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Chapter 159: Dirty Rumors

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Seeing how optimistic Feng Si was, even Sheng Yang admired him. She said to Yu Huang, “I can’t bear to see Feng Si getting beaten up by the people from the Support Department later.”

“Not necessarily.” Yu Huang tilted her head and asked Sheng Yang, “Even though they know you’re trash, would your parents spend a huge sum of money to send you to the Divine Realm Academy?”

Sheng Yang thought for a while before saying: “No, but they will do their best to help me raise my cultivation level.”

Yu Huang nodded. She said, “The Sheng Clan, the head of the Hundred Great Cultivation True Clans of the Holy Spirit Continent, would not do such a foolish thing for the sake of their child. Then, as a third-class clan, why would the Feng Clan send their child to the Divine Realm Academy?”

Sheng Yang was stunned. “You mean.

“Feng Si is definitely not as simple as we think he is.” The fact that Feng Si dared to snatch the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl from the Black Dome indicated that he wasn’t someone who would resign himself to fate.

He definitely didn’t come to the Divine Realm Academy to slack off.

After listening to Yu Huang’’s analysis, Sheng Yang felt that she was still too young. She only looked at appearances, in contrast to Yu Huang, who saw the big picture.

Right at this moment, a series of inspiring war drums suddenly resounded throughout the square.

Professor Mu flew high into the sky. She stared at the young faces beneath her and announced in a loud and clear voice, “Divine Realm Academy’s fourth season’s arena matches officially begin!”

‘As soon as Professor Mu finished speaking, more than two hundred figures flew out from the distant forest, either sitting or standing in the sky. They were all professors from the academy.

Sheng Yang told Yu Huang, “During the group arena competition, the professors will stand guard here as the referees to prevent students from cheating and preventing others from beating their opponents to death.”


‘The group arena competition was divided into four segments.

1. The class’s internal group arena competition.

Second, the group arena competition between classes.

Third, the group arena competition between grades.

4, the group arena competition between masters.

‘The first segment was the group arena competition

that every student had to participate in. The school would write the names of all the students on paper and put them into a box. All the students would line up to draw lots.

‘Whoever drew it would have to fight with it. Whether the opponent was strong or weak depended on luck.

‘As the only student in Class S, Yu Huang had no opponents, so she had to accept a challenge from a Class A student after the group arena competition match.

The group arena competition was going to be held for five days. The first two days were usually class competitions. The third day was the interclass challenge. The fourth day was the intergrade challenge. The fifth day was the challenge between the masters.

The battle between Yu Huang and Xuanyuan Jing would happen on the fourth day.

“The class draw will begin now!”

The students all stood up and walked towards the arena. Soon, some students returned to the spectator stand with small slips of paper.

Liuli Feng sat diagonally in front of Yu Huang.

He sat down and opened the small slip of paper. After seeing his opponent’s name clearly and feeling that he was not a threat, he turned around and said to Yu Huang, “Tomorrow afternoon, I will challenge you as the representative of Class A.”

Yu Huang’s gaze was indifferent as she stared at him, and she let out a lazy grunt.

‘When Liuli Feng saw Yu Huang’s attitude, he wasn’t sure if she would accept his challenge. “Will you accept my challenge?”

Yu Huang was amused by Liuli Feng’s childish behavior. “Yes.”

Yu Huang’s eyes were the finishing touch on her face. Her eyes were glistening brightly. When she smiled, they curved into a pair of crescent moons, and her eyes were as bright as stars.

‘When Liuli Feng saw Yu Huang’s smile from a close distance, he was somewhat stunned. He couldn’t help but think: If Yu Huang wasn’t disfigured, then those so-called top ten beauties in the academy would probably have to step aside.

After getting Yu Huang’s affirmation and achieving his goal, Liuli Feng turned around.

He stared at the people drawing lots on the stage for a while, then suddenly turned around and said to Yu Huang, “Actually, you’re not ugly. We all know that those rumors are fake. You don’t have to care too much.”

Yu Huang was stunned.

She leaned forward suddenly and was very close to Liuli Feng. “What rumors?” she asked him.

Yu Huang’s sudden approach made Liuli Feng a little nervous. A hint of a blush appeared on his face.

Liuli Feng stammered and explained, “They… they said that you’re ugly and Senior Sheng liking you must be your… your…”

Liu Lifeng was too embarrassed to say these words. He gritted his teeth and said, “In short, if you hear these rumors, just treat them as bullshit!”

Even if he didn’t say anything, Yu Huang could roughly guess what the latter half of the rumor was about. She said thoughtfully, “They say I’m frivolous and I’m good in bed?”

Liuli Feng’s face turned even redder. “It’s… it’s all rumors.”

He did not deny it. It seemed that Yu Huang had guessed correctly.

Yu Huang retracted her upper body and sat in her own seat. When she saw Liuli Feng looking at her with an uneasy expression, she said, “It’s alright. I’ll let them know that not only am I good in bed, but I’m also good at hitting people.”

Liuli Feng wanted to persuade her a little more, but he wasn’t eloquent. He was afraid that he would make things worse by saying too much, so he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Soon, Sheng Yang and Na Luo came back from drawing lots.

Both of their expressions were very strange, as if they had swallowed a fly. Yu Huang sensed that their mood wasn’t quite right, so she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Na Luo handed the small piece of paper in her hand to Yu Huang and said, “See for yourself.”

Yu Huang opened the note and lowered her head to look. She saw Sheng Yang’s name.

She was speechless.

“How coincidental.”

Sheng Yang exhaled and said to Na Luo, “Na Luo, friendship doesn’t matter in the competition. I won’t go easy on you during the competition.”

‘Don’t worry,’ said Na Luo. ‘I won’t go easy on you either.’

Na Luo took back her note. She noticed that Yu Huang’s gaze was a little gloomy. She could sense that Yu Huang was in a bad mood, so she asked, “Yu Huang, did someone make you unhappy?”

‘When Sheng Yang heard this, she also looked at Yu Huang’s face. Indeed, there was no mirth in Yu Huang’s eyes. She looked gloomy, as if someone who had stolen her point card.

Sheng Yang rarely saw Yu Huang truly angry. Who had provoked her?

Yu Huang glanced at the two of them and suddenly said, “You heard those rumors, right?”

Both Sheng Yang and Na Luo fell silent upon hearing this.

Seeing this reaction, what did Yu Huang not understand? “Tell me, how did the rumors spread?”

Na Luo did not dare to say it. She was afraid that Yu Huang would go crazy after hearing those unbearable rumors.

Na Luo was not there at the time. When she heard the rumors, she was so angry that she wanted to capture the person who spread the rumors and beat him up, let alone Yu Huang herself.

Sheng Yang avoided the topic and said, “The rumors aren’t very nice. They’re all saying that you’re not good enough for my brother. You must have used other means to become my brother’s girlfriend.”

Yu Huang asked, “What method?”

Sheng Yang did not dare to speak anymore.

Seeing that they were in a difficult position, Yu Huang didn’t force them. She asked Sheng Yang, “Did you find out? Where did these rumors come from?”

Rumors were related to Sheng Yang’s best friend and her brother. Yu Huang believed that Sheng Yang had inquired about it.

Sheng Yang had indeed asked around.

‘When Yu Huang asked, Sheng Yang immediately revealed an indignant expression on her pretty face.. She asked Yu Huang, “Do you still remember the girl called Yin Ya from the third grade?”

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