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Chapter 180 Anna Tao’s Tragedy

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Her meridians were all broken. She needed to recombine them one by one.

After successfully refining Sheng Xiao’s heart blood, Yu Huang did not have the time to rejoice. She quickly calmed herself down and started to heal her severed meridians.

The process of repairing her meridians was extremely slow and painful. It was as if a pair of invisible hands had used a silver needle with a thin thread to slowly mend the meridians that had been bitten off by Yu Huang.

The process was extremely painful, causing Yu Huang to sweat profusely.

Her clothes were drenched in sweat and had never dried.

As the days passed, the usable time in the third level 308 chamber changed from 20 days to 15 days, then to 10 days, then to 2 days…

At a certain moment, the last ruptured tendon in Yu Huang’s body was also repaired. She opened her eyes, and a dragon and a phoenix flashed across her brown pupils, but they quickly disappeared.

Yu Huang used her arms to support herself on the stone platform and sat up. She stretched her muscles and bones, and after confirming that her body had completely recovered, she felt relieved.

Yu Huang felt a headache coming on when she thought about the 99 times she had to go through the Beast Taming Method.

Right at this moment, an aged voice suddenly sounded out within the quiet secret chamber. “The available points are insufficient. The door to the secret chamber will be opened in two hours. Please recharge as soon as


“Prompt, the available points are insufficient. The door of the secret chamber will open in two hours. Please recharge as soon as possible!”

“Prompt, insufficient points available…”

This alert was repeated three times in the secret chamber, and the sound became louder each time. It was enough to disturb every student who was focused on training.

Hearing that it was the headmaster’s voice, Yu Huang couldn’t help but want to laugh.

She realized that her clothes had been repeatedly soaked in sweat, and they had already formed a layer of scabs. There was also a sour smell. Yu Huang hurriedly took off her dirty clothes and took out a set of clean

clothes from her interspatial ring to change into.

The pale blue light in the secret chamber had already disappeared. Yu Huang stood up from the meditation cushion and respectfully bowed to the void three more times before leaving the cultivation hall.

After walking out of the Cultivation Hall, Yu Huang stood under the sunlight. She could not help but open her arms and take in a deep breath in the sunlight.

The Cultivation Hall was quite a distance away from the academy. Yu Huang immediately stretched out her Vermillion Bird wings and flew towards the direction of the academy. Only when she reached the entrance of

the Divine Realm Academy did she put away her wings and land at the school gate.

Yu Huang climbed up the stairs to the field. Seeing that there were many students playing with their phones on the field, she remembered that today was the day the school distributed cell phones.

Yu Huang, wanting to get her phone back from Doris, quickly ran to the administrative building.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon. The students had already taken their phones and ran out to have fun. The professors had a rare half day of rest, so they also went to play.

The entire administration building was exceptionally quiet.

Yu Huang took the elevator to the third floor. She walked to the door of Doris’s office and was about to knock when she heard Professor Mu’s voice.

“Have you all heard about the tragedy at Yu Hui Academy?”

Yu Hui Academy?

Wasn’t that Anna’s school?

Yu Huang retracted her hand and pricked up her ears to carefully listen to the movements in the room.

As a Level Two Purifying Spirit Master, Yu Huang’s hearing was very sharp. Furthermore, Professor Mu and the others were not discussing confidential matters, so she did not activate the shield. Therefore, Yu Huang

could hear everything that was being said in the room clearly.

She heard Doris ask, “What happened at Yu Hui Academy?”

rofessor Mu sighed and said, “At the end of the year, when Yu Hui Academy organized students to go out and train, someone died.”

Hearing that, another teacher added, “Training is dangerous. In the past, there were students who died during training activities. That’s not shocking.”

But Professor Mu said, “But it wasn’t an accident this time. It was man-made.”

Hearing this, the expressions of the 12 teachers changed at the same time. “What happened?”

“It was a tragedy caused by school bullying. The victim was a 19-year-old girl. Because of her stutter, and her useless ant beast form, she was always bullied in school. This time, the group of children humiliated her

even more. The girl could not bear the humiliation and was forced to jump off the Broken Cliff.”

rofessor Mu did not explicitly state what kind of ‘humiliation’ the girl had suffered, but to be able to force a little girl to jump off the cliff, the nature of the matter must be extremely vile.

Doris knew about the Broken Cliff. She said, “There’s a poisonous gas barrier below the Broken Cliff. Even ordinary Grand Masters would barely survive if they enter. If the younger daughter falls into the Broken Cliff,

‘m afraid she’ll die.”

“That’s right. It’s said that on the first day of training, that girl was forced to jump off the Broken Cliff. It was only after the training ended and the teacher leading the team counted the number of people did they realize

that one student was missing. Because the one who led the trouble was a core disciple of the Garo Clan, and that victim’s family background was ordinary with only a drunk father at home, the Garo Clan spent a few

hundred thousand yuan as hush money to settle this matter.”

“Because if this matter were to spread, it would damage the reputation of the Yu Hui Academy, the Yu Hui Academy had been keeping this matter under wraps. The day before yesterday, I went to attend the

conference of the university alliance and met an old friend. That was when I heard about this.”

With that said, Professor Mu stared solemnly at the twelve teachers in front of her. She said, “This sort of thing absolutely cannot happen in our Divine Realm Academy! I gathered all of you here to ask you all to

observe the students’ private actions. If you discover the problem early, solve it in time. Do not let a tragedy happen like Yu Hui Academy did.”

“Understood, Professor Mu!”

“Understood, Professor Mu!”

When Professor Mu saw Yu Huang, his gaze instantly became amiable. “Yu Huang, have you finished your seclusion?”

Yu Huang was the only Dual Cultivator in the Holy Spirit Continent. She was also a Beast Tamer with S class potential in her beast form. She was the academy’s treasure, and Professor Mu also liked this child.

For the past few days, Edward from the Purifying Spirit Department had been visiting the Beast Tamer Department every day in hopes of recruiting Yu Huang to study at the Purifying Spirit Department. However, Yu

Huang was in seclusion, and Edward failed every time he came.

Therefore, Professor Mu paid close attention to Yu Huang’s movements.

Yu Huang bowed to Professor Mu before asking, “Professor Mu, can we talk in private?”

Professor Mu smiled and said, “Of course.”

Professor Mu brought Yu Huang directly to her office.

Seeing that Yu Huang had slimmed down a little during this period of closed-door cultivation, Professor Mu went straight to the small cupboard after entering the office.

She took out an exquisite plate, opened the fridge, and said to Yu Huang, “You haven’t eaten anything since you went into seclusion, right? I have cookies and milk tea in the fridge. Do you want some?”

Yu Huang was naturally hungry, but she had a lot on her mind and had no appetite at all.

Shaking her head, Yu Huang said, “Professor Mu, I’m not hungry. I just want to ask you something.”

“There’s no hurry. Eat something to fill your stomach.” Professor Mu picked some biscuits for Yu Huang and poured a cup of milk tea.

After placing the food in front of Yu Huang, Professor Mu sat down on another sofa before saying, “We’ll talk while you eat. Did Professor Edward from the Purifying Spirit Department look for you?”

Other than that, Professor Mu could not guess anything else.

Yu Huang was indeed a little thirsty. She picked up the milk tea and drank half a cup. She put down the teacup and wiped her mouth with a napkin before shaking her head and telling Professor Mu, “Professor Mu, I

heard what you said in Professor Doris’ office.”

Professor Mu said thoughtfully, “Are you trying to ask me about Yu Hui Academy?”


“What do you want to ask?”

Yu Huang said, “I want to know the name of the victim.”

Professor Mu shook her head and said, “I don’t know the child’s name. I only know that she’s a first-year student.”

Yu Huang hurriedly said, “I heard you say earlier that the girl is a stutterer, and her beast form is an ant, right?”

“That’s right.” Professor Mu noticed that there was something wrong with Yu Huang’s expression. She suddenly had a bad guess. “Yu Huang, do you know that girl?”

Yu Huang lowered her head and her curly eyelashes fluttered before she said, “That girl might be my friend.” Yu Huang looked up and bit her lip. “Her name is Anna Tao. She’s a stutterer.”

Yu Huang lowered her head and her curly eyelashes fluttered before she said, “That girl might be my friend.” Yu Huang looked up and bit her lip. “Her name is Tao Anna. She’s a little stutterer.”

She did not know what to say to comfort Yu Huang.


However, that child’s cause of death was unknown. How could she have the face to give Yu Huang her condolences?

“Professor Mu, how did Yu Hui Academy explain her death?”

rofessor Mu closed his eyes and sighed. “She lost her footing and fell off the cliff.”

“Lost her footing and fell off the cliff…” Yu Huang suddenly laughed. Her laughter sounded a little harsh.” They bullied her and forced her to jump off the cliff. In the end, the explanation was her losing her footing and

falling off the cliff? ”

rofessor Mu could understand Yu Huang’s grief and indignation.

Yu Huang wasn’t the only one who felt grief and indignation. When she heard about this, she was also furious.

rofessor Mu let out a long sigh and told her, “Yu Huang, the Garo Clan is the richest cultivation clan in the Divine Realm Continent. The wealth accumulated by their clan surpasses even that of the royal Mo Clan of

the Divine Moon Empire. The Garo Clan is also the biggest investor behind Yu Hui Academy. After this incident, the Garo Clan will definitely put pressure on Yu Hui Academy.”

“That girl is really unfortunate. I heard that her father is an alcoholic who gave up criminal investigation after receiving the 500,000 yuan compensation fee from the academy. If even her biological father is like this,

not to mention the academy.”

Yu Huang had lived for more than two hundred years. Naturally, she understood that Yu Hui Academy would not offend a rich backer for the sake of Anna Tao. But when she thought of Anna, Yu Huang felt sad.

How desperate must Anna have been when she jumped off the cliff?

“Professor Mu, where is the Broken Cliff?”

When Professor Mu realized what Yu Huang was going to do, her expression immediately changed. “There’s a poisonous barrier below the Broken Cliff. Even if you enter, I’ll probably lose a layer of skin. Yu Huang, don’t

do anything stupid!”

Yu Huang looked at Professor Mu calmly. She said, “Professor Mu, there were two Beast Tamers in Yong Hui High School. One is me and the other is Anna. I have my father, my mentor, and Sheng Xiao to protect me.

But she is different.”

“Anna doesn’t have a mother, and her father is a money-grubbing alcoholic. Since I know about this, I can’t just ignore it.”

“Anna is lying alone under the Broken Cliff. There isn’t even anyone to collect her corpse.” Yu Huang stood up and said, “The current me doesn’t have the ability to go to Yu Hui Academy to seek justice for her, but I can

go to the Broken Cliff to collect her corpse.”.

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