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Chapter 151: Sheng Xiao, Let My Bloodline End With Me

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Knowing that this thing was not a snack but a special nutritional agent, Yu Huang tore open the sealed membrane on the beverage can and drank up the beverage in a few mouthfuls.

The taste of this beverage was actually a little a popular drink. After drinking it, she felt her stomach warm up.

Yu Huang still wanted to drink after drinking it. She asked Sheng Xiao, “Is there more?”

Sheng Xiao could tell that she was pretending. He said, “I don’t share things like that with others easily.” Of course, good things could only be shared with family members.

Sheng Xiao tapped his finger on the interspatial ring and said, “I still have a lot of this. After you defeat Xuanyuan Jing, you can drink as much as you want.”

Yu Huang felt sweet inside, but she said, “Mr. Sheng, you’re heartless.”

Twenty minutes later, the flying bird stopped in the central square. The students lined up and were led to the Hall of Fame by the vice dean and the Year Head.

The vice dean was in charge of the ritual and was a gray-haired female professor. She did not look old, and the students called her Professor Mu.

Dressed in a professor’s robe, Professor Mu stood on the stage and said loudly, “All teachers and students, sing the requiem to comfort the souls!”

The students opened their mouths in unison and chanted the requiem.

The requiem had no lyrics. It was a majestic pure song with the aim of praising the greatness of the ancestors and the heroic act of sacrificing oneself to save others.

Yu Huang chanted the requiem and raised her head to look at the sky. She could vaguely see faint light flickering in the sky. They said that it was the souls of the ancestors who did not want to be rested and were continuously protecting this world.

After singing the requiem, everyone queued up to go to the statue to commemorate their ancestors.

The Hall of Fame worshiped six statues of their late predecessors. In the first place was a beautiful woman in a bright dress.

This woman was Prime Master Goldfeather, the founder of the Divine Realm Academy and the true founder.

According to the information recorded, Prime Master Goldfeather came from the Upper World. She was a battle-type Beast Tamer, and her cultivation level was unfathomable. She cultivated a Divine Rank spatial cultivation technique, and relying on her own strength, she established an independent

space that was impregnable, and she established the Divine Realm Academy in this space.

In second place was the disciple of Prime Master Goldfeather, Prime Master Guan Xing, This Prime Master was also very outstanding. He had once led the Divine Realm Academy to the Upper World to participate in the Three Thousand Worlds High School Alliance Tournament and ranked in the top ten.

Under his leadership, the Divine Realm Academy had once become one of the top ten schools in the three thousand worlds. Unfortunately, during the thousands of years of evolution, the Divine Realm Academy had long fallen off the stage of the top ten schools.

At third place was a man with a human body and a snake tail. He was called Prime Master Fu Tian by later generations.

Prime Master Fu Tian was a child born from the union of a human woman and a prince of the Beast Clan. He had been taken care of by his human mother and had spent his entire life working to improve the relationship between humans and nonhumans.

Three thousand years ago, the relationship between humans and non-human beings was extremely strained. It could be said that they were like fire and water that could not coexist. When they met, they would fight. This relationship only changed after Prime Master Fu Tian appeared.

Under the efforts of Prime Master Fu Tian, the humans signed a truce with the nonhumans and established a friendly cooperative relationship to start trade.

After three thousand years of development, humans and nonhumans could now coexist peacefully.

The fourth and fifth Prime Master were all people who had made outstanding contributions to the Holy Spirit Continent.

The sixth was the selfless Prime Master.

Professor Mu stood in front of the selfless Prime Master and raised her head to look at the statue of the Prime Master. Her eyes were slightly red as she choked on her tears and said, “The selfless Prime Master Yin Mingjue is a graduate of the 7005th batch of our school. He is also the personal disciple of

our school’s Dean.”

Yu Huang was stunned.

Her father was actually the dean’s personal disciple? In that case, wasn’t the dean her grandteacher?

“19 years ago, 200 young heroes of the continent gathered at the Central Pagoda to charge into the pagoda, but they were attacked by an unknown force from the outside world. 199 top young Beast Tamers died in the Central Pagoda. In the critical moment, it was the Prime Master who sacrificed himself,

to block the space-time gate and block the connection between the Holy Spirit Continent and the Upper World to save the Holy Spirit Continent from suffering.”

“We will never forget this kindness!”

Professor Mu looked at the Prime Master and bowed down. He said loudly, “All teachers and students, bow three times to the Prime Master and forever remember the Prime Master’s sacrifice!”

Upon hearing this, more than seven thousand faculty members bowed three times to the statue of the Prime Master. Some of the professors who knew Yin Mingjue were even secretly wiping their tears.


After the ceremony, on the way back, influenced by their predecessors, these students were all in low spirits.

Yu Huang lowered her eyes and looked at her hands. She was thinking about all these things. Sheng Xiao saw that she was not in a good mood and said, “Death is inevitable. You don’t have to be sad.”

Yu Huang looked up at Sheng Xiao and asked, “Were you sad when the Prime Master passed away?”

Sheng Xiao’s eyes flickered. He looked into the distance and refused to answer.

How could he not be sad?

Sheng Xiao was a fan of the Supreme Master. He had admired the Prime Master since he was a child. He even thought about becoming the Prime Master’s disciple after he awakened his beast form.

However, before he could awaken his beast form, the Prime Master passed away.

After a while, Yu Huang heard Sheng Xiao say, “Work hard to become stronger. Becoming someone like him who cares about everyone in the world is the best way to remember him.”

Yu Huang suddenly laughed. “You’re right.”

At this moment, Yu Huang suddenly heard Xiao Shu asking Yin Rong, “Rong Rong, I heard that the Prime Master has a daughter who is still missing. Has the Yin Clan found her all these years?”

Yin Rong sighed and said, “Of course. In the first few years, the Patriarch sent many people all over the world to search for the child’s whereabouts. But 19 years have passed, and there’s still no news of that child. I’m afraid she’s most likely dead.”

“Sigh!” Xiao Shu turned around and looked at Yin Mingjue’s statue in the Hall of Fame. He sighed. “That child’s whereabouts are unknown. How can he rest in peace without her?”

Sheng Xiao suddenly said, “If she’s alive, you have to see her to be sure. If she’s dead, you have to see her corpse to be sure. If you don’t see her corpse, how can you confirm that the child is no longer around?”

Xiao Shu and Yin Rong did not dare to say anything else when they heard Sheng Xiao.

Some time ago, they had heard a hot rumor. It was said that their Brother Xiao had an engagement with the daughter of the Prime Master! With this relationship, Brother Xiao naturally could not accept the news that the child might have passed away.

Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiao with mixed feelings.

Sheng Xiao saw Yu Huang’s complicated gaze and misunderstood her.

His engagement with the Yin family’s young master was fake, but he did not know why it spread in the school. Sheng Xiao thought that Yu Huang had heard the rumors too. He felt guilty.

Sheng Xiao coughed unnaturally and explained in a serious tone, “The rumors are fake. I just can’t bear to see his only daughter wandering outside. I want to find that child so that he can rest in peace.”

Yu Huang knew that Sheng Xiao was telling the truth. She asked deliberately, “What rumor is it? I’ve never heard any rumors about you. Tell me.”

So Yu Huang didn’t know.

Sheng Xiao was relieved. He shook his head. “Nothing.”

Yu Huang deliberately tried to frighten Sheng Xiao. She said, “If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll ask Yin Rong. They must know.”

Xiao Shu’s hearing was sharp. When he heard Yu Huang’s words, he quickly turned his head and told her, “Don’t you know? Brother Xiao and the little Young Master of the Yin Clan had an engagement before?!”

Yu Huang looked at Sheng Xiao with a faint smile. She said in a sarcastic tone, “Is that so?”

Sheng Xiao suddenly glanced at Xiao Shu coldly. “Would it kill you not to speak?”

Xiao Shu was startled.

Although Sheng Xiao was cold and merciless when he punished students who broke the rules, he would not flip out on someone for no reason.

Xiao Shu had known Sheng Xiao for many years. This was the first time he had suffered Sheng Xiao’s anger.

Xiao Shu was confused. What had he done wrong?

Yin Rong hurriedly grabbed Xiao Yu’s arm and pulled him back. She scolded him softly, “Are you stupid?! Mr. Sheng and our Young Master have an engagement, and the Young Master’s whereabouts are unknown. You’re still laughing at him? Why wouldn’t he scold you?”

Xiao Shu was enlightened and quickly slapped himself.

However, Sheng Xiao’s expression darkened when he heard Yin Rong’s explanation.

He wasn’t!

He didn’t!

He had no engagement with the daughter of the Prime Master. That was just a joke between the Prime Master and his father. Now, everyone thought that he had an engagement with that child. He would never be able to clear his name.

Sheng Xiao was helpless. He turned around and glared at Yu Huang. He emphasized again, “I’m not engaged to the young master of the Yin family! That’s just a joke between my parents! Even if the young master of the Yin family is still alive, I won’t marry her!”

He was afraid that Yu Huang would misunderstand him. If he didn’t explain clearly, he wouldn’t feel at ease.

Yu Huang narrowed her eyes, as if she did not believe him. She deliberately emphasized, “That’s your idol’s daughter. Are you really not going to marry her?”

Sheng Xiao shook his head firmly. “No way!”

Yu Huang teased him deliberately, “Then what will you say if you marry her in the end?”

Sheng Xiao gritted his teeth and said, “I will have no children!”

Yu Huang suddenly put her two fingers together and pressed them against Sheng Xiao’s lips. She spat and said, “Take back your words. Do you think I don’t trust you?”

What no children? That would mean her children!

Sheng Xiao was relieved to see that Yu Huang still believed him.

At the front, Yin Rong and Xiao Shu heard the two people behind them muttering something. They turned around and were shocked to see Yu Huang pressing her finger on Mr. Sheng’s lips.

Xiao Shu and Yin Rong muttered, “When did Yu Huang’s relationship with Mr. Sheng become so good?”

Yin Rong didn’t reply.

Although Sheng Xiao’s voice was soft when he was explaining to Yu Huang, they still heard some of the conversation. Yin Rong thought to herself, ‘Mr. Sheng has always been indifferent about rumors. Why did he explain it to Yu Huang?”

Could it be…?

Abold thought appeared in Yin Rong’s mind, and her eyes suddenly lit up.

Anew couple was born!

‘Thus, on the way back to school, Yin Rong could not help but secretly peek at the two people in the back seat. When she saw how Mr. Sheng occasionally peeked at Yu Huang, Yin Rong knew that her guess was right.

No one expected that Mr.. Sheng had finally fallen in love with someone, and that was Yu Huang!

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