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Chapter 171: I, Xuanyuan Jing, am not worthy of Yu Huang!


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Professor Zhong was unable to heal his soul, so she could only cast placate on him to make him feel better.

With Professor Zhong’s help, Xuanyuan Jing was temporarily revived, and his pale face gradually regained its color. Seeing that Xuanyuan Jing’s life was saved, Professor Zhong ran towards Jiang Wu.

Gold Ingot saw that Xuanyuan Jing’s expression was no longer as painful, so he snorted and said slowly on purpose, “Xuanyuan Jing, you are a beast tamer at the peak of the late stage, and you even invited a healer with a late stage cultivation, yet you still couldn’t defeat my student Yu Huang…”

“Since you’ve lost, you should accept your loss! Kneel down and apologize. Stop dawdling.”

Seeing that Professor Jin was supporting her, Yu Huang immediately felt proud.

Hearing Professor Jin’s words, Xuanyuan Jing, his eyes filled with pleading, instinctively looked towards Yu Huang.

However, Yu Huang’s expression was cold, and she was unmoved. If not for the school rules, Yu Huang would probably even have the intention of killing him. How could she forgive him?

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Jing knew there was no turning back.

After understanding the situation, Xuanyuan Jing had no choice but to accept his fate.

Xuanyuan Jing pressed his chest and struggled to stand up. He looked at Yu Huang deeply for a long while before clenching his fists and kneeling in front of her.

Seeing Xuanyuan Jing really kneeling down, the entire central plaza was silent.

Thousands of gazes landed on Xuanyuan Jing.

Xuanyuan Jing, the young master of the Xuanyuan Clan, who had awakened his beast form at the age of 15, had actually lost to a woman who had only awakened her beast form for less than a year!

They really didn’t know if he should praise Yu Huang for being too powerful or scold Xuanyuan Jing for being too cowardly!

After he knelt in front of Yu Huang, Xuanyuan Jing’s face was so pale that it looked like he had been smeared with a layer of foundation. His lips unconsciously moved up and down a dozen times before he managed to stammer out those words.

“Yu Huang, I, Xuanyuan Jing, have let you down. I… am not worthy of you!”

After a year and four months, Yu Huang finally used her own abilities to defeat Xuanyuan Jing, She showed everyone that even if she, Yu Huang, was disfigured and no longer a superstar, but was still someone that Xuanyuan Jing was not worthy of!

The moment Xuanyuan Jing said this, the letter of challenge on the Disciplinary Hall’s wall disappeared word by word.

As if she had come to a realization, Yu Huang suddenly looked up into the sky, and she finally revealed a relieved smile. After that, she couldn’t hold on any longer, and she knelt on the ground while spitting out a mouthful of blood!

“Yu Huang!”

Gold Ingot was the closest to Yu Huang. He was about to reach out to catch her when a blue shadow suddenly appeared in front of Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao knelt before Yu Huang and opened his arms to catch her.

Yu Huang knocked her head against Sheng Xiao’s chest.

Yu Huang was seriously injured. Her mind was disoriented, but she could hear Sheng Xiao’s heartbeat clearly.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

It was abnormal.

Yu Huang said in a weak voice, “Your heart is beating so… fast…”

Sheng Xiao’s heart was racing. He was so afraid of losing her.

Sheng Xiao’s hands were trembling as he held Yu Huang’s shoulders. He said, “Yu Huang, hold on. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Yu Huang’s vision became more and more blurry. Before she lost consciousness, she said to Sheng Xiao, “I won. Where’s your confession?” After asking, Yu Huang fainted.

Sheng Xiao held her in his arms and whispered something to her. Then, he turned to call Professor Zhong. “Professor Zhong! Come and examine her!”

Professor Zhong immediately abandoned Jiang Wu and rushed towards Yu Huang.

Without another word, Professor Zhong took out a healing pill from her interspatial ring and fed it to Yu Huang. Then, she said to Sheng Xiao, “Take her to the hospital. I will do a full body checkup for her.”


Professor Zhong then said to the others, “Bring Xuanyuan and Jiang Wu to the medical department!”

The medical center was located in the Healing Department. It was a five-storey building in a western-style building. It was actually a school hospital. It had modern high-end medical equipment that could help the Healer work more efficiently.

Sheng Xiao followed Professor Zhong’s instructions and placed Yu Huang on a small white bed. Then, he removed the metal mask and accessories on her face.

Sheng Xiao removed the mask from Yu Huang’s face. Professor Zhong could finally see Yu Huang’s real face. Half of her face was beautiful and the other half was ugly. It was a combination that made people uncomfortable.

Professor Zhong subconsciously frowned and sighed. Fate was unfair!

She glanced at Sheng Xiao and saw that he was still calm and composed after seeing Yu Huang’s true appearance. Her admiration for Sheng Xiao deepened.

“Her face…”

Sheng Xiao explained, “It was a fire. It happened last year.”

Professor Zhong nodded and pointed at the detector. “Push her into the detector.”


Professor Zhong did a full-body checkup on Yu Huang, only to discover that Yu Huang’s internal organs had been injured to varying degrees. Many of the bones on her back were broken.

She stared at the report that was analyzed by the detector and clicked her tongue twice. She stared at Yu Huang in admiration and sighed. “This girl is really resilient.”

Ina situation where her injuries were so severe, she was still able to hold on to execute the Blazing Moon Art and beat Xuanyuan Jing until she was on his last breath. She was indeed a ruthless person.

She was ruthless to others, but even more so to herself.

‘When Sheng Xiao read the report, his expression turned sour. He looked nervous and asked anxiously, “Can her body be cured?”

Professor Zhong smiled and said, “There’s no one that can’t be cured by me.” Healing-type beast tamers could cure all kinds of difficult diseases in the world, including cancer that medical technology couldn’t cure.

“Ineed to get her undressed for treatment. Go wait outside.”


Sheng Xiao left the treatment room and waited for two hours.

‘When Professor Zhong came out, her face was pale. When she met Sheng Xiao’s concerned gaze, she waved her hand and said, “I’m fine. I’ll be fine after a day of meditation.”

Sheng Xiao was relieved. He bowed to Professor Zhong. “Thank you, Professor Zhong.”

Professor Zhong noticed that Sheng Xiao was looking into the room. She found it funny. “Yu Huang is fine too. She will recover after a month of rest. You can go in and see her now.”

Sheng Xiao took a few steps toward the lounge. But, he retreated after a few steps.

Professor Zhong was surprised to see Sheng Xiao return. “What’s wrong?”

Sheng Xiao bowed to her again and said, “Professor Zhong, are you sure you can treat Yu Huang’s burns?”

Professor Zhong’s gaze darkened. She said, “Actually, I tried it just now.”

Sheng Xiao quickly asked, “What’s the result?”

Professor Zhong shook her head and said, “Those aren’t ordinary burns. In my opinion, the burns on Yu Huang’s face seem to be caused by a fire-attribute Beast Tamer.”

Sheng Xiao was stunned.

“professor Zhong, how did you come to such a conclusion?”

Professor Zhong said, “In this world, there are very few Beast Tamers who are lucky enough to grasp the power of nature, just like how Yu Huang can control the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame. And the person who harmed Yu Huang should also be a Beast Tamer who is good at controlling fire. And once

this flame harms someone, it will be permanent and irreparable.”

“Even our healing powers can’t heal her burns.”

Sheng Xiao frowned after hearing the explanation. He could not figure out who Yu Huang had offended that would attract the revenge of the beast tamer.

At the thought that Yu Huang would never be able to take off her mask and live a normal life, Sheng Xiao felt terrible. Sheng Xiao was unwilling to give up. He asked Professor Zhong, “Is there no other way to treat the wound on her face?”

Professor Zhong revealed a hesitant expression. “There is…”

“What is it?” Sheng Xiao seemed to have seen the light. His eyes lit up. He asked anxiously, “Professor Zhong, please tell me.”

Professor Zhong was glad to see Sheng Xiao’s reaction.

Professor Zhong asked Sheng Xiao, “Do you know about Cong Lang Mystic Realm?”

“Cong Lang Mystic Realm?” Sheng Xiao asked thoughtfully. “Professor Zhong, are you talking about the mystic realm that only appears once every 15 years?”

“That’s right.” Nodding his head, Professor Zhong continued, “I’ve read about the Cong Lang Mystic Realm before. According to the records, there’s an ice spring in that mystic realm, and there’s a kind of baby fish living inside. This baby fish has the body of a fish, and the baby’s limbs and cheeks. There

was once a Beast Tamer who lost a hand in the mystic realm. He accidentally ate a baby fish and actually grew a new arm.”

“This baby fish probably has a miraculous effect of regenerating flesh and blood. Perhaps you can try your luck in the mystic realm. Of course, this is just my guess. I can’t guarantee whether it will work or not.”

‘Whether it was useful or not, Sheng Xiao still wanted to explore the mysterious place. He cupped his hands and said, “Thank you, Professor Zhong.”

“Well, you can go see her.”


‘When Sheng Xiao walked into the lounge, he saw Yu Huang lying on the single bed with a pale face.

Professor Zhong placed the mask on the bedside table. Sheng Xiao stood by the bed and looked at Yu Huang’s face seriously. Suddenly, he reached out and gently rubbed Yu Huang’s right cheek.

The burn scars were uneven to the touch.

There wasn’t a girl who didn’t want to live beautifully.

“Don’t worry. I’ll fix your face.”

Sheng Xiao sat down beside the bed and held Yu Huang’s hand. He realized that Yu Huang’s body was extremely cold. It must be because she had bled too much.

Sheng Xiao opened the blanket and covered Yu Huang. He was worried that the blanket was too thin, so he took off his coat and laid down on the other side of the bed. Then, he gently hugged Yu Huang.

People who had lost too much blood always slept a lot. Yu Huang slept the entire time, and only when the sun was about to rise did her body fully recover.

Sheng Xiao got up from the bed when he noticed that Yu Huang was getting warm. He covered her with his coat before he opened the door and walked out.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Sheng Yang, who was cowering outside.


Sheng Xiao raised his eyebrows. “Why aren’t you going in?”

Sheng Yang stuck out her tongue at him and whispered, “Why don’t I go in? Don’t you know?” God knew how shocked she was when she pushed open the door and was about to go in and saw her brother lying on Yu Huang’s bed..

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