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Chapter 192 A Daughter-In-Law Has to Meet Her In-Laws No Matter What

Feng Yuncheng. “Real name?” Yu Huang knew that Feng Si’s name was fake.

Feng Si pursed his lips and smiled. He said, “My real name is rather famous in the Ice Domain Continent. When I travel outside, I usually don’t use my real name.” Therefore, Feng Si, afraid that those fellows from the Ice Domain Continent would recognize him, didn’t dare to register his real name even in school.

The Ice Domain Continent and the Divine Realm Continent were far apart. Yu Huang didn’t know about the things that happened in the Ice Domain Continent, so she naturally didn’t know about Feng Si’s past.

Yu Huang asked curiously, “Why are you so famous in the Ice Domain Continent?”

Feng Si awkwardly rubbed his nose and said, “Actually, I awakened my beast form when I was three.”

Yu Huang was shocked, “Three years old? How is that possible?! Didn’t they say that beast tamers would only awaken their beast form at the age of ten to thirteen?”

Because of that, when Sheng Xiao awakened his beast form when he was nine years old, everyone praised him for being amazing.

If Feng Si had awakened his beast form when he was three years old, this news should have spread a long time ago. It was impossible that no one heard about it.

Feng Si approached Yu Huang and said in a low voice, “Because my mother is from the Beast Clan.”

The beastmen were not human. The way they awakened their beast forms was different from humans. just like Na Luo. The merfolk had innate beast tamers and postnatal beast tamers, and the beastmen were the same.

Upon learning that Feng Si had the bloodline of a beastman, Yu Huang was no longer surprised. “You still haven’t said why you’re famous. What did you do?”.

Feng Si sighed and stammered as he explained, “When I was three years old, I suddenly awakened the charming technique. My parents were very happy and even held a banquet to invite all the famous families of the Ice Domain Continent to participate in the banquet. It was said that the entire Ice Domain Continent sent people to participate in that banquet.” “My parents were very happy. They dressed me up and brought me to the banquet to show off. But no one expected that when I was drinking tea with a man from a noble family, I would become a young girl in front of him, and… and naked.”

Yu Huang gasped.

She almost suffocated at the thought of that scene, let alone Feng Si.

“Why did you suddenly become a beautiful woman in public?” There was always a reason.

Hearing this, Feng Si revealed a helpless expression. He said, “At that time, I was still young and couldn’t control my own abilities at all. That aristocratic man was lecherous. Perhaps when I was serving him tea, I sensed the filthy thoughts in his heart. In the end, I lost control of my spiritual power and became the appearance of the young girl he had in his heart.”

Who knew why that old fellow would have such dirty thoughts at the banquet.

“From then on, Feng Yuncheng’s name went viral in the cultivation world of the Ice Domain Continent. Everyone laughed at me whenever I was mentioned. Therefore, I never used my real name when I traveled.”

“I’m the fourth oldest in the family. That’s how the name Feng Si came about.”

After hearing the explanation, Yu Huang felt sympathy for Feng Si. “You’re too pitiful. However, if it were me, I would also change my identity. Can you control your own powers now?”


“That’s good.” Yu Huang smiled and said, “I don’t want you to suddenly become a naked handsome man while training with you.”

Feng Si’s expression darkened.

The missions of each class were different. After leaving the Divine Realm Academy, everyone spread out in all directions and each were doing their own missions. Yu Huang asked Feng Si, “What’s your mission?”

Feng Si said, “My mission is quite simple.” He handed his mission slip to Yu Huang and said, “Take a look.”

Yu Huang opened the slip of paper and saw the words written on it: “A Peace Jade for the princess of the Divine Moon Kingdom.”

Wasn’t this too simple?

Who was the question setter for the academy’s assessment mission? Why would he think of such a weird mission?

After returning the note to Feng Si, Yu Huang said, “Since we’re both going to the capital, let’s travel together.”


Yu Huang let her off-road car out and opened the door to get into the driver’s seat. Sheng Yang and Na Luo got into the back seat directly. Feng Si felt that it was not good to sit next to the two girls, so he opened the door to the front passenger seat.

Just as he put one foot in, he heard Yu Huang say, “The front passenger seat is my man’s seat. Fourth, go to the back.”

Feng Si’s expression froze for a moment. Then, he obediently crawled to the back row and sat down. Sheng Yang and Feng Si sat on one side, while Na Luo sat in the middle. Her fishtail was placed beside the central armrest.

The three of them were already very familiar with each other. When Na Luo saw Yu Huang address Feng Si as Fourth, she smiled and asked Feng Si, “Feng Si, Yu Huang calls you Fourth, then can Yang Yang and I also call you Fourth in the future?”

Feng Si was actually a year older than Yu Huang. He should be the oldest one.

But Feng Si didn’t care about this. He nodded and said, “Sure.”

Na Luo continued, “In the future, Yu Huang will be the eldest. I will be the second, Yang Yang will be the third, and you will be the fourth.”


Sheng Yang said, “As long as I don’t get called a mistress.”

Na Luo chuckled. She still did not know what Feng Si’s mission was, so she asked Feng Si, “Fourth, what’s your mission?”

Feng Si felt that his mission was too simple. He felt ashamed.

Yu Huang laughed and said for him, “Fourth’s mission is to put a safety pin on the princess’ saber.”

Upon hearing this, Na Luo said enviously, “How simple.”

When Sheng Yang heard these words, she revealed a surprised look, and the gaze she used to look at Feng Si became filled with pity. “Fourth, do you know the princess of the Divine Moon Kingdom?”

Feng Si shook his head.

However, he believed that the princess was a dignified, gentle, and elegant woman. If he explained his mission, the princess would not make things difficult for him.

The royal family of the Divine Moon Kingdom were all members of the Mo Clan. Feng Si humbly asked Sheng Yang, “Do you know Her Highness? Can you tell me what kind of person she is?”

Sheng Yang’s expression became ambivalent. She said, “Her Highness is the same as Her Highness the Prince. She has been guarding the borders all year round. She is the war goddess of the Divine Moon Kingdom, and she kills people without batting an eye. More importantly, she is also a late stage Master Beast Tamer.”

Feng Si’s expression immediately changed. “Her Highness is actually a soldier?” For a princess of a country to run to the battlefield instead of staying in the imperial palace to enjoy riches and glory, Feng Si truly admired her.

“It seems like this princess must be very special.”

Sheng Yang nodded and said, “Yes, she’s very special and very cruel.” Feng Si was extremely curious about this princess and even wanted to see just how savage she was.

Seeing that Feng Si seemed to have a good impression of the princess, Sheng Yang kindly reminded Feng Si, “I advise you not to think too highly of her. Her Highness actually hates men. Any man in the army who dares to look at her will be whipped.”

Feng Si’s expression changed slightly. “Is she that cruel?”

“That’s right. The military knife is the princess’s only blade. For you to put a safety pin on the princess’s blade has the same level of difficulty as asking you to kiss the princess. Is the person who assigned you this mission your enemy?” Feng Si did not know if there were any grudges between them, but he knew that he definitely would fail.

Thinking that his mission was bound to fail, Feng Si did not say much along the way. Yu Huang drove the car to the airport, and the four of them changed planes and arrived at the capital that afternoon.

After arriving at the capital, Feng Si split up with them.

Yu Huang saw that Feng Si looked dejected and instantly felt that he was a little pitiful. Yu Huang glared at Sheng Yang and asked, “Is it fun to scare Feng Si on purpose?”

Sheng Yang stuck out her tongue. “I didn’t scare him. I was just telling the truth.”

Afraid that Yu Huang would not believe her, Sheng Yang said again, “Her Highness is really very savage. In the past, every time she met my brother, she would fight with him. My brother is such a powerful person, but even when he meets Her Highness, he has to avoid her. The academy arranging this assessment mission for Feng Si is basically making things difficult for him.”

When Yu Huang heard this, her focus immediately shifted. “Your Highness is very familiar with your brother?”

Sheng Yang hurriedly shook her head and said, “No, no, my brother is only familiar with you.” Sheng Yang was afraid that if she said something wrong and offended her sister-in-law, she would be beaten up by her brother.

Yu Huang was not really jealous. Seeing that Sheng Yang was so afraid of her brother, she found it funny. “Forget it, let’s not talk about this.” Yu Huang asked Na Luo, “Which hotel are we staying at tonight?”

Na Luo shook her head and pointed at Sheng Yang. “Sheng Yang is from Jingdu. She knows.” However, Sheng Yang said, “How can you stay in a hotel when you’re in Jingdu? Come, I’ll take you to Yufu City.”

Yu Huang instantly became nervous.

Was she going to Yufu City? Was she going to see her future in-laws so early?

Yu Huang did not want to see Sheng Xiao’s parents too early. She said, “Let’s not disturb your father in Yufu City. Let’s find a hotel to stay in.”

“How can we do that?!” Sheng Yang held Yu Huang’s arm with her left hand and Na Luo’s arm with her right. She said, “I called my mother before I left. She’s waiting for us to go back for dinner.”

Sheng Yang’s phone rang.

When Sheng Yang picked up the call, Yu Huang glanced at the screen and saw that the caller was’ Mother’.

Yu Huang could not help but take out her phone and send a message to Sheng Xiao. (Your sister said that she would bring me back to Yufu City. Do you have anything to tell me?] She was fearless, but she was afraid of offending her future in-laws.

Sheng Xiao saw the news and quickly called her.

Yu Huang picked up the call. She noticed that Sheng Xiao’s hair and breathing were messy. There were a few drops of fresh blood between his eyebrows. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “What are you doing?”

Sheng Xiao was about to reply when a bird with two heads appeared behind him. The bird looked very fierce. It was obvious that it was not something to be trifled with.

Sheng Xiao noticed that the bird had caught up with him. So, he ran away quickly. As he ran, the camera also moved. Yu Huang could not see Sheng Xiao’s face. She could only hear the sound of Sheng Xiao fighting the bird. In such a dangerous situation, Sheng Xiao was still able to make time to video call Yu Huang. Yu Huang was a little touched and angry.