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Chapter 158: Expert Ranking

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Professor Gold came and went like the wind.

After he left, Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang looked at each other. For a moment, they did not dare to talk to each other. They were afraid that Professor Gold would come out from behind another tree if they said something.

After a while, Yu Huang coughed and asked Sheng Xiao, “Do you want to participate in the competition too?”

“Of course.”

Seeing that Yu Huang was still unclear about the rules, Sheng Xiao told her, “Every disciplinary officer in the Divine Realm Academy is appointed by the top expert on the list. In the Four Seasons Competition, the disciplinary officer must accept the challenge from the second strongest person on the list.

This battle is called group arena competition.”

“If I guard the arena, I will continue to be a disciplinary officer. If I do not hold the arena successfully, I will hand over the position of disciplinary officer.”

After hearing the explanation, Yu Huang suddenly felt that the school was inhumane. “Is the competition that intense? Have you ever lost before?”

Sheng Xiao looked proud. “I have never lost before!”

Sheng Xiao looked proud. “I have never lost before!”


‘What Sheng Xiao did reminded Yu Huang of what happened during the beast awakening ceremony last year. That day, Sheng Xiao also tapped her forehead with his finger and blessed her with good luck.

But it was useless. She still did not awaken her beast form.

Yu Huang grabbed Sheng Xiao’s finger and said, “I don’t believe in this anymore.”

Sheng Xiao frowned. “What do you believe then?”

Yu Huang let go of Sheng Xiao’s finger and smiled. She said, “I believe in myself.” Then, she turned around and walked down the mountain. Without the pressure stone, Yu Huang walked briskly and soon reached the bottom of the slope.

Sheng Xiao looked down at Yu Huang’s upright figure and smiled.

The next morning, Sheng Yang and Na Luo walked out of the room after dressing up for battle. They saw Yu Huang sitting in the living room.

“Yu Huang, when did you come back last night?” Na Luo didn’t hear anything.

“Around two.”

Yu Huang stood up, and when she saw that Sheng Yang and Na Luo had already finished packing up, she said, “Let’s go. We’ll have a full meal this morning, and only then will we be able to display our strength in the combat arena.”


The group arena competition was held once every three months. It was held four times a year, and each cycle lasted five days.

Today was the first day of the group arena competition, and the atmosphere in the academy became tense. The students were all rubbing their fists and rubbing their palms while preparing to show off their skills in the group arena.

As soon as she walked out of the dormitory, Yu Huang discovered that a translucent wall had appeared in the sky above the Divine Realm Academy. This had never appeared before.

She asked Sheng Yang, “What’s that?”

Sheng Yang raised her head to look at the wall and told Yu Huang, “This is the top 500 rankings of the academy. Every time the group arena competition is held, this ranking list will float in the sky. In the group arena competition, whoever enters the rankings and is kicked out will be updated


“Tsk tsk.” Yu Huang shook her head and sighed, “In order to urge us to improve, the academy is really willing to do anything.”

Sheng Xiao was ranked first on the rankings. His name was written in bold golden font. Behind his name was written: 150 battles. 150 victories. 0 losses.

He was the undisputed God of War!

The person in second place was a senior named Xuanyuan Chen. His name was written in light silver, and the name at the back was: 145 matches. Victory: 90 matches. Defeat: 55 matches!

Yu Huang had never seen Xuanyuan Chen before, but she had heard of his name. Xuanyuan Chen was a cousin of Xuanyuan Jing, and this person was a martial arts fanatic.

Sheng Yang whispered into Yu Huang’s ear, “Xuanyuan Chen lost all 55 matches to my brother.”


‘When Na Luo heard Sheng Yang’s words, she looked at Sheng Xiao like a fangirl for the first time. “Senior Sheng is amazing.” She turned to look at Yu Huang. She finally felt that Senior Sheng and Yu Huang were quite compatible.

On the other hand, the 3rd position on the rankings board was a female senior called Liuli Luoluo. Her name was in light blue, and behind her name was written: Battle 158, Victory: 120, Defeat: 38.


Liuli Luoluo was the only female student in the top ten of the expert rankings. Yu Huang, wanting to get to know her, stared at Liuli Luoluo for a while longer.

When Sheng Yang saw that Yu Huang was interested in Liuli Luoluo, she immediately felt a sense of danger. She used a hostile tone to tell Yu Huang, “Liuli Luoluo is Liu Lishao’s elder sister. You met Liuli Shao last year at the Lou Lan Ancient Pavilion. You have to stay away from Liuli Luoluo. This woman

is especially evil!”

It was rare for Yu Huang to see Sheng Yang so hostile towards a girl. She thought that the two of them had formed a blood feud. Yu Huang hurriedly asked, “Do the two of you have a feud?”

“It can’t exactly be called a feud…” Sheng Yang curled her lips and said, “This woman’s chest is especially big, and she once said to my face that I’m flat-chested. Hmph! When I become a master, I’ll surely blast her chest apart! I’ll let her have a taste of flat-chestedness!”

Chest size was Sheng Yang’s taboo. Sheng Yang would remember Liuli Luoluo’s insult for the rest of her life.

Yu Huang was speechless.

Na Luo stole a glance at Sheng Yang’s front and retorted softly, “She’s indeed insulting you. You’re not flat-chested. You still have a little.”

Sheng Yang shot a cold glance at Na Luo and said through gritted teeth, “Na Luo, I’ll be the first to challenge you later.”

Na Luo covered her mouth as she giggled. Yu Huang lowered her gaze and glanced at Sheng Yang before she added in a low voice, “I think Na Luo is right.”

“Should we sever ties?”


The three of them laughed for a while before quieting down.

Na Luo looked up at the rankings and said with a yearning expression, “When can I enter the expert rankings?”

Sheng Yang said, “Before I graduate, I must enter the top ten of the expert rankings!”

Yu Huang stared at the top three positions on the ranking list and couldn’t help but lick her rosy lips. She said, “Set a small goal. I want to kick your brother down from the top position before graduation!”

‘When she heard this, Sheng Yang couldn’t help but pour cold water on Yu Huang. “Then you probably won’t be able to wait until that day.”

Yu Huang chuckled and said, “That’s easy. If I win, I’ll immediately graduate and marry your brother. If I can’t win, I’ll stay in the Divine Realm Academy forever.”

Sheng Yang scolded her, “You’re so shameless!”

“alright, let’s go eat breakfast.” Yu Huang wrapped her arms around Sheng Yang and Na Luo’s shoulders and brought them to the canteen.

During the group arena, the food in the canteen was even more sumptuous. In order to accumulate strength, Na Luo earned 10 points in one go and bought two plates of food.

‘As she ate the sausages and ate the porridge, she even took some time to tell Yu Huang, “The more I eat, the more energy I have. I’ll have more explosive power during the competition later.”

Yu Huang gave the mackerel on her plate to Na Luo. “You can do it.”

“Thank you…”

Every year, the Four Seasons Grand Tournament would be held in the central plaza. The plaza there was large, and one would only be able to use it in battle.

After dinner, the three of them hurriedly took a bird to the central square.

The central plaza was divided into 36 circular arenas. The three departments of the 12th grade could compete at the same time. A ring-shaped viewing platform was built next to each arena, making it convenient for the students of the various departments to watch the progress of the competition.

Not only that, but there was also a huge projection screen above the plaza. When the group arena truly began, the real-time videos of all 36 arenas would be projected onto the screen.

No matter which viewing area one sat in, as long as one raised their head, they could see the entire competition schedule on the square.

It had only been a few years since the development of the airdrop technology, and it was currently widely used in large-scale international entertainment activities. Only the top international singers and actors could use such a device.

Divine Realm Academy was indeed rich!

This was all thanks to the contributions of students like Feng Si.

Yu Huang was still thinking about Feng Si when she saw Feng Si walking towards her quickly. “Yu Huang! How are your preparations? Are you confident in defeating Xuanyuan Jing?”

Yu Huang said, “T’ll give it my all.”

She noticed that Feng Si had taken off his glasses and was wiping the lenses with a piece of flannel.

This was the first time Yu Huang had seriously looked at Feng Si without his glasses. His eyes were a beautiful amber color that was clear and charming. He was born with a fair face and indeed had the potential to be a pretty boy.

Yu Huang asked him, “What’s the degree of your short-sightedness?”

Without looking up, Feng Si said, “I’m not short-sighted.”

Yu Huang was baffled. “Why are you wearing glasses if you’re not nearsighted?”

Feng Si adjusted his glasses and said, “Don’t you think I look more handsome and refined with my glasses on?”

Hearing this, Sheng Yang pretened to retch.

Yu Huang burst out laughing. She said, “No wonder your beast form is the Charming Colored Butterfly.” The beast form attribute was the most realistic reflection of a Beast Tamer’s heart. It was precisely because Feng Si was narcissistic that he had awakened the Charming Colored Butterfly.

Feng Si’s expression immediately turned ugly.

“alright, let’s not talk about this anymore.” Yu Huang asked Feng Si, “You’re a Beast Tamer with D-rank potential. In a while, when those new students see that you’re easy to bully and want to challenge you, will you accept the challenge or forfeit?”

For the strong, coming to the group arena competition was an opportunity for them to display their skills and climb up the rankings. But for the freshmen, the group arena was a proper assessment competition.

The total score for the annual assessment of the Divine Realm Academy was 100 points. Among them, the Four Seasons group arena took 50 points, and the graduation assessment mission took 50 points every July.

In every examination, students had to achieve a score of 60 before they could be considered to have passed. Only then would they be able to enter the next grade.

According to the rules of the group arena, every student had to participate in at least five challenges every year, and they had to win one match before successfully completing the graduation assessment mission. Only then would they be able to successfully graduate.

Those who failed for three consecutive years would be expelled from the school and kicked out.

Hence, Feng Si, who was defined by the crystal tablet as a D-rank potential, became the easiest opponent to defeat. He would definitely become the pitiful person who was challenged the most.

How could Feng Si not know this?

He resigned himself to his fate and said, “There’s nothing we can do. We can only deal with whatever comes our way.” His parents had spent a lot of money to send him to the Divine Realm Academy. Even if he was beaten up, he would have to endure it for three years before he could pack up and leave.

Yu Huang patted Feng Si’s shoulder sympathetically. “All the best.”

The group arena competition was about to begin. Feng Si saw that almost all the students from the Support Department were here. He patted Yu Huang’s shoulder and said, “I’m going to get beaten up. All the best!”

Feng Si tumed around and ran towards the Support Department.

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