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Chapter 160: Sheng Xiao Challenges Yin Ya

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“yin Ya?” Yu Huang thought for a while and then asked uncertainly, “Is she the girl who started a dispute with us in the Mission Hall three months ago? The one who was punished by Senior Sheng to be confined?”

Yep.” Seeing that Yu Huang also remembered Yin Ya, Sheng Yang told her, “In the beginning, I only suspected her and wasn’t sure. For this reason, Na Luo and I specially went to bribe a female senior from their class and only found out the whole story from her.”

Yu Huang asked, “What exactly happened?”

“Didn’t Yin Ya get locked up for three days? She might have developed hatred towards you and had been looking for an opportunity to make fun of you. Last month, she saw you going to the market with my brother. Yin Ya was so angry that when she came back, she started a rumor saying that she saw you

coming out of my brother’s dormitory with your clothes in a mess…”

Even Sheng Yang was disgusted by Yin Ya’s manipulative actions. She spat and said, “This little bitch is good at stirring up trouble! As a member of the Yin Clan, she is really a disgrace to the Prime Master!”

Na Luo also cursed, “This person is really too outrageous!” Na Luo pressed Yu Huang’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be angry. We’ll avenge you!”

She and Sheng Yang had planned to challenge Yin Ya in the arena competition and beat her up until she cried for her parents.

However, Yu Huang shook her head and said, “No, I have to take revenge personally.” She had to teach Yin Ya the principle of getting beaten up if she said something wrong.

At the same time, the drawing of lots for the third grade combat specialization had ended.

Professor Doris, the referee, held a microphone and said, “The two students who have drawn the number one, please come on stage!”

Upon hearing that, two girls immediately stood up from the third grade’s Class B’s seats. They were about to head to the ring when they suddenly heard someone shouting, “Why is Senior Sheng here!”

The two girls looked up at the sky in surprise and saw a tall figure flying down from the sky on his sword before steadily landing on the arena of the third grade’s Combat Department.

Sheng Xiao’s sudden appearance stunned Doris, who was the referee, and all the students in the stands.

“Sheng Xiao!” Doris frowned. “What are you doing here?”

Sheng Xiao held his sword with both hands and bowed to Doris.

He straightened up, looked straight at Doris, and suddenly asked, “Professor Doris, according to the rules, every student can challenge the student they want to challenge during the arena matches, regardless of class, age, gender, right?”

Doris hesitated for a few seconds. Then, she nodded and said, “According to the rules, that’s right.” She could not guess what Sheng Xiao was up to. “What do you want to do?”

Sheng Xiao continued, “Similarly, the rules of the arena didn’t specify that students cannot challenge their opponents on the first day, right?”

Sheng Xiao’s voice was not loud, but there was an aggressive air about him. Doris could guess what he was trying to do. She was surprised.

Ever since Sheng Xiao became the disciplinary officer of the academy, he had never taken the initiative to challenge a student, let alone a third-year student.

Although she was surprised, she had to follow the rules since Sheng Xiao asked. She replied, “By right, students can challenge their opponents on the first day of the competition.”

Doris asked hesitantly, “Sheng Xiao, who do you want to challenge?” Recalling the changes that had happened to Sheng Xiao recently, she guessed something and asked in disbelief, “Are you going to challenge Xuanyuan Jing?”

Was he trying to stand out for his girlfriend?

On the spectator stand, Xuanyuan Jing and Doris had obviously thought the same thing. His expression instantly tumed gloomy.

Sheng Xiao was bullying him!

Sheng Xiao did not answer her question. He lifted his head and looked at Class A of the third grade.

Xuanyuan Jing thought that Sheng Xiao was really going to stand up for Yu Huang and issue a challenge to him. He was both angry and scared. His handsome face turned livid from anger and his lips trembled from fear.

Sheng Xiao did not call out that person’s name. A guillotine was hanging above Xuanyuan Jing’s head.

The two female students who were about to go on stage knew that they did not need to go on stage for the time being when they saw how aggressive Sheng Xiao was. They sat back down and watched the show quietly.

The commotion in the third grade’s Combat Department had long been seen by everyone through the air feed.

Sheng Yang stared at Sheng Xiao’s figure on the screen and asked in confusion, “What is my brother doing?”

Na Luo said, “Could it be that he really wants to challenge Xuanyuan Jing on behalf of Yu Huang?”

Yu Huang looked at the imposing man on the projection screen and shook her head. “He wouldn’t do that.”

Yu Huang could not help but smile when she guessed Sheng Xiao’s real motive.

Sheng Xiao’s gaze lingered on Xuanyuan Jing for almost half a minute. His gaze was full of oppression and Xuanyuan Jing did not dare to look at him directly.

Sheng Xiao scoffed. “Xuanyuan Jing will be challenged by others. He is not qualified to be challenged by me.”

These words were insulting enough, but when Xuanyuan Jing heard these words, he heaved a sigh of relief.

But if the person Sheng Xiao wanted to challenge wasn’t Xuanyuan Jing, then who was it?

Sheng Xiao looked down and shifted his gaze from Xuanyuan Jing to another girl.

The woman’s facial features were exquisite, and her slightly curly blonde hair was draped behind her head while emitting a gentle golden glow under the sunlight.

She was the famous beauty of the third grade, Yin Ya, a core disciple of the Yin Clan.

Everyone found it unbelievable that Sheng Xiao had his eyes on Yin Ya. Was he going to challenge a third-year girl?

Sheng Xiao’s gaze was so cold that Yin Ya felt a sense of cold terror.

She felt flustered at the thought of what she had done.

Yin Ya deliberately said those words to smear Yu Huang’s name. Her original intention was to vent her hatred. However, she didn’t expect the rumors to spread so quickly. Now, it had reached the point where all the students in the school knew about it.

Judging from the look in Sheng Xiao’s eyes, he must have heard the rumors. So, was Sheng Xiao here to seek justice for Yu Huang?

Yin Ya lowered her head and felt uneasy.

On the arena, Sheng Xiao slowly raised his index finger and pointed at Yin Ya’s name, just like how Satan did on the Life and Death Book.

“yin Ya of the third grade Combat Department Class A, I challenge you!”

The entire venue was in an uproar!

“Senior Sheng actually wants to challenge Yin Ya! He’s a senior who has graduated a long time ago. How dare he issue a challenge to a three-year-old girl? Isn’t he bullying her openly?”

“Huh? In Senior Sheng’s eyes, there is no difference between men and women when it comes to beast tamers. When did he ever show mercy when punishing those female students? I think Yin Ya must have offended Senior Sheng.”

“What did Yin Ya do?”

‘When Xuanyuan Jing saw that Sheng Xiao was going to challenge Yin Ya, he thought of the rumors that had been spreading in the school recently about Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang. He had a vague guess.

Could those rumors be spread by Yin Ya?

However, Xuanyuan Jing was still angry. He could not understand what was so good about Yu Huang that even Sheng Xiao, who was at the top, was willing to jump into the mud to support her!

The professors standing in the sky were puzzled when they heard that Sheng Xiao wanted to challenge a third-year girl, but they did not stop him.

They watched Sheng Xiao grow up. He knew the limits and was the most sensible person. He would never bully a girl for no reason.

If any girl was targeted by him, it must be that girl who did something wrong.

They trusted Sheng Xiao completely.

After being challenged by Sheng Xiao in front of all the teachers and students in the school, Yin Ya had to crawl to the ring and get beaten up.

Yin Ya stood up with trembling legs. She looked at Sheng Xiao with a pale face and said in a trembling voice, “Yin Ya… accepts the challenge!” How could she not accept the challenge?


When they realized that Sheng Xiao was going to challenge Yin Ya, the other rings stopped their matches. They looked up at the huge screen above them and watched the battle attentively.

‘When Yin Ya arrived at the ring, she looked at Sheng Xiao with tears in her eyes. Seeing Sheng Xiao’s indifferent expression, she clearly understood how ruthless this man was.

In the face of a woman’s tears, his heart did not soften in the slightest.

Knowing that Sheng Xiao would not let her off today, Yin Ya gritted her teeth and summoned her beast form.

Yin Ya’s beast form was a golden-eyed python. The python’s body was pitch-black and it was 30 feet long. There were black horns on its head, but there was only a single golden pupil on its head.

Yin Ya was the strongest beast tamer in the third grade besides Xuanyuan Jing. In the past, when she faced challengers, she always had a proud expression when she released her beast form.

However, when she unleashed her beast form today, she looked like she was about to cry.

The golden-eyed python was summoned. It rolled around in the air several times before returning to Yin Ya’s back. It curled its tail around Yin Ya and put its tongue on her shoulder.

The woman and snake looked mighty and imposing.

Yin Ya touched the black horn on the head of the golden-eyed python and whispered to Sheng Xiao, “Senior, Senior Sheng, Yin Ya requests to fight!”

Sheng Xiao nodded coldly.

He held the sword in his right hand and drew a simple sword flower in the air. The tip of the sword pointed towards the sky, and the battle suit on his body suddenly started moving without any wind.

The sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds. It was as if a storm was about to come. At the same time, a thick, black beastly spiritual energy emerged from between Sheng Xiao’s eyebrows and shot into the sky.


Before seeing Black Qing’s figure, they heard Black Qing’s deafening dragon roar.


Another deep dragon roar was heard as Black Qing finally appeared.

Ever since Sheng Xiao’s cultivation broke through to the Supreme Master tier, Black Qing had also grown a little. He was now 500 feet tall.

Compared with the enormous Black Qing, the golden python that coiled around Yin Ya’s body suddenly looked like a small earthworm. It was neither big nor strong enough to fight..

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