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Chapter 193 Does It Still Hurt?

“I’m busy here. Listen to me.” Sheng Xiao’s voice came from the phone.

Yu Huang acknowledged him.

Sheng Xiao did something on the other end of the phone and the bird cried out in pain. Its voice was bone-chilling. Sheng Xiao took some time out of his busy state and said, “I’ve already told my parents about us. Don’t worry. They won’t make things difficult for you. Just


At this point, Sheng Xiao groaned again. A few drops of blood fell on the camera.

Yu Huang’s screen turned red.

She stared at the red patch. At that moment, her heart was beating for Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao’s voice sounded again. He was still calm and composed. “Remember, you are the only dual cultivator on the continent. You are Lin Jiansheng’s only direct disciple. You are one of the only three super beast-type Metahumans in the Divine Moon Kingdom. You are also a Divine Master seed candidate!”

“You’re outstanding even to people in the Sheng family. That’s why you should be confident no matter where you go. You don’t need to please them. They should be the ones to please you.”

Yu Huang felt warm and fuzzy inside when she heard Sheng Xiao’s words. The little kid might be young, but his words were too nice. “I’m hanging up!” Sheng Xiao ended the video call. She turned around and stared at the double-headed bird whose head he had chopped off. His expression darkened. He raised his sword and flew toward the double-headed bird again.

Stupid bird interrupted his conversation with his girlfriend!

Yu Huang stared at the black screen of her phone. She opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, she gave up. At that moment, Sheng Yang ended the call with Mrs. Sheng. She walked over and said to Yu Huang, “My mother asked if you could eat spicy food.”

Yu Huang suddenly laughed.

“I can eat it, but Na Luo can’t eat spicy food.”

Na Luo hurriedly nodded and said, “We merfolk can’t eat spicy food. A little bit of chili can make us cry.”

Sheng Yang asked curiously, “Then will your tears become pearls?”

Na Luo shook her head. “No, it’s salty. It becomes salt if it’s dried in the sun.”

Sheng Yang felt as if her worldview had been overturned. She was extremely disappointed as she said, “I thought your tears would turn into pearls when you cried.” For this, she had specially prepared a small bag for Na Luo to cry in. She would open the bag and hold her tears.

Yu Huang was amused by Sheng Yang’s words. “Alright, go back to Yufu City.”

“Heh, in a few years, it will be our Yufu City.”

Yu Huang thought about it and felt that these words made sense, so she did not refute.

Yufu City was built in an independent space, just like the Divine Realm Academy. There was only one way to go to Yufu City, and that was by boat.

There was a river called Clear Stream River in Jingdu, and Sheng Yang brought Yu Huang and Na Luo onto a speedboat. The speedboat traveled southwest along Clear Stream River for more than half an hour before arriving at a canyon.

The two sides of the canyon were steep, and the left side of the canyon had the words “Yu Fucheng” written on it.

“We’re almost there. If we go through the canyon, we’ll have to get into the independent


When the speedboat passed through the canyon, the entire world turned dark. After ten seconds, the world lit up again.

Yu Huang and Na Luo opened their eyes at the same time and started sizing up the independent space.

Their speedboat was still floating in a vast and boundless lake, and the real Yufu City was not on the shore, but above them.

Yu Huang raised her head and saw a mountain range floating above them. A river connected the Clear Stream River to that mountain range. However, what was eye-opening was that the water of that river didn’t flow down from above, but from the Clear Stream River.

Gravity seemed to have lost its effect here. The speedboat stopped in the middle of the lake. The man driving the boat turned around and reminded Sheng Yang, “Miss, we’re here.”

Sheng Yang nodded and stood up. She said to Yu Huang and the rest, “Let’s get off the boat.” She said they could get off the boat, but Yu Huang did not see the road, only the lake water in all directions.

Na Luo was a little baffled. She asked Sheng Yang, “Where is the road?”

Sheng Yang blinked at Na Luo and Yu Huang mysteriously, then extended her right leg and stepped out of the speedboat. Her feet stepped on the air, but she did not fall into the lake. Instead, she floated steadily in the air.

Sheng Yang said, “There’s no gravity here, so we can fly up.” After saying that, Sheng Yang exerted some force and flew up several meters.

Upon seeing this, Yu Huang and Na Luo stood up as well, following behind Sheng Yang as they flew towards the mountain range above them.

Sheng Yang walked towards the edge of the cliff at the top of the mountain. Yu Huang and Na Luo hurriedly followed. Standing at the edge of the cliff, their field of vision suddenly opened up.

The true Sheng clan was built on the basin plain below their feet.

The buildings of the Sheng family were simple and unadorned. There were no skyscrapers or cement walls. The houses were all ancient-style buildings with stone bricks paving the road.

Na Luo and Yu Huang were like country bumpkins who had just entered the city for the first time, and they were both stunned.

Sheng Yang told the two of them, “Our Sheng family used to live in Sichuan and only moved to Jingdu more than ten years ago. We moved to Yufu City directly from Sichuan.”

Sheng Yang pointed at the city under her feet and said, “What is shown below your feet is the Divine Moon Kingdom’s two thousand years of history.”

Na Luo stared at the city below for a long time, then reached down and plucked a fish scale from her tail. The pain cleared her head, and she said, “Yang Yang, your house is magnificent.”

Yu Huang said, “After all, it’s one of the three great cultivation clans of the Holy Spirit Continent.”

The three of them arrived outside Yufu City’s city gates.

The beast tamer guarding the city recognized Sheng Yang and shouted, “Miss Yang has returned to the city. Open the door!”

The city gate rumbled as it opened. Sheng Yang pulled Yu Huang and Yu Huang into the city. The city was very lively. There were 20,000 people from the Sheng Clan. They lived in the city.

Sheng Yang told Yu Huang, “The Sheng family has a total of 23,000 people, 30 Grand Master Beast Tamers, 250 Supreme Master Beast Tamers, and about 1,000 Master Beast Tamers. There are over 2,000 Scholar Beast Tamers, and the rest are ordinary people.”

There were 23,000 people in the entire clan, but there were more than 3,000 beast tamers. This was indeed a top cultivation clan.

The clansmen all knew Sheng Yang and seeing that she brought back two strangers, one of them was a rarely seen merman, the clansmen were curious.

Along the way, people kept sending fruits and dried fruits to Sheng Yang and the others. Sheng Yang accepted their gifts and distributed them to Na Luo and Yu Huang. “These dried fruits are the specialty of Yufu City. The outside world can’t buy them even if they want to.”

Na Luo took a bite of the dark green dried fruit. It tasted slightly sour and very sweet. She immediately beamed and said, “This thing is really delicious. What fruit is it?”

“A kiwi.” Kiwis were very precious on the Holy Spirit Continent. Only the Sheng Clan could produce such a thing. Na Luo could not bear to eat it all at once, so she stored it in her interspatial ring.

Seeing this, Sheng Yang asked her, “Why are you hiding it? If it’s not enough, ask for more.”

Na Luo said, “No, I want to bring it back for Mo Mo to eat.” Mo Mo was a merman old woman who had taken care of Na Luo since she was young. It was said that she was already old and wouldn’t live for more than a few years. Upon hearing this, Sheng Yang handed the basket of dried fruits to Na Luo. “Save them all. Let Mo Mo taste them when we get back.”

“You’re so nice, Yang Yang!” Since Yang Yang was so nice, Na Luo decided to go easy on her in the next group arena.

Yu Huang did not participate in their conversation.

Her mind was filled with thoughts about meeting her future in-laws, so she could not hear what Sheng Yang was saying to Na Luo.

She wondered if her parents would be shocked when they saw her mask. For the first time, Yu Huang had a strong desire to regain her looks.

Yu Huang followed Sheng Yang thoughtfully. After walking for more than half an hour, they finally passed through the market and arrived in front of a majestic ancient house.

Seeing that Sheng Yang had returned, the guard said happily, “Miss, you’re back!”

Sheng Yang nodded and asked, “Are my parents home?”

“The Patriarch and Madam are both at home!”

“That’s good.” Sheng Yang pulled Yu Huang and the rest into the house and shouted loudly, “Father, Mother, Yang Yang is back!”

There was a courtyard in front of the entrance of the Sheng family’s home. In the middle of the courtyard was a moon cave door. After Sheng Yang finished shouting, a beautiful woman walked out from behind the moon cave door.

The woman was wearing a long black dress that outlined her sexy waist. There was a circle of white animal fur around her collar, which made her skin look fair.

Her black hair was tied up and her face was lightly made up. The woman was holding a cat in her hands as she stood under the moon-shaped doorway. She didn’t need to do anything to be so beautiful that it was hard to take their eyes off her.

Upon seeing this woman, a sentence suddenly flashed across Yu Huang’s mind

When he saw her, it was as if he saw peace and tranquility.

Yu Huang never expected that Sheng Yang and Sheng Xiao’s mother was such a gentle and pretty woman.

She had thought that Mrs Sheng would be a feisty woman.

Sheng Yang ran over and grabbed the woman’s arm while shouting, “Mother!”

Sheng Yang snatched the civet cat away from Mrs. Sheng and rubbed the fat cat’s head, making the cat meow twice. Then, she said to Mrs. Sheng, “Mother, I brought two friends back.”

Sheng Yang pointed at Na Luo with the cat in her arms and said, “That’s my classmate, the mermaid Na Luo.”

Na Luo quickly bowed to Mrs. Sheng and said softly, “Good morning, Madam Sheng.”

Mrs. Sheng walked over and patted the back of Na Luo’s hand with her warm hand. She said gently, “Good girl. Now that you’re here, you don’t have to be so formal. Just treat this place as your own home.”

Naturally, Na Luo agreed.

After that, Mrs. Sheng turned her gaze to Yu Huang

Sheng Yang coughed and said, “Mother, this is someone you know. She’s Yu Huang, from Class S. She’s my brother’s…”

Mrs. Sheng suddenly grabbed Yu Huang’s hand and said excitedly, “I know. You’re Xiaoxiao’s girlfriend!”

Yu Huang blushed. She panicked for a moment before stammering, “M-Mr. Sheng, greetings!” Shit, Anna’s stammering had affected her.

“Greetings!” Mrs. Sheng looked at Yu Huang lovingly. She wanted to touch Yu Huang’s face, but realized that she had crossed the line. She had no choice but to stop herself.

“Child.” Mrs Sheng asked in a trembling voice, “Does it still hurt?”.