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Chapter 178 I’ll Give You My Heart’s Blood

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Upon hearing this, Professor Mu laughed out of anger. “As cultivators, who doesn’t rely on their own abilities to withstand Tribulation Lightning?”

‘Thinking of Xuanyuan Shen’s dirty past, Professor Mu’s face revealed a hint of mockery. She said meaningfully, “Patriarch Xuanyuan, have you forgotten that the reason you were able to sit on the seat of the patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan was due to the tribulation lightning! If the previous patriarch of the Xuanyuan Clan had

not unfortunately perished in the ‘Tribulation, how could you sit in this seat?”

“You personally witnessed your cousin brother being struck to death by tribulation lightning all those years ago, yet you were unable to sacrifice yourself to save him, so how could you ask us to sacrifice ourselves to save your son?”

“Besides…” Professor Mu looked at Xuanyuan Jing on the bed with a cold expression and sneered.” Your son’s moral character is worrying, and he’s really not worth saving! ”

Whose life was not their own?

Xuanyuan Shen’s sor

ife was precious, but their lives were not?

Furthermore, Xuanyuan Jing had a bad character and wasn’t worth them risking their lives to save him!

Xuanyuan Shen was rendered speechless by Professor Mu’s words.

Xuanyuan Shen was indeed present when his cousin had experienced the Prime Master lightning tribulation.

‘There were a total of five tribulation lightning bolts in the Prime Master

lightning tribulation, and each one was more ferocious than the last. Xuanyuan Shen wished that his cousin could be struck to death by the tribulation lightning. Only then would it be his turn to s

in the position of clan head. Why would he help his cousin resist the tribulation lightning?

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Xuanyuan Shen, who had been so aggressive just a moment ago, was rendered speechless. He looked deeply at Professor Mu and said through gritted teeth, “You’re really eloquent!”

Professor Mu smiled without saying anything.

“In that case, I will bring my son home to recuperate.” Xuanyuan Shen carried Xuanyuan Jing up gently and left Divine Realm Academy with him.

Yu Huang sat on the balcony of Sheng Xiao’s room and saw Xuanyuan Shen carrying Xuanyuan Jing out of the medical building. She was not in the mood and was about to return to her room when she felt a cold gaze on her.

‘Yu Huang tilted her head and followed that gaze before meeting Xuanyuan Shen’s gaze.

Seeing that Yu Huang had noticed his gaze, Xuanyuan Shen’s lips moved slightly, as if he had said something. Yu Huang knew lip-reading and recognized that Xuanyuan Shen was s

ving, “Little thing, let’s wait and see!

‘Yu Huang knew that if she made Xuanyuan Jing kneel down and apologize to her in front of all the teachers and students of the school, she would form a grudge with the Xuanyuan Clan.

But she did not regret it.

As long as one was alive, one should have a sense of dignity.

Xuanyuan Shen was currently angry, so Yu Huang naturally wouldn’t foolishly add fuel to the fire. As if she didn’t see Xuanyuan Shen’s provocation, she controlled the wheel of the wheelchair and turned around to return to the house.

Sheng Xiao had already tidied up the study and made a bed on the floor. He walked out of the study and asked Yu Huang, “I’l bring you food from the canteen. What do you want to eat?”

‘Yu Huang replied without thinking, “Meat


Sheng Xiao smiled.

He carried Yu Huang to the sofa and sat down before leaving.

After Sheng Xiao left, Yu Huang took out the psychic fragment that ws

tained with Xuanyuan Jing’s blood from her interspatial ring.

She stared at the corner of the broken piece that was dyed red with blood, and her mind raced. She wondered if she could successfully replicate Xuanyuan Jing’s beast form and technique after refining the blood from his heart.

‘Yu Huang licked her lips and couldn’t wait any longer.

‘Yu Huang licked her lips and couldn’t wait any longer.

‘Yu Huang put down the fragment with a natural expression and raised her head to ask him, “Why are you back again?”

Sheng Xiao said, “I want to ask you what you want to drink.”

Yu Huang replied, “Other than wine, anything else is fine.” Drinking was a really bad thing. The two of them were currently living together, so Yu Huang was worried that she would take advantage of Sheng Xiao when she was drunk.

Sheng Xiao nodded and w:

ibout to leave when he suddenly stopped.

‘Yu Huang was confused when she saw Sheng Xiao still standing there. “What’s wrong now?”

Sheng Xiao opened the door and strode towards Yu Huang. He picked up the Psychic Fragment on the table and frowned as he stared at the blood on it.

Sheng Xiao asked her, “Are these the pieces you took from Xuanyuan Jing that day?

Yu Huang nodded. “Yes, you saw it?”

Sheng Xiao saw it.

At that time, he was curious as to why Yu Huang wanted to collect this item, but he had forgotten to ask.

Sheng Xiao

red at Yu Huang for a while. Then, he pulled a chair and sat down. He looked like he wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with Yu Huang. Yu Huang reminded him, “If you don’t go to the canteen now, it will be closed.”

“It’s fine. I’ll cook for you later.”

“You can cook?”

“You can choose between fried rice and instant noodles.

heng Xiao added, “There’s no rice in the dormitory. You can only eat instant noodl

‘Yu Huang was speechless.

‘Then what was the point of choosing?!

Sheng Xiao said, “Let’s talk.”

Yu Huang listened attentively.

After a moment of silence, Sheng Xiao said, “After knowing that I’m ina relationship, my mother called me. She told me that it’s a taboo to be too paranoid in a relationship. If you’re unhappy or suspicious of someone, you have to be honest with them. Otherwise, there will a snowball effect.”

Yu Huang nodded and said, “You’re an understanding person. ‘Then what are you unhappy about? Tell me, I’ll listen.”

Sheng Xiao placed the broken piece between him and Yu Huang. He asked her sadly, “Why did you keep it? Do you still have feelings for him, or do you simply have the hobby of collecting victory goods?”

So he was jealous.

Since Sheng Xiao asked her sincerely, Yu Huang would not hide it from him. She explained, “I don’t have any lingering feelings for him. | don’t have the habit of collecting victory items either. I have a use for them.”

“What’s the use?” Sheng Xiao was rarely so stubborn. He wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

Yu Huang clicked her tongue and said, “The cultivation technique that I practice is a fourth grade Divine level cultivation technique, Beast Taming Technique. To practice this kind of cultivation technique, you only need to obtain a drop of other person’s heart blood and completely refine and tame it. Then you can copy the

other party’s beast form and cultivation technique for your own use.”

It sounded like an evil technique. Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiao uneasily after she told him about the technique. Would Sheng Xiao think that she was a demonic cultivator?

However, Sheng Xiao did not look at her disapprovingly after hearing her explanation. Instead, he said in admiration, “What a powerful technique. A Beast ‘Tamer who can create such a technique must be a genius,

Yu Huang was relieved to hear this. “Mm, the founder of this cultivation method was a Prime Emperor.” Only a Prime Master with the closest cultivation to a Divine Master would be called an Emperor. This person must be very powerful.

“So you kept this to copy Xuanyuan Jing’s beast form and technique

Yu Huang nodded her head honestly. “Yes, his Rotating ‘Tooth Shark is quite powerful. The two techniques he used were also very powerful. If I can successfully replicate his beast form and technique, it would be quite a good harvest.”

Sheng Xiao remained silent.

Yu Huang nodded subconsciously and s

‘id, “Of course it’s strong.” Who would not praise a super beast-like Black Qing Sky Dragon for being majestic? How many people would not covet Sheng Xiao’s technique, Myriad Slash?

Nodding, Sheng Xiao said, “How about I give you my heart blood and you throw away Xuanyuan Jing’s heart blood?”

‘Yu Huang was speechless.

Without waiting for Yu Huang’s answer, Sheng Xiao suddenly turned his spiritual power into a sharp dagger and stabbed it into his heart without hesitation.

“Sheng Xiao!

‘Yu Huang reached out to stop Sheng Xiao, but she was too slow.

‘The dagger stabbed into Sheng Xiao’s chest and went straight to his heart.

‘Yu Huang stared at the knife on his chest. Her expression changed. “Sheng Xiao, are you crazy?” Yu Huang looked at him in shock, as if she was looking at a lunatic.

Sheng Xiao had a good grasp of his strength. His heart did not rupture when the knife stabbed into it. Only a small cut was left by the dagger and a few drops of blood flowed out.

Even so, Sheng Xiao’s face turned pale from the pain. He bent down and lowered his head. Black dragon scales appeared on his neck.

Yu Huang did not dare to imagine how painful it would be.

She was both touched and angry at the same time. She could not help but clench her fists and scold him. “Sheng Xiao, you’re a lunatic!” Couldn’t they just be lovey-dovey with each other? Why did he do such a stupid thing?

After a while, Sheng Xiao got used to the pain. He took out the dagger from his body and passed it to Yu Huang.

Yu Huang did not accept it.

Sheng Xiao knew that Yu Huang was angry. He smiled weakly at her and said in a coaxing tone, “Yu Huang, don’t use his. Use mine.”

‘Yu Huang stared into Sheng Xiao’s eyes.

‘The pair of eyes seemed calm, but under the calm waves, there was a crazy ruthlessness. ‘This person’s love for her was as deep as his possessiveness. He was a dangerous person.

Could she go back on her decisiom?

Sheng Xiao could tell that Yu Huang was unhappy. He lowered his head and explained, “I know I’m a little crazy, but I just can’t accept you refining Xuanyuan Jing’s blood. You can refine anyone’s blood in this world, but not his.”

“After all, he is the person you once loved.” Sheng Xiao did not know that Yu Huang was not the same Yu Huang. He really thought that Yu Huang loved Xuanyuan Jing deeply and wanted to marry him.

Hence, Sheng Xiao had always been hostile towards Xuanyuan Jing.

Yu Huang suddenly understood what Sheng Xiao was trying to do. She thought about it from another perspective. If Sheng Xiao had practiced the Beast Taming Method, she would not allow him to refine the blood in his ex-fiane:

‘Yu Huang was furious when she thought of Sheng Xiao having a fiancée.

‘Yu Huang suddenly felt embarrassed when she realized that she was more possessive than Sheng Xiao.

“Okay. I don’t want his blood. I want yours.” Yu Huang took Sheng Xiao’s blood and summoned her spiritual power to heal him.

Sheng Xiao saw that she had summoned her spiritual power. He quickly said, “You are weak. Don’t use your spiritual power recklessly. I have some high-level healing medicine here. ‘Take one and rest for a few days.”

“.. Okay.

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