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Chapter 157: Yu Huang: How Perverted!

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After learning about the birth process of the Blazing Moon Art from Gold Ingot, Yu Huang finally understood why her father had left those words in the cultivation technique’s image.

Yu Huang bowed to Gold Ingot and said, “Thank you for your teachings, Professor. I will study this cultivation technique well.”

“You can continue practicing. I’ll go look for something to eat first!” Gold Ingot was a Taotie Beast, so he was very greedy. He did not stay with Yu Huang for long before running off to look for delicious food.

After Gold Ingot left, Yu Huang continued to cultivate the Blazing Moon Art and attempted to bring her love into it.

She loved her father, her father, her adoptive parents and her mentor. She loved Sheng Xiao very much too. But, even if she practiced the Blazing Moon Art with this love, she still could not bring out the true power of the technique.

She really could not understand this cultivation technique. Yu Huang felt that the time was not right, so she decided to put the Blazing Moon Art aside and focus on practicing controlling the Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame.

A month passed in the blink of an eye.

Winter had arrived. The forest behind the Divine Realm Academy’s back mountains was red. Leaves fell onto the ground, layer upon layer, and dyeing the entire mountain range red.

At dusk, a fire phoenix soared in the sky against the setting sun.

“Swish!” Xuan Yu circled in the sky a few times. Sensing Yu Huang’s call, it swooped down with a cry and landed on Yu Huang’s shoulder.

After this period of painstaking cultivation, Yu Huang’s cultivation had improved greatly, and her spiritual energy had become much richer. Xuan Yu had even grown a little.

Currently, Xuan Yu’s appearance was completely different from that of a small duck. A few gorgeous red feathers had grown on its wings, making it look like a phoenix.

Yu Huang rubbed Xuan Yu’s head, and Xuan Yu raised its head to kiss Yu Huang’s chin. Yu Huang suddenly heard the sound of footsteps, and the person walked towards her while stepping on the withered leaves of the mountain. His footsteps were steady, and he seemed like an acquaintance.

Yu Huang turned her head and looked down the path.

‘The winding stone stairs were covered with fallen leaves. Sheng Xiao was wearing a blue low-collared sweater and a navy blue coat.

It had been a month since she last saw Sheng Xiao and missed him. Yu Huang patted Xuan Yu’s head. Xuan Yu turned into a red light and flew back to Yu Huang’s forehead.

Yu Huang then asked Sheng Xiao, “Senior Sheng, why did you come to the mountain to look for me today?”

In fact, Sheng Xiao came to visit Yu Huang often. But, he did it secretly so that Yu Huang would not find out. But, Sheng Xiao would never tell Yu Huang about it.

Sheng Xiao walked to Yu Huang. He stared at Yu Huang’s collarbones and long arms outside her white cami. He guessed that Yu Huang must have been training so hard that she forgot to eat and sleep and had no idea what season it was now.

Sheng Xiao took off his coat and put it on Yu Huang. He told her, “Tomorrow is the day of the competition. Don’t practice today. Rest for half a day.”

Yu Huang was shocked. “Tomorrow is the group arena competition?”

“Yes.” Sheng Xiao asked, “Are you nervous?”

Yu Huang’s smile instantly vanished. The day of the arena competition had arrived, which meant that she and Xuanyuan Jing were going to compete officially.

Sheng Xiao took out two bottles of wine from his interspatial ring. He shook the wine pot and asked Yu Huang, “Do you want some?”

Yu Huang looked at the wine, shook her head and laughed. “What is this? A party before being tortured?”

Sheng Xiao said, “Let’s celebrate our victory in advance.”


Yu Huang carried the pressure stone on her back and sat down with Sheng Xiao on a big rock.

Sheng Xiao opened the pot and passed a bottle of wine to Yu Huang. “This is Green Plum Wine. My mother brewed it.”

Yu Huang took a sip.

Even though it was Green Plum Wine, Yu Huang still felt that it was very strong. She told Sheng Xiao, “I can’t hold my liquor well and I’m not good at drinking either. When I drink too much, I like to call people to settle accounts.”

Naturally, Sheng Xiao remembered since Yu Huang had settled accounts with him. “It’s alright. You don’t have your phone with you anyway.”

Yu Huang thought about it and agreed. Relieved, she drank a large mouthful of wine and even burped. “It’s really delicious. Your mother’s craftsmanship is really good.”

Sheng Xiao said subconsciously, “If you like it, you’ll have plenty of chances to drink it in the future.”

Yu Huang could tell what Sheng Xiao was implying. However, she was too focused on the competition to flirt with him.

In next to no time, the pot of wine was almost finished by Yu Huang.

Yu Huang, her eyes filled with a hint of drunkenness, stared at the pattern of green plums on the wine pot. She felt that the plums looked like green apples.

She knew she was drunk and quickly shook her head. “I’m drunk,” she said.

“Then stop drinking.” Sheng Xiao reached out to take the wine bottle from Yu Huang’s hand, but she refused to let go.

She looked down at Sheng Xiao’s well-defined hand and suddenly let out a long sigh. She said guiltily, “My dear Sheng, you have no idea how guilty I feel!”

Sheng Xiao was speechless.

He, unsure if “dear Sheng” meant him or not, hesitated.”… You’re really drunk.”

Sheng Xiao looked at Yu Huang’s tipsy face and asked curiously, “Why do you feel guilty?”

Yu Huang rubbed her hand against Sheng Xiao’s.

Sheng Xiao moved his fingers but did not retract them.

Yu Huang turned her head to look at Sheng Xiao’s young and beautiful body. The guilt in her eyes intensified. Yu Huang bumped her head against Sheng Xiao’s chest. She mumbled incoherently, “I shouldn’t have craved for your body. I feel guilty…”

Sheng Xiao was confused.

What nonsense was this drunk talking about?

Holding back his laughter, Sheng Xiao asked Yu Huang patiently, “Are you craving for my body?”

The alcohol made Yu Huang slow down. She thought about it and decided to be truthful.

She nodded seriously. “Yes.”

Sheng Xiao asked again, “How do you crave my body?”

Yu Huang raised her right hand and pressed her index and middle fingers on the mole beside Sheng Xiao’s Adam’s apple. She said in a daze, “You should wear a turtleneck sweater in the future. I don’t want to bite you whenever I see your mole.”

Yu Huang’s words made Sheng Xiao feel numb all over.

Sheng Xiao did not dare to ask any more questions. He was afraid that he would not be able to control things if he asked too much. After all, he was still young and vigorous. His body could not take any titillation.

Yu Huang’s fingers were still on Sheng Xiao’s Adam’s apple. Her breathing slowed down and she fell asleep.

She breathed hot air into Sheng Xiao’s collarbone. Naturally, he did not dare to move.

‘Yu Huang woke up. It was late at night.

She opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Sheng Xiao’s clean jawline. The second thing she saw was the starry sky.

Her head felt a little stiff. It was only then that Yu Huang realized that she had fallen asleep on Sheng Xiao’s lap. She was even wearing Sheng Xiao’s coat.

Sheng Xiao was meditating with his eyes closed.

Yu Huang didn’t dare to move. She laid there for a minute before she remembered what happened before she got drunk.

She had embarrassed herself more than she ever had for the past two hundred years.

Yu Huang got up quietly from Sheng Xiao’s arms. Her movements were gentle but it still woke Sheng Xiao up. Sheng Xiao held her shoulders and helped her sit up. Then, he said, “Are you sober?”

Yu Huang quickly took off her coat and stuffed it into Sheng Xiao’s arms. She tidied her hair and lowered her head. “I have a habit of talking nonsense when I’m drunk. I didn’t say anything weird to you, did I?”

Sheng Xiao looked at her with a complicated expression. “You did.”

Yu Huang’s expression stiffened slightly.

Normally, Sheng Xiao should have answered no.

Yu Huang could not pretend that she did not hear Sheng Xiao’s reply. She lowered her head and asked softly, “What did I say?”

Sheng Xiao was straight to the point. “You said you’re craving my body.”


Yu Huang quickly stood up, jumped off the rock, and walked out of the forest. As she walked, she said, “I want to go back to the dormitory and have a good sleep to conserve my energy.”

Sheng Xiao knew that she was angry and wanted to escape.

Yu Huang was walking slowly with the pressure stone on her back. Sheng Xiao followed behind her slowly. He was trying to scare her. “That’s not all. You even said that you like me a lot and miss me even in your dreams.”

Yu Huang subconsciously said, “Nonsense. I didn’t say those two sentences…” After she finished speaking, Yu Huang realized that she had fallen into a trap.

This b*stard looked like a decent person, but when he was up to no good, he was quite the troublemaker.

Yu Huang turned around and saw Sheng Xiao’s half-hearted smile. She gritted her teeth and said, “Sheng Xiao, there are a lot of people in our school who want your body. Why? You’re so handsome and elegant. Why can’t others think about you?”

Seeing that she had finally admitted it, Sheng Xiao’s smile became even more obvious. He bent down and almost touched Yu Huang’s forehead. He said, “Of course I won’t allow anyone to think about my body, but you can.”

Yu Huang pushed him away. “How perverted!”

Damn it!

While they were fooling around, Gold Ingot’s voice rang above their heads. “Hey, it’s the middle of the night. Sheng Xiao, why aren’t you staying in the dormitory? Why are you with Yu Huang in the woods?”

Hearing the voice, both of them were shocked.

Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao looked up at the same time. They saw Gold Ingot leaning against the trunk of a big tree. They did not know how long he had been sitting there and peeping.

No matter how thick-skinned Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao were, they felt embarrassed now. Sheng Xiao’s face flushed.

Yu Huang pulled Sheng Xiao behind her and hid him. She pointed at Gold Ingot and said angrily, “Professor Gold Ingot, you’re old, so don’t be disrespectful.”

Gold Ingot covered his eyes and said in an exaggerated tone, “Then I beg you to feel sorry for me, this old man. Don’t be lovey-dovey in the territory where I cultivate.”

This was indeed Gold Ingot’s territory.

Now, it was Yu Huang’s turn to be speechless.

Sheng Xiao regained his composure. He took a step forward and stood beside Yu Huang. He looked up at Gold Ingot and asked, “Professor Gold, why are you looking for Yu Huang?”

Gold Ingot said, “Nothing much. I just came to see how my student’s preparations are going and whether he has the confidence to enter the top 500 in the group arena competition. I just didn’t expect you to be more concerned about your little junior than me.”

Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang were both Gold Ingot’s students. They were indeed fellow apprentices. “Junior” was a proper title, but Gold Ingot had a different meaning.

Sheng Xiao and Yu Huang knew how improper Gold Ingot was. They did not answer him.

Gold Ingot saw that the two of them had suddenly fallen quiet and naturally felt bored.

He reached out his hand to brush away the pressure stone on Yu Huang’s head and said, “I will also go watch the battle. Don’t disappoint me and embarrass me.”

With that said, Gold Ingot’s figure disappeared.

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