hearing Sheng Xiao’s suggestion. She looked at him strangely. Sheng Xiao felt uneasy. “Why aren’t you talking?”

Yu Huang said, “Sheng Xiao, you are so naughty.”

She liked young people who looked serious at first glance, but were actually listless and bad.