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Chapter 152: Comprehending the Power of Divine Image

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There was no need for lessons the entire day. There was also a group of Kong Ming Lanterns at night to pray for blessings.

After returning to school for lunch, the students took the materials to the field and personally made Kong Ming Lanterns. They drew on them and wrote prayers.

Yu Huang made a total of two Kong Ming Lanterns.

She picked up her pen and drew the outline of a loving couple on the first lamp. This lamp was placed for her adoptive parents in the end of the world. She prayed that her adoptive parents would come back alive and meet again. She prayed that they could have a baby of their own.

She then drew the outline of a family of three on the second lamp. It was for her mother, who had stayed behind in the Upper World alone. She prayed for her mother’s health and for their family to reunite early.

Na Luo saw that Yu Huang had made two Kong Ming Lanterns. She walked over and took a closer look. Seeing that the paintings on the two lamps were different, she asked Yu Huang, “Is the family of three on this lamp you and your parents?”

Yu Huang acknowledged it.

Na Luo pointed at the couple in the other light. “Who is this again?” she asked.

Yu Huang was about to explain when Sheng Yang walked over. Her beautiful face was filled with a teasing smile as she asked Yu Huang, “Is it you and my brother?”

In the distance, Sheng Xiao’s ears twitched. He suddenly looked at Yu Huang.

Yu Huang met Sheng Xiao’s gaze. She shook her head and said, “No, they are a kind couple. They have passed away.”

Sheng Xiao looked away.

He held his pen and did not paint for a long time. He stared at the Kong Ming Lantern in front of him for a long time before drawing an animal that looked like a duck. He wrote beside the duck: “The country is prosperous, the people are safe, and life is peaceful.”

Yu Huang saw the little duck on Sheng Xiao’s Kong Ming Lantern. She pursed her lips and smiled. Then, she heard Na Luo muttering beside her, “Yang Yang, why do you always associate Yu Huang with your brother?!”

Sheng Yang despised Na Luo for being stupid. Just as she was about to explain, she heard Na Luo say with a look of disdain, “Mr. Sheng is like a block of ice. He’s seven years older than Yu Huang. He’s so old, so how can you pair him with Yu Huang? I think Liuli Feng and Mr. Xiao Shu are both better than Mr. Sheng, right?”

Sheng Yang was speechless.

Sheng Xiao tilted the pen in his hand. The last stroke of the unfinished word ‘Qing’ suddenly moved to the right, ruining the vibe of the entire calligraphy painting

Yu Huang could not help but laugh when she saw Sheng Xiao’s handwriting lengthening

“Na Luo, you’re still young. You don’t know how good an old man is.” Yu Huang patted Na Luo’s shoulder and told her, “When you get enlightened, you’ll know how good an old man is.”

Sheng Xiao narrowed his eyes. Why was a 26-year-old man deemed an old man?!

Na Luo understood what Yu Huang meant. She was indirectly admitting that she and Senior Sheng were indeed a thing. However, Na Luo could not understand why these two people had a good impression of each other.

Was it the chemistry between the strong?

As they chatted, the sky darkened.

Everyone lit up all the Kong Ming Lanterns and closed their eyes to pray for the last time before releasing the Kong Ming Lanterns.

Thousands of Kong Ming Lanterns were released at the same time and floated into the sky of the Divine Realm Academy. They would carry the hopes of countless people and hang in the sky forever by turning into stars.

Yu Huang looked at this dreamlike scene and her consciousness suddenly fell into a mysterious state. She did not notice that there were traces of weak pale golden light surging into her body from all directions.

Sheng Yang noticed Yu Huang’s change and was somewhat shocked. “What is this?”

Doris happened to be standing beside Yu Huang and the others. After releasing the Kong Ming Lantern, she lowered her head and noticed the changes in Yu Huang.

When Doris saw this scene, she thought of something and hurriedly ran towards the vice dean. Her voice was trembling with excitement as she said, “Professor Mu, a student of ours seems to have realized the power of the divine image!”

Hearing this, Professor Mu was stunned. He grabbed Doris’s hand and asked anxiously, “Where is that student?!”

“It’s the freshman student from Class S, Yu Huang! Follow me!” Doris brought the vice dean through the crowd and arrived beside Yu Huang.

The vice dean watched as the weak golden light surged into Yu Huang’s body. She grabbed Doris’s arm and sighed. “It’s really the power of the divine image!”

The surrounding students sensed this change and also looked at Yu Huang.

Sheng Xiao walked through the crowd to Yu Huang’s side. He saw that Yu Huang’s eyes were closed. It was obvious that she had realized something. Sheng Xiao did not dare to disturb Yu Huang. He looked at the vice dean and asked, “Professor Mu, what is the power of divinity?”

Professor Mu looked at Yu Huang with excitement in his eyes. He could not conceal his excitement as he said, “When I was a child, I went to the Upper World to study. I saw some documents about Divine Master in the Upper World.”

“It is rumored that only Beast Tamers who have comprehended the power of the divine image have a chance of becoming a Divine Master! And those who have successfully comprehended the power of the divine image are called the seeds of the Divine Master.”

Tears welled up in Professor Mu’s eyes as she sighed with excitement. “God didn’t abandon our Holy Spirit Continent! A Divine Master seed has finally appeared on our Holy Spirit Continent!”

Upon learning that the new student Yu Huang was actually a Divine Master seed, the expressions of the other students became complicated.

Some were happy for her, while others were jealous of her talent.

How young was she? How did she comprehend the power of the divine image?

When Sheng Xiao found out that Yu Huang had realized the power of divinity, he looked at her with a burning gaze. Yu Huang, you really keep giving me surprises.

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Jing, who was standing at the back of the crowd, turned ashen after hearing Professor Mu’s explanation.

He stared at Yu Huang’s masked face in a daze and only felt that it was ridiculous and laughable. Didn’t they say that there were no Divine Masters in this world anymore?

Yu Huang was born into an ordinary family and her looks were ruined. What right did she have to become a Divine Master seed?!

Although Yu Huang had extraordinary talent, there were many more talented Beast Tamers than her. Wasn’t Sheng Xiao also an S-rank Beast Tamer who had awakened her super beast form?

Even Sheng Xiao could not become a Divine Master. How could Yu Huang?!


Xuanyuan Jing suddenly thought of Yu Huang’s determined and proud expression when she made a bet with him a year ago, and a suffocating feeling suddenly formed in his chest. “Hmph!” Xuanyuan Jing suddenly clutched his chest, and a trace of blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

He hurriedly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and staggered out of the field.

Nothing was more shocking than Yu Huang becoming a seeded contestant of Divine Master.

Yu Huang had no idea how great of a commotion the changes that had happened to her had caused.

Because her consciousness had already left her body and been pulled into a strange world.

This world was barren. There was only a desert as far as the eye could see. In the middle of the desert, there was a golden triangular tower that was very similar to the pyramids of Earth in her memories.

She stood outside the tower and pondered for a moment before walking in.

The golden light inside the pyramid was dazzling.

Yu Huang did not understand why she would appear here. With the thought of taking things as they came, Yu Huang decided to sit cross-legged in the pagoda.

Instead of wasting time, it was better to concentrate on cultivation.

Yu Huang sat there for the entire day.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw that she was still in the tower. She felt that she couldn’t just sit without doing anything, so she got up and left the pyramid before walking towards the distant desert.

She walked in the desert for a day without seeing a single plant. She immediately gave up on the idea of leaving. From the looks of it, it was impossible for her to take the initiative to leave this place. She could only wait until the time was up before she was ejected from this world.

Yu Huang returned to the pyramid. With nothing to do, she decided to enter seclusion and research the Blazing Moon Art.

According to her memories, Yu Huang clumsily imitated the move Yin Mingjue used when he used the Blazing Moon Art. However, even though it was clearly the same action, Yin Mingjue seemed impressive when he did it, while she seemed to be messing around.

Yu Huang was somewhat dejected.

She remembered that her father had said that when practicing the Blazing Moon Art, the most important thing was comprehension, not imitation.

However, comprehending this thing had always been profound and difficult. Sometimes, you would spend ten years without being able to comprehend the profundity within it, and when you had a flash of inspiration, you might instantly comprehend the truth within.

After Yu Huang thought it through, she was in no rush to comprehend the cultivation technique. She decided to first learn the cultivation technique and its moves before pondering over the cultivation technique’s soul.

Ten days passed in the blink of an eye.

On this day, after Yu Huang finished practicing her cultivation technique, she saw that the sky was about to darken again. Just as she was planning to sit down and rest like usual, her feet suddenly trembled, as if there was an earthquake.

Yu Huang hurriedly flew up and saw that this world had activated the self-destruct sequence. The desert instantly collapsed into nothingness, and immediately after, the pyramid was destroyed.

The entire world shook violently. Yu Huang felt as if she was being pulled by some kind of force again. When she opened her eyes again, she had returned to the real world.

She stood on the spot while many people surrounded her and chatted.

Seeing that Yu Huang had finally woken up, Professor Mu hurriedly came to her and stared at her carefully for a moment before asking, “Yu Huang, have you realized anything?”

Yu Huang rubbed her stomach and said, “I feel so hungry.”

Everyone was speechless.

Yin Rong suddenly burst into laughter.

Some students directly ridiculed, “What’s going on? Isn’t she a seeded contestant of a Divine Master? Didn’t she comprehend the power of the divine image? In the end, she only realized that she was very hungry. What the heck?”

“Looks like the seeded contestant of a Divine Master is only so-so.”

Professor Mu glanced at the gossiping students behind her. Her usually gentle gaze suddenly became as sharp as a knife, scaring the students into closing their mouths.

“Divine Realm Academy is a place to teach you all to become successful, not a place to teach you all to become gossipy. If you have the time to ridicule others here, why don’t you go back and diligently cultivate to increase your cultivation level to see if you can comprehend the power of divinity?!”

After being scolded by Professor Mu, the students dispersed. However, the matter of Yu Huang becoming a Divine Master seeded contestant was destined to become a hot topic of discussion tonight.

After scolding away these narrow-minded students, Professor Mu then said to Yu Huang, “Yu Huang, follow me..”

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