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Chapter 176: Snubbing the Old Fox Xuanyuan

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Sheng Xiao asked her, “Are you willing to stay with me?”

To be honest, Yu Huang was tempted, but

Yu Huang revealed a conflicted expression again. She said, “We’ve only just started dating, yet we’re already living together. This progress is too fast.” As a young person, she should still be reserved.

Seeing that Yu Huang had misunderstood him, Sheng Xiao suppressed his laughter and said, “I have a two-bedroom apartment there.” However, the other bedroom had been transformed into a study.

If Yu Huang was willing to stay with him, Sheng Xiao could stay in the study.

Upon hearing that there were two rooms, Yu Huang immediately relaxed.

The two of them were a serious couple and were already of age. As long as they wanted to, they could go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register their marriage anytime.


Yu Huang tilted her head and looked at Sheng Xiao, who was busy working. There was a deep affection in her eyes that even she did not notice.

She had seen Sheng Xiao’s future. He had her and a pair of cute children in his future.

Yu Huang had always trusted Sheng Xiao, just like how she trusted her family and her lover.

Sheng Xiao was secretly happy that Yu Huang agreed to it. He packed his things quickly, borrowed a wheelchair from the hospital and pushed Yu Huang out of the hospital.

The two of them had just walked out of the medical center when they saw Professor Mu walking up the stairs with a middle-aged man.

Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang narrowed their eyes when they recognized the person.

It was Xuanyuan Shen, Xuanyuan Jing’s father.

“Patriarch Xuanyuan, your son lives on the third floor.” Professor Mu led Xuanyuan Shen toward the medical building. Xuanyuan Shen nodded and looked up at the medical building. He saw Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang standing at the door.

‘When the original owner of the body, Yu Huang, was dating Xuanyuan Jing, she had been a guest at the Xuanyuan Clan’s home. She naturally knew Xuanyuan Shen and had called him Uncle Xuanyuan.

However, Xuanyuan Shen looked down on Yu Huang.

In the Holy Spirit Continent, Beast Tamers and Spiritual Masters were the most respected people. If a family clan could produce a Beast Tamer, the entire family would prosper.

As one of the six great cultivation families of the Divine Moon Empire, the Xuanyuan Clan was an extremely noble and glorious family!

As for Yu Huang, she was just a small star. She was born ordinary. In Xuanyuan Shen’s eyes, Yu Huang was not even worthy of a toe of his son.

He was helpless because his youngest son was completely devoted to Yu Huang. Xuanyuan Shen had no choice but to nod his head and agree to their marriage.

Yu Huang also knew that Xuanyuan Shen did not like her and was somewhat afraid of him. Therefore, every time she went to the Xuanyuan Clan, she tried her best to avoid meeting Xuanyuan Shen. If she really could not avoid it, Yu Huang would only call him Uncle Xuanyuan when they met and would

not dare to say anything else.

How did Xuanyuan Shen evaluate Yu Huang in the past?

— She had looks but no substance. She was born humble and was not presentable.

So last year, when Xuanyuan Shen found out that Yu Huang had been disfigured by accident, he couldn’t help but clap his hands and rejoice.

Xuanyuan Shen knew about his youngest son’s true colors very clearly. That brat was very shallow. Presumably, after Yu Huang’s face was disfigured, his youngest son would lose his interest in Yu Huang.

Their engagement would be annulled sooner or later.

‘As expected, just a month after Yu Huang’s disfigurement, Xuanyuan Jing rushed back from the academy. He ran to the Prosperous Capital and forcefully broke off his engagement with Yu Huang.

After they broke off the engagement, Xuanyuan Shen was in a great mood.

Xuanyuan Shen originally thought that Yu Huang would never rise again in this lifetime, but he heard Yu Huang’s name from others again and again.

Yu Huang fell into the Time Valley in the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion to save the little girl from the Sheng clan.

Yu Huang had successfully made it out of the Time Valley alive, and had even become the top scholar in the Prosperous Capital.

Yu Huang was accepted into the Divine Realm Academy.

Yu Huang… defeated his third son!

Yesterday, when he received a call from the Divine Realm Academy and learned from Professor Mu that his youngest son had been defeated by Yu Huang in the Challenger League, Xuanyuan Shen thought that he had heard wrong.

Yu Huang?

That lowly girl who had awakened her beast form more than a year ago had actually defeated his son?

His son was a beast tamer at the peak of the Scholar late-stage!

This was impossible!

But Professor Mu said it was true.

Xuanyuan Shen doted on his third son the most. After learning that his third son was seriously injured, Xuanyuan Shen decided to personally go to the Divine Realm Academy to bring him home. At the same time, he wanted to see if that little girl called Yu Huang was really as formidable as Professor Mu

had said.

Thus, when Xuanyuan Shen saw Yu Huang, he subconsciously stopped in his tracks and carefully observed her.

Yu Huang was sitting in a wheelchair with a mask on her face. Thus, Xuanyuan Shen could not see the expression on her face, only her eyes.

And those eyes were calmly watching him.

Xuanyuan Shen could not help but feel shocked.

In the past, Yu Huang had never dared to look directly at Xuanyuan Shen. But now, the little girl’s hazel eyes were calm and unperturbed, without the slightest ripple. Naturally, there was no familiar fear or cowardice.

In the short span of a year, the changes that had happened to Yu Huang made it seem as if she had been reborn.

Xuanyuan Shen frowned and walked towards Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao came out from behind the wheelchair subconsciously and protected Yu Huang behind him like a guardian.

Sheng Xiao bowed to Xuanyuan Shen. “Mr. Xuanyuan, long time no see.”

Xuanyuan Shen stopped.

He stared at Sheng Xiao, who was completely blocking Yu Huang behind him. His expression was baffled.

Were they close?

Xuanyuan Shen did not dare to look down on Sheng Xiao, the young master of the Sheng family and the number one genius of the Holy Spirit Continent. He smiled and said, “Haha, so it’s the young master of the Sheng family.”

Xuanyuan Shen looked behind Sheng Xiao and pretended to be surprised. “Young Master Sheng knows Yu Huang?”

Sheng Xiao was about to reply when Yu Huang grabbed his hand and shook it. She was hinting for him not to say anything.

Sheng Xiao pursed his lips and did not answer Xuanyuan Shen’s question.

Yu Huang walked out from behind Sheng Xiao in a wheelchair. She looked up at Xuanyuan Shen and said coldly, “I’m not related to you. Isn’t it normal that you don’t know that Sheng Xiao and I are friends?”

Yu Huang laughed mockingly and said, “Do I have to inform Patriarch Xuanyuan who I know and who I’m friends with?”

Xuanyuan Shen was speechless.

Sheng Xiao was relieved when he saw that Yu Huang could deal with Xuanyuan Shen herself.

Sheng Xiao stood beside Yu Huang and placed his hand on her shoulder. Then, he told Xuanyuan Shen, “I know Yu Huang. She is my girlfriend.”

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Shen’s expression finally changed.

“Young Master Sheng.” Xuanyuan Shen looked at Sheng Xiao with a gloomy expression. He said, “Young Master Sheng, do you know that Yu Huang and my son were once engaged?”

Yu Huang swept a cold glance at Xuanyuan Shen. Behind him, Professor Mu also frowned.

Was this old man stupid or ignorant?

Wasn’t he giving Sheng Xiao a hard time by mentioning Yu Huang and Xuanyuan Jing in front of Sheng Xiao?

Sheng Xiao’s expression did not change. He nodded and replied, “A few days ago, your son lost to Yu Huang in the Challenger League. I believe that all the teachers and students in the school know about your son and Yu Huang’s engagement.”

Sheng Xiao’s words made Xuanyuan Shen’s expression darken.

Sheng Xiao continued, “It doesn’t matter who Yu Huang was engaged to. She is single again. I can pursue her. Besides…”

Sheng Xiao pursed his lips and said meaningfully, “My parents taught me that I should marry a virtuous wife since I was young, As for looks, they are just superficial. Patriarch Xuanyuan, don’t you think so?”

Xuanyuan Shen’s gaze was gloomy.

How could he not tell that Sheng Xiao was mocking him?

Xuanyuan Shen smiled insincerely and said, “Young Master Sheng is right.” He glanced at their tightly clasped hands and said, “I see that Young Master Sheng and Yu Huang have such a deep relationship. I wonder when I will have the chance to attend your wedding banquet at the Sheng Family’s home? I

think your father also admires Yu Huang. He will definitely wish for you to marry her as soon as possible, right?”

He did not believe that Sheng Lingfeng and his wife would allow their only son to marry an ugly woman from an ordinary family!

Sheng Xiao acted as if he could not hear Xuanyuan Shen’s sarcasm. He looked at Yu Huang affectionately and said gently, “As long as she agrees to marry me, the Sheng family will welcome her into our family!”

Yu Huang played along with Sheng Xiao’s act and acted shy and touched.

Seeing their interaction, Xuanyuan Shen only felt that it was ridiculous.

“Hal” Xuanyuan Shen thought that Sheng Xiao was lying. “Then, I’ll wait for your wedding!” Xuanyuan Shen turned around and said to Professor Mu, “Professor Mu, please bring me to see my child.”

Professor Mu frowned and nodded. “Please follow me.”

‘When he walked past Yu Huang, Professor Mu secretly patted Yu Huang’s shoulder while hinting that Yu Huang should not take offense with Xuanyuan Shen.

Yu Huang only said to Sheng Xiao when she heard their footsteps fading away. “Thank you.” She knew that Sheng Xiao said those words to Xuanyuan Shen on purpose to send a message to him.

Yu Huang was someone Sheng Xiao wanted to protect. If Xuanyuan Shen wanted to target her, he would have to think twice.

Sheng Xiao said, “I’m serious.”

Yu Huang asked him with a half-hearted smile, “Which sentence?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Every sentence.”

Yu Huang continued, “How can you be so sure that I am the person you truly want in this lifetime? This world is so big, and there are many women who are more outstanding than me. Aren’t you afraid that you will meet someone better than me in the future?”

Sheng Xiao looked proud. He said, “Yin Rong, Zhong Luoxue, Liuli Luoluo. Which one of them isn’t a talented girl from a prominent family?”

Sheng Xiao lowered his head and looked at Yu Huang seriously. He told her, “I’ve seen many outstanding and beautiful girls, but you are the only one that I can’t take my eyes off.”

Although she was ugly and had been engaged to someone before, Sheng Xiao could not take his eyes off her.

Yu Huang was a fatal attraction to Sheng Xiao.

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao looked at each other for a moment. Then, she suddenly said, “But I only can’t look away when I see money.”

Sheng Xiao’s expression darkened.

Yu Huang lowered her head and chuckled.

Sheng Xiao only realized that he had been fooled by her when he heard her laughter…

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