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Chapter 153: Still a Child

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Yu Huang was brought to the office by Professor Mu.

Professor Mu was an elegant and noble old woman. Under her professor robe, she always wore a long silk dress. Her hair was always combed neatly, and the earrings she wore never clashed.

Just like her, her office was decorated in a very tasteful manner. The sapphire blue European-style curtains hung in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving the entire office a sense of elegance.

Yu Huang stood in the vice-principal’s office wearing a crumpled school uniform while feeling out of place.

Professor Mu opened the fridge and took out a few pieces of bread and a box of yogurt. He placed them on a beautiful plate and placed them on the table in front of Yu Huang.

Yu Huang stared at the plate and instantly had the illusion that she was a princess of the royal family with a noble status.

Professor Mu smiled kindly and said to her, “Aren’t you hungry? Let’s talk while we eat.”

“Thank you, Professor Mu.” Yu Huang picked up the milk, took a sip from the straw, and took the initiative to ask Professor Mu, “Professor Mu, what is a Divine Master seed candidate?”

Earlier, when she woke up, she had heard someone mention Divine Master seed candidate. This was the blind spot of Yu Huang’s knowledge. If she did not know, she would not feel at ease.

Professor Mu told her, “Beast Tamers who have comprehended the power of a Divine Master are called Divine Master seed candidates.”

Yu Huang pointed at herself. “Did I comprehend the power of a Divine Master?”

“It’s you.” Professor Mu smiled kindly at her, as if she was afraid of scaring Yu Huang, She asked her gently, “Can you tell me what you experienced just now?”

Yu Huang recounted her experience. “Just now, I was suddenly brought to a world I had never been to before. That place was desolate and there was only a pyramid. I cultivated inside for ten days before I was ejected from that world.”

“You actually stayed in that world for ten days?” Professor Mu sighed with emotion. “As expected of the power of the Divine Master. Ten minutes in the real world is ten days in the world of divinity.”

Yu Huang also realized that the flow of time in that world was different from the outside world’s. She felt that it was rather magical. Yu Huang asked Professor Mu, “Professor Mu, how can I comprehend the power of the Divine Master?”

Yu Huang also realized that the flow of time in that world was different from the outside world, She felt that it was rather magical. Yu Huang asked Professor Mu, “Professor Mu, how can I comprehend the power of the divine image?”2

Yu Huang herself was also confused. She said honestly, “I don’t know why either. When I saw the sky full of Kong Ming Lanterns earlier, I was suddenly pulled into that pyramid. If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t even know that I comprehended the power of the Divine Master.”

Professor Mu was a little disappointed. She said, “It seems that whether or not one can comprehend the power of the Divine Master depends on one’s talent.” The word ‘talent’ could kill a ship full of people with one strike.

“Professor Mu, can a Beast Tamer who has comprehended the power of the Divine Master become a Divine Master?” Yu Huang felt her heart burning with excitement.

“No.” Professor Mu shook her head and sighed. “Whether or not one can comprehend the power of divinity is the key to determining whether or not a Beast Tamer can become a divinity master. Very few people in the three thousand worlds have comprehended the power of a Divine Master, but not a single

person became a Divine Master.”

“In the three thousand worlds, it has been many years since a Divine Master appeared.”

These words were like a bucket of cold water splashed on Yu Huang’s head. She immediately calmed down.

Seeing Yu Huang’s depressed expression, Professor Mu could understand her dejection. She comforted Yu Huang, “However, you being able to sense the power of the Divine Master is a form of affirmation from the heavens. Yu Huang, you have talent that others cannot compare to. I hope you won’t waste

your talent.”

Yu Huang took note of Professor Mu’s earnest advice and only returned to the dormitory after finishing the few pieces of bread.

After returning to the dormitory, Yu Huang was pulled by Sheng Yang and Na Luo to sit on the sofa in the living room. She listened to them kiss up to her for a long time before she was allowed to return to her room to rest.

Yu Huang was lying on her bed, but she couldn’t fall asleep no matter what.

She did not understand why there were no Divine Masters in this world. Since there were no Divine Masters, why would there be Divine Master seed candidates?

Yu Huang only managed to fall asleep after half the night had passed. Just as she was sleeping soundly, she suddenly heard Professor Gold’s energetic voice shouting from the dormitory, “Yu Huang! Get down here! It’s time for class!”

With this roar, not only did Yu Huang wake up, but all the students in the dormitory were also awakened.

Yu Huang immediately put on her clothes and ran downstairs. Professor Gold led her to the back of the mountain.

Gold Ingot threw Yu Huang on the ground and placed the pressure stone on Yu Huang’s head again. He said to her, “Don’t think that just because you’ve comprehended the power of the Divine Master that you’re so powerful. We still have to practice what we should.”

Yu Huang did not refute Professor Gold’s words. She got up and started training without a word.

To Professor Gold, he had only given Yu Huang a day off. However, Yu Huang had spent ten days in the pyramid. When she carried the weighting stone on her back again, she felt her spiritual power being suppressed and her movements becoming sluggish. Yu Huang actually felt a sense of familiarity.

She walked three hundred steps in one breath. It was already dark.2

When Professor Gold saw that she could finish these three hundred steps without stopping, a look of satisfaction finally appeared in his eyes. However, he was afraid that Yu Huang would be too proud, so he said with a fierce expression, “That’s still not enough. When you can move freely with the weight

enhancement stone on your back and can spar with me for a while, you’ll graduate from my place successfully.”

Even someone as outstanding as Sheng Xiao took nine years to graduate from Professor Gold. Yu Huang felt that the road ahead was long. She nodded and said, “I will graduate successfully!”

“Hmph! Who knows.” For the next half a month, Professor Gold stayed behind the mountain to train with Yu Huang.

The wind blew, the sun shone, and the rain poured. She trained everyday.

In the blink of an eye, it had been two months since Yu Huang entered the Divine Realm Academy. The Divine Realm Academy had finally given them half a day off while allowing them to take back their phones and contact their families.

Yu Huang, who had been cultivating diligently, suddenly found Professor Gold and requested for leave.

Professor Jin was sitting on a tree while chewing on a plate of spicy duck collarbone. He glanced at Yu Huang lazily and asked, “Why are you taking leave?”

‘When Yu Huang smelled the enticing spicy aroma, her gluttonous spirit came alive.

She gulped and said, “The school is distributing cell phones today. I want to call my father.”

Professor Gold asked her, “Who are your family members?”

“.. Tm an orphan with only one foster father.”

“Tsk, how troublesome!” Professor Gold threw all the remaining duck clavicles on the plate to Yu Huang and waved her away with an irritated expression. “Get lost, get lost!”

“Thank you, Professor Gold!”

Yu Huang took the duck collarbone with both hands while chewing as she ran in the direction of the academy. Professor Gold looked at her back and shook his head while sighing, “She’s still a little kid.”

Yu Huang went to Doris’ office to retrieve her phone. She really wanted to give her father a video call immediately. However, she felt that her body was dirty. Afraid that her father would be worried if he saw her, she returned to her room to take a shower and change into a red dress. Only then did she grab

her phone and go to the small garden beside Weiyang Lake to contact Yu Donghai..

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