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Chapter 179 Successfully Refining the First Drop of Heart Blood

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In the blink of an eye, it was the end of the year.

After recuperating for a month, Yu Huang’s body had more or less recovered. She could now move freely.

On the last day of the year, it snowed heavily in the Divine Realm Academy. The weather was very cold, but in order to earn points, the students still had to brave the snowstorm to go to the back mountain to do mis

Yu Huang stood on the balcony and looked up at the snow. Only then did she realize that it was the end of the year.

Yu Huang suddenly thought of the time when she was young and spent the New Year with her adoptive parents in the base. However, there was no such thing as New Year in the Holy Spirit Continent.

Sheng Xiao had left the Divine Realm Academy a few days ago. He went out to do some work and returned today. When he came back, he saw Yu Huang standing on the balcony of the dormitory while admiring the snow.

Seeing that Yu Huang was only wearing a warm gray sweater and not a coat, Sheng Xiao frowned and said,

‘0 in quickly. It’s cold outside.

Yu Huang said, “Brother Xiao, I want dumplings.”

Sheng Xiao looked troubled when he heard that. The canteen was already closed. It was not easy to eat dumplings.


After Sheng Xiao

id that, he turned around and walked toward the supermarket. Before long, Yu Huang saw Sheng Xiao walking back with a bag of frozen dumplin;

Yu Huang hurried back to the kitchen to boil water. When Sheng Xiao returned to the dormitory, the water was almost boiling.

He carried the dumplings to the kitchen and stood behind Yu Huang. He asked her, “Why do you want to eat dumplings?”

‘Yu Huang looked a little disappointed. But, Sheng Xiao did not notice her sadne:

have good fortune.”

‘s he stood behind her. Yu Huang shook her head and said, “It’s nothing, It’s the last day of the Lunar New Year. | just want to eat dumplings with you. Eating dumplings at the end of the year means that we will be able to celebrate our reunion and

“Really?” Sheng Xiao said, “Why haven’t | heard of that before?”

“I’s normal for you to not understand the customs of the people of the Prosperous Capital.”

Sheng Xiao really thought that he was ignorant.

After finishing the dumplings, Yu Huang took out a small cloth bag that was s

caled with a red packet. She handed the cloth bag to Sheng Xiao and said, “This is your red packet. I hope everything will go smoothly next year.”

Sheng Xiao took the red packet and asked her, “Is this also a custom in Shengdu?”


Sheng Xiao opened the red packet and realized that there were a few coins inside. He raised his eyebrows. He did not ask why they needed to be wrapped in red, but he still kept it. He even put it carefully in a treasure box that was used to store precious items.

Sheng Xiao did not forget to say, “I want red packets next year too.”


After eating the dumplings, Yu Huang said, “My body has already recovered. I’ll move back tomorrow.”

Sheng Xiao was stunned. “Move out tomorrow?”

Yu Huang smiled when she saw Sheng Xiao’s lonely expression. She teased him, “Why? Are you addicted to cohabitation? Are you planning to stay with me forever?”

“Of course you can if you want.”

Yu Huang chuckled. “In your dream:

She took out the dagger that was stained with Sheng Xiao’s heart blood from her interspatial ring and told him, “I’ve been lazy for a month. I need to make use of the time to cultivate and get into the top one hundred of the list of experts by October. I plan to go to the Cultivation Hall tomorrow.”

Although Sheng Xiao liked the feeling of being close to Yu Huang, he liked the way Yu Huang strived for her goals. She was really charming when she was like that.


‘The next day, Yu Huang moved back to her own dormitory.

After having lunch with Sheng Yang and Na Luo, she went to greet Professor Gold. In the afternoon, Yu Huang went to the Cultivation Hall.

The Cultivation Hall was built under a mountain range with a total of 18 floors. The first floor had the weakest spirit energy and the 18th floor had the densest spirit energy. The reason for this situation was because there we

Spirit Gathering Bone buried deep underground in the Cultivation Hall.

According to legend, this Spirit Gathering Bone was refined from the skeleton of the Prime Master Goldfeather.

Before her death, she had instructed her disciple, the Prime Master Star Observatory, to refine her skeleton into a Spirit Gathering Stone and bury it under the Divine Realm Academy to benefit the future generations.

‘This Spirit Gathering Stone had the same effect as the Spirit Gathering ‘Tree in the Cong Lang Mystic Realm.

Cultivating in the Cultivation Hall required points. The lower one went, the more points required. Cultivating in the first level required three points a day, the

‘cond level required five, and the third level required seven…

It was

said that cultivating on the 18th level for a day required 50 points. Only the top five experts on the Expert Ranking had the capital to cultivate on the 18th level.

‘Yu Huang had been eating and drinking with Sheng Xiao for the past few days. She had not used her points much. She still had 140 points. She could stay on the third floor for 20 days.

Having made up her mind, Yu Huang headed straight for the third level.

‘There were a total of 500 independent cultivation chambers on the third floor. The doors of the secret chambers were tightly shut, and there was a card reader in the center of the door. Only after one swiped the card would one be allowed to enter.

‘There were already people in the secret chamber in front of her. Yu Huang walked deeper into the secret chamber and only saw the words’ no one ‘when she reached the secret chamber with the number 308.

Yu Huang took out her point card and swiped 40 points.


‘The heavy stone door slowly opened on both sid

s. Yu Huang walked in, and the door behind her closed. The room was dark. Yu Huang took out the Night-Luminescent Pearl that Na Luo had given her, and the secret room was instantly filled with light.

Yu Huang placed the Night-Luminescent Pearl on the candlestick on the wall and used the dim light to examine the secret chamber. The secret chamber was very narrow, less than two meters in length and width, and less than three meters in height.

‘There was only a round futon in the secret room.

‘Yu Huang walked over to the mat and sat down.

As soon as she sat down, she saw a faint blue light floating in the secret chamber.

This was…

‘Yu Huang extended her finger, and a strand of blue light coiled around her fingertip. When she sensed the Spiritual Energy’s fluctuation from the light, Yu Huang realized that it was the Spiritual Energy of the Prime Master Goldfeather.

‘Yu Huang hurriedly stood up, clasped her hands and bowed three times towards the light. Only then did she sit cross-legged on the praying mat again.

Yu Huang took out the dagger stained with Sheng Xiao’s blood and threw it into the air. Then, she closed her eyes.

Yu Huang silently chanted the incantation of the Beast ‘Taming Method, and waves of red spiritual for

merged from between her eyebrows. They floated aimlessly in the air for a while, and like lions that had smelled their prey, they quickly rushed towards the dagger.

Spiritual Energy enveloped the dagger and the bloodstains on the tip of the blade were awakened. Instantly, they became active and transformed into a mini Black Qing Sky Dragon.

‘The smal] little black dragon had quite a temper. It sensed Yu Huang’s intentions and roared at her with all its might. It looked unruly and extremely domineering.

When Xuan Yu sensed the Black Qing Sky Dragon’s aura, it suddenly emerged from between Yu Huang’s eyebrows and flew towards the little black dragon while crying.


Xuan Yu spread its wings and spat out a mouthful of Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame at the little Black Dragon.

When the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame landed on the little Black Dragon’s body, it was like acid being poured on a human body. Once it touched the body, it would dilute it.

‘The dragon scales on Black Qing Sky Dragon’s body stood up as it roared furiously and charged towards Xuan Yu. Even if it had to risk being burnt to ashes by the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame, it still wanted to tear Xuan Yu into piec

‘The Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame stretched out its sharp claws and ripped off one of Xuan Yu’s wings. “Roar!” It raised that wing and its eyes were filled with killing intent.

Xuan Yu lost a wing and let out a sad cry. “Chirp chirp!”

Half of Black Qing Sky Dragon’s tail had been burnt to ashes. Even so, it still forced itself to bite Xuan Yu’s other wing.

“Chirp chirp!” Xuan Yu’s cries became even more sorrowful.

Yu Huang’s heart trembled when she heard this.

Sheng Xiao had told her a long time ago that the Black Qing Sky Dragon and the Divine Feather Phoenix were arch-enemies. One of them would die.

At that time, she was still skeptical of the rumors.

It was only when she personally witnessed Xuan Yu and Black Qing slaughtering each other that he realized that the rumors were true.

Were the s

called natural enemies really unable to get along harmoniously?

Just as Black Qing Sky Dragon was about to bite off Xuan Yu’s head, Yu Huang suddenly stretched out her right hand and grabbed it.

Yu Huang ruthlessly crushed the little black dragon, then used her spiritual energy to form a drop of blood and absorb it into her body.

‘The moment the blood from Sheng Xiao’s heart entered Yu Huang’s body, it turned into Black Qing Sky Dragon in the blink of an eye and ran wildly through Yu Huang’s veins.


‘Yu Huang’s face was pale from the pain.

She raised her head high with the veins on her slender neck throbbing wildly in a very scary manner.

‘The Black Qing Sky Dragon rampaged through Yu Huang’s meridians and even opened its bloody mouth to bite through Yu Huang’s blood vessels. It bit down on them one by one, as though it would not stop until all of Yu Huang’s meridians were destroyed.

Her meridians were bitten off, and Yu Huang’s delicate body started twitching.

‘The Prime Emperor who created the Beast Taming Art had once said that the Beast ‘Taming Art had a total of 99 layers. Every time she cultivated one layer, she would have to experience all of the meridians in her body breaking and recombining, and her soul would suffer the pain of being whipped by a raging fire!

‘The time limit was three days!

In other words

it would take her three days to completely refine the blood in her heart!

After her meridians were bitten off, Yu Huang lost control of her spirit energy. She could only sit on the praying mat and allow the Black Qing Sky Dragon to do whatever it wanted within her body.

‘This process was very long and lasted for an entire day.

By the time all the meridians in her body were severed, Yu Huang was already numb from the pain. Her consciousness was also disoriented. She thought that this was the most painful torture.

However, there was more pain.

After the Black Qing Sky Dragon crushed Yu Huang’s last tendon, it finally arrived at Yu Huang’s Spiritual Abode. The moment it entered her Spiritual Abode, the Black Qing Sky Dragon turned into a pure black whip.

He waved his long whip forcefully, and it fiercely lashed onto Yu Huang’s sea of consciousness.

Psychic energy was Yu Huang’s soul energy. When her soul was whipped, Yu Huang, who was already numb from the pain, immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.


‘The second whip landed, and Yu Huang spat out another mouthful of blood.


As the third whip landed, Yu Huang lost all consciousness and fainted on the spot. However, the Black Qing Sky Dragon was still whipping her soul spirit.

After a long time, Yu Huang woke up for a short while. When she woke up, the torture was not over yet. She held on for a while before fainting again.

When Yu Huang woke up again, she realized that the arrogant Black Qing Sky Dragon had finally calmed down. It was sleeping on Yu Huang’s beast heart like a pattern carved on it.

She had finally succeeded in refining Sheng Xiao’s blood.

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