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Chapter 172: Within Two Moves, I Will Make You Cry

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Sheng Yang glared at Sheng Xiao and explained, “I was going to go in, but I pushed the door open and saw you sleeping with Yu Huang. I was afraid that I would see something inappropriate, so I stood guard outsid

She was standing in the corridor to keep a lookout for Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang. She was afraid that someone else might barge in and see something they should not have.

Sheng Xiao nodded and took a step back to let Sheng Yang in. “Alright, go in.”

Sheng Yang stepped in. Seeing that Yu Huang was still unconscious, she suddenly turned around and scolded Sheng Xiao sternly. “Brother, you can’t take advantage of her secretly. She is my friend.”

Sheng Xiao felt a little awkward. He coughed unnaturally and said, “I won’t.” He paused for a while and continued, “You don’t have to go to the arena today. You can stay here with Yu Huang.”

Sheng Yang rolled her eyes and pursed her lips. “I didn’t plan to go to the arena anyway. We’ve used up all our points. Na Luo and I are going to the Mission Hall to collect our mission cards to earn points. It’s fine if you let me take care of Yu Huang here, but I can’t do it without any compensation.”

Sheng Yang stretched out her right hand and said weakly, “20 points.”

Sheng Xiao snorted coldly. “You’ve grown up.” Although he said that, he still took out his point card and gave Sheng Yang 20 points.

After Sheng Yang received the points, she smiled at Sheng Xiao immediately. “Tl stay here tomorrow to take care of her.”

Sheng Xiao sneered. “It’s not your turn!” Today was the last day of the competition. Sheng Xiao would be fighting in the arena. Otherwise, Sheng Yang would not be taking care of Yu Huang.

Sheng Yang stuck out her tongue and closed the door. When she turned around, she saw Yu Huang staring at her with her round eyes.

Sheng Yang exclaimed, “You were pretending to be asleep just now!”

Yu Huang didn’t deny it.

Sheng Yang immediately felt that she was being nosy. Between her brother and Yu Huang, one wanted to take advantage of the other, while the other was willing to be taken advantage of. What was she worried about?

Sheng Yang noticed that Yu Huang was not wearing her mask. She stared at Yu Huang’s face openly for a moment before asking, “Can your face still be cured?”

Yu Huang looked at her with a spurious smile and asked Sheng Yang, “What? If I can’t be cured, are your parents going to stop me from being with your brother because I’m ugly?”

Sheng Yang quickly waved her hand and explained, “Of course not, my mother is your fan!”

Sheng Yang walked to the side of the bed and sat down. She held Yu Huang’s hand and told her about her mother’s obsession with Yu Huang.

She treated everyone to tickets to watch her movie, she collected DVDs of her movies, and every time there was a young lad or young lady celebrating their birthday, they would treat Yu Huang’s merchandise as a gift.

Allin all, there were so many funny things that Yu Huang couldn’t help but want to see her mother.

Her future mother-in-law was a die-hard fan of hers. This was quite interesting.

After Sheng Yang finished speaking, she sighed again. “After your disfigurement, my mother was very sad, she even found many healing medicines and sent them to your management company. Oh right, did you receive those medicines?”

Yu Huang shook her head. “No, the company didn’t give it to me.”

The agency was opportunistic.

Before Yu Huang was disfigured, she was the biggest moneymaker in the entire company. After Yu Huang was disfigured, the company followed the principle of making the best use of everything. They also wanted to use her disfigurement to hype things up and profit off of her.

Who knew that Yu Huang’s attitude would be so arrogant? She left the industry just like that. The company was so angry that they smashed her office. Naturally, those parcels would not end up in Yu Huang’s hands.

Sheng Yang also guessed that those things would not reach Yu Huang’s hands. She said, “When it’s the holidays, I’ll bring you back to Yufu City. My mother will be very happy to see you.”

Sheng Yang held Yu Huang’s hand and talked for a while. When she saw that Yu Huang was tired, she said, “Then quickly sleep. I’ll stay here with you. Call me if you need anything.”

“Alright.” Yu Huang thought of something and asked Sheng Yang, “How is Xuanyuan Jing?”

The moment she heard Xuanyuan Jing’s name, Sheng Yang couldn’t help spit. She scolded angrily, “Why are you still concerned about that dog? He’s not a human. His cultivation is higher than yours, so he already has a huge advantage fighting with you, yet he still has the face to invite a healer to help.

What a disgrace to men!”

Yu Huang waited for Sheng Yang to finish cursing before saying, “I was just afraid that I would accidentally kill him and get retribution from the Xuanyuan Clan.”

“What’s there to be afraid of? You’re a student of the Divine Realm Academy, the only dual cultivator on the Divine Continent! No matter how powerful the Xuanyuan Clan is, they only have two thousand years of history on the Holy Spirit Continent. The Divine Realm Academy is the only high school with

ten thousand years of history! Our academy isn’t afraid of the Xuanyuan Clan!”

Furthermore, Yu Huang was the great benefactor of the Sheng Clan. If the Xuanyuan Clan really wanted to cause trouble for Yu Huang, her father would not sit by idly.

Yu Huang laughed as well. “As long as he’s not dead.”


Yu Huang was really exhausted. After hearing Sheng Yang’s curses, she fell asleep again.

Seeing that Yu Huang had fallen asleep, Sheng Yang did not dare to make any more noise. She sat cross-legged on the small bed.

She had to cultivate hard and strive to defeat Na Luo next time!

Today was the last day of the group arena competition and was also the day of the Challenger League.

On this day, the battle was extremely intense. The three-thousand-meter arena had been shattered by the students several times. In the afternoon, the square was full of cracks, as if a huge earthquake had occurred.

‘When the sky was about to darken, the Challenger League finally came to an end. The top ten rankings on the expert rankings didn’t change at all, but the top 50 rankings seemed to have changed drastically.

Xuanyuan Jing had already been ranked 497th on the academy’s expert rankings, and after Yu Huang defeated Xuanyuan Jing yesterday, she replaced him.

Although she was ranked at the bottom of the list, she was the first student from the Divine Realm Academy to enter the list of experts as a new student. Even Sheng Xiao had only reached the bottom of the list when he was in his second year.

Yu Huang was the most impressive.

Xuanyuan Chen was still ranked second on the list. According to the rules, he had to challenge Sheng Xiao.

Although Xuanyuan Chen had always been defeated by Sheng Xiao, he was still able to hold on for thirty to forty minutes in the past.

However, ever since Sheng Xiao broke through his cultivation level last year and became a Supreme Master, Xuanyuan Chen would only end up being tortured when he fought with Sheng Xiao.

Even so, Xuanyuan Chen was not afraid to fight.

Xuanyuan Chen landed on the arena and cupped his fists at Sheng Xiao. “Xuanyuan Chen, I request to fight Senior Sheng Xiao!”

Sheng Xiao flew to the arena and stood opposite Xuanyuan Chen. He stared at Xuanyuan Chen for a while and suddenly said, “I remember that you are Xuanyuan Jing’s cousin.”

Xuanyuan Chen’s expression stiffened.

Xuanyuan Chen thought of Xuanyuan Jing’s shameless behavior yesterday and felt embarrassed and guilty. “Senior Sheng, he is him and I am me. Are you going to take your anger out on me because of Xuanyuan Jing’s actions? I’m different from him.”

However, Sheng Xiao, who had always been fair and just, was not going to let him off easily today. He said, “You are both surnamed Xuanyuan. In my opinion, you are the same.”

“Puck…” Even Xuanyuan Chen could not help but curse.

Sheng Xiao raised two fingers. “Tl make you cry in two moves.”

Xuanyuan Chen blushed at Sheng Xiao’s insult. “Sheng Xiao, don’t be too arrogant!” Then, he summoned his beast form.

Similar to Liuli Feng, Xuanyuan Chen also had a rare pure weapon beast form. His beast form was a heavy broadsword. The blade was pure black and the head of the blade was in the shape of a skeleton. There were complicated patterns on the blade.

This blade was called the Devil-Slaying Saber, and was a rarely seen weapon.

Sheng Xiao summoned the Black Qing Sky Dragon and started fighting with Xuanyuan Chen.

As the number one and number two masters of the academy’s expert rankings, their final battle had always been the most anticipated match for the teachers and students of the entire school. However, there was an exception this year. Xuanyuan Jing and Yu Huang, the resentful exes, overshadowed them.

Sheng Xiao and Xuanyuan Chen made their powerful moves.

Each of their moves was filled with a destructive aura. The spectating students were afraid of being accidentally injured, so they left the spectator stands and ran into the distant forest to watch the battle.

On the stage—

Sheng Xiao held the Dragon Sword tightly with one hand as he stood in the air. The Black Qing Sky Dragon roared at the sky. His roar caused ripples in the air.

Sheng Xiao became the center of the world. The power of the dragon surged toward him.

The sword energy from the Dragon Sword pierced through the clouds. Sheng Xiao held the sword in both hands and slashed at Xuanyuan Chen. He shouted in an imposing manner, “One sword to pierce through the clouds!”

The black sword’s energy cut a hole about 100 feet wide in the sky and headed straight for Xuanyuan Chen.

Xuanyuan Chen held the Dragon Slaying Saber with both hands. As he retreated, he raised the saber and drew a triangular rune in front of him. “It’s impregnable!”

He threw the triangular rune into the sky and chose to face Sheng Xiao’s attack head-on. The triangular rune enlarged endlessly in the sky and became a solid triangle.

‘The triangular body was flying at a high speed. It split into three sides to block Sheng Xiao’s attack.

Xuanyuan Chen was already sweating profusely by the time he did that. On the other hand, Sheng Xiao’s expression did not change at all.

“Is it impregnable?” Sheng Xiao sneered. “Then, I will destroy your fort today and make it bleed like a river!” Then, a pair of black dragon horns appeared on Sheng Xiao’s head. His neck and arms were covered with hard black dragon scales.

At that moment, Sheng Xiao’s aura became domineering and cold.

Seeing that, Xuanyuan Chen tightened his grip on the Demon Slaying Saber.

After becoming a Supreme Master, Sheng Xiao’s energy was like an abyss. No one could see through him or defeat him.

“One with the sword!”

Sheng Xiao threw the Dragon Sword into the deep space. The Dragon Sword turned into a black Atlas Dragon and dived down towards Sheng Xiao.

Sheng Xiao opened his arms and merged with Black Qing Sky Dragon while enduring the pain.

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, the Black Qing Sky Dragon and Sheng Xiao successfully merged. Sheng Xiao’s body tumed illusory, making him look fierce and sinister.

“One Sword Slashes the Heavens!”

Sheng Xiao suddenly charged toward the triangle. The dragon horn on his head broke through the wall of the triangle!


Xuanyuan Chen’s impregnable fortress instantly shattered into fragments that filled the sky..

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