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Chapter 177: Regret!

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Sheng Xiao suddenly became serious. He told Yu Huang, “Xuanyuan Shen is a person who bullies the weak and fears the strong. He knows how to weigh the pros and cons. He knows that the Sheng family wants to protect you. He will not take revenge on you easily.”

“Tknow. Come on, let’s go check out your dorm.”


Professor Mu brought Xuanyuan Shen to the lounge where Xuanyuan Jing lived.

Xuanyuan Shen walked into the room and saw Xuanyuan Jing’s body that was split open by the lightning tribulation. His expression instantly changed. “Jing’er!”

Xuanyuan Shen walked to the bed with large strides. He wanted to reach out to hold Xuanyuan Jing’s hand, but he was afraid of hurting him.

If not for Xuanyuan Jing’s chest still heaving up and down, Xuanyuan Shen would have thought his youngest son was dead.

“Jing’er, how did you get injured to such a state?!” Xuanyuan Jing was injured to such a state. The Divine Realm Academy naturally had a responsibility.

Xuanyuan Shen tilted his head and questioned Professor Mu. “Professor Mu, my son came to your school healthy. Now, he’s injured so badly. You have to give me an explanation.”

Xuanyuan Shen was aggressive, but Professor Mu was not timid either.

He wanted an explanation?

Professor Mu walked to the side of the bed and stared at Xuanyuan Jing, She said coldly, “On the day before the challenge, your son consumed the Monster Core of a level 6 demon beast for some reason and forcefully raised his cultivation to the peak of the late stage of the Scholar Realm.”

“He had a duel with Yu Huang before he could fully stabilize his energy. However, he was defeated by Yu Huang. At that time, Professor Zhong cast a healing spell on your son. Originally, your son’s body was fine, but unexpectedly, he broke through during his recuperation period and faced the Master


“Tt seems like the demonic power of that Monster Core is too powerful.”

The Divine Realm Academy wouldn’t take the blame for Xuanyuan Jing’s encounter. If they wanted to blame something, it should be that Monster Core.

Xuanyuan Shen didn’t believe the truth at all. He firmly believed that there was something else behind Xuanyuan Jing’s injuries. “Professor Mu, what is Yu Huang’s cultivation level and what is my son’s cultivation level? How could she defeat my son?”

Professor Mu wanted to laugh when she heard this. “Patriarch Xuanyuan, do you really want to know how Yu Huang defeated your son?”

Xuanyuan Shen naturally nodded. “My son is seriously injured. Naturally, I have to find out the whole story! Every year, your school will record the entire arena competition. As the parent of a student, I have the right to see the recording, right?”

Xuanyuan Shen would not believe Professor Mu’s words unless he saw his son being injured by Yu Huang.

Professor Mu knew that Xuanyuan Shen was a troublemaker, so she had long guessed that he would make such a request.

Professor Mu smiled mysteriously. “If I remember correctly, you were a graduate of Divine Eagle Academy, right?”

Among the hundred famous schools in the Holy Spirit Continent, only the Divine Realm Academy, Deep Sea Academy, and the Hundred Beast Academy could be considered the top advanced academies. The Divine Eagle Academy that Xuanyuan Shen studied could only be considered a second-rate school.

The Divine Realm Academy was what human beast tamers wanted to go to the most. Xuanyuan Shen hadn’t been able to enter the Divine Realm Academy back then, so he could only settle for Divine Eagle Academy.

Among the family heads of the six great cultivation families, only Xuanyuan Shen was a graduate of the Divine Eagle Academy. The others were all graduates of the Divine Realm Academy. Because of this matter, Xuanyuan Shen could not lift his head in front of the other five family heads.

Therefore, in Xuanyuan Shen’s opinion, Professor Mu’s question was simply her looking down on him.

Xuanyuan Shen’s expression darkened on the spot. He smiled and said, “What? Professor Mu, you’re the vice-principal of the Divine Realm Academy. Could it be that you look down on the other academies?”

“No.” Professor Mu would not take the blame.

Professor Mu said, “You are not a graduate of our school, so it’s normal for you to not know the rules of our school. In the Divine Realm Academy, the arena matches are absolutely fair and impartial, and no one is allowed to play favorites or cheat. Therefore, Patriarch Xuanyuan, rest assured that your son

lost to Yu Huang purely because his skills are inferior to hers, and there is absolutely no other reason.”

“His skills are inferior to hers?” Xuanyuan Shen didn’t believe it.

“Since Professor Mu insists that your school’s group arena is absolutely fair and just, why didn’t you show me the video of the competition? Your secretive attitude makes me even more suspicious!”

Upon hearing Xuanyuan Shen’s words, Professor Mu once again revealed that unfathomable smile on her face. “Since Patriarch Xuanyuan insists on watching the competition’s video, I will show you your son’s performance in the group arena!”

She wanted Xuanyuan Shen to take a closer look at his good son’s embarrassing performance in the ring.

Professor Mu took out a memory stone with recording function.

‘The Memory Stone projected the battle scene of Xuanyuan Jing and Yu Huang into the void, as clear as a high-definition television. Not only that, but the image projected by the Memory Stone was 360 degrees and without any blind spots. Xuanyuan Shen could view the content from all angles.

Whether there was anything fishy or not, Xuanyuan Shen would know after looking at the recordings.

Xuanyuan Shen flung his sleeves and began to watch the video seriously. He wanted to see what tricks Yu Huang had used to defeat his son!

Xuanyuan Shen saw

Yu Huang flew onto the arena and issued a challenge to Xuanyuan Jing.

Xuanyuan Jing walked onto the arena, but he didn’t enter a battle-ready state. Instead, he looked at the referee, Gold Ingot, and asked if he could bring support.

Upon seeing this, Xuanyuan Shen did not sense anything wrong.

It was only when he heard someone in the audience call Xuanyuan Shen a despicable person who had gone back on his words that his expression changed slightly.

‘What did she mean by going back on his word?

Professor Mu explained at the side, “Before the competition, your son had personally told Yu Huang that he would not have support. Yu Huang believed him and did not find support to train with. But on the day of the final battle, your son went back on his words and invited a level five helper to fight with


“Patriarch Xuanyuan, your son is truly well-prepared when it comes to doing things.”

Professor Mu’s words were so sarcastic that Xuanyuan Shen’s face turned red.

“This…” Xuanyuan Shen did not expect that his youngest son would do such an immoral thing in order to defeat Yu Huang. Even as a father, he felt ashamed when he saw this.

Xuanyuan Shen did not want to look anymore.

However, he was also curious. His son was already at the peak of the late-stage Scholar realm, and he had also invited a senior assistant to assist him in battle. Under such a strong alliance, how could he lose to Yu Huang?

Exactly what sort of ability did Yu Huang possess?

With this thought in mind, Xuanyuan Shen continued watching.

‘When Xuanyuan Shen saw that Yu Huang had actually used the Blazing Moon Art, his face finally revealed an expression of shock. “Isn’t this the Prime Master’s Blazing Moon Art!? How did Yu Huang learn this Blazing Moon Art?”

“Hehe, that’s not all.” Professor Mu replayed the video and paused the scene where Yu Huang held the bow in her left hand and the Psychic Sphere

in her right.

Professor Mu pointed at the floating ball in Yu Huang’s right hand and deliberately asked Xuanyuan Shen, “Patriarch Xuanyuan, don’t you think that the ball in Yu Huang’s hand looks somewhat familiar?”

“Huh?” Xuanyuan Shen moved closer.

He raised his head and looked at the ball in Yu Huang’s hand. He discovered that it was very similar to the Psychic Spheres of those old fellows from the Purifying Spirit Academy.

Xuanyuan Shen asked Professor Mu, “What’s that?”

Professor Mu smiled and said, “You’re quite discerning. That is indeed a Psychic Sphere.”

Xuanyuan Shen widened his eyes.

“Yu Huang is a Purifying Spirit Master?” He saw Professor Mu’s enigmatic smile and thought to himself, What the hell!

“How is that possible? Yu Huang is clearly a Beast Tamer. In this world, there has never been a Purifying Spirit Master who could awaken their beast form! Everyone knows that all Purifying Spirit Masters are trash who have failed to awaken their beast form!”

He lost his composure for a moment and told her his true opinion of Purifying Spirit Masters.

Hearing this, Professor Mu frowned and said angrily, “Patriarch Xuanyuan, please watch your words.”

Xuanyuan Shen also realized that his words were somewhat inappropriate and quickly shut his mouth.

Professor Mu told Xuanyuan Shen, “Although this sounds unbelievable, Yu Huang is indeed the only dual cultivator of a Beast Tamer and Purifying Spirit Master on the Holy Spirit Continent.”

“This…” Xuanyuan Shen found it hard to believe.

Xuanyuan Shen regretted what he had done when he found out that Yu Huang was the only dual cultivator on the continent.

If he had known that Yu Huang was such a capable woman, he would have locked Xuanyuan Jing up even if he had to break Xuanyuan Jing’s leg. He wouldn’t have allowed him to run to the Prosperous Capital

to break off the engagement with Yu Huang.

She was the only dual cultivator on the continent!

If such a genius could marry into the Xuanyuan Clan, it would definitely bring great benefits and glory to the clan!

Xuanyuan Shen felt uncomfortable when he thought about how Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang became a couple. He felt as if he had swallowed a fly that was stuck in his throat.

Seeing Xuanyuan Shen’s angry and regretful reaction, Professor Mu was in quite a good mood. She sighed and said, “Patriarch Xuanyuan, you really don’t know how to appreciate a pearl covered in dust…”

She sounded like she was adding insult to injury.

Xuanyuan Shen was already full of remorse. Upon hearing Professor Mu’s words, his expression became even uglier. He said with a taut face, “Marriage is about freedom to choose. I respect my son’s wishes.”

Professor Mu maintained her elegant smile, but in her heart, she was saying, “Stop pretending!”


Professor Mu pressed a button to continue playing, and the video continued to play. Xuanyuan Shen was forced to continue watching the video.

In the video, after Yu Huang used the Blazing Moon Art, it was Xuanyuan Jing and Jiang Wu’s tum to be beaten up. Xuanyuan Shen saw Xuanyuan Jing flying backward and smashing into the ground. When he heard the sound of his body hitting the ground, his heart stopped for a few seconds.

He closed his eyes reluctantly.

Professor Mu turned off the video and looked at the slightly pale Xuanyuan Shen. She said, “Patriarch Xuanyuan, you have already seen the video. Do you have any other doubts?”

Xuanyuan Shen was speechless.

His son’s skills were not as good as Yu Huang’s, and he was even beaten up by Yu Huang. What other questions could he have?

Xuanyuan Shen felt humiliated.

He lowered his head to look at Xuanyuan Jing’s charred body and was still angry.

Xuanyuan Shen then tilted his head and said to Professor Mu, “Professor Mu, my son is already injured. How can he withstand the lightning tribulation? Your school has countless capable people.. Why is there no one to help my son block the lightning tribulation?”

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