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Chapter 149: The Principal’s Protection

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Upon hearing Gold Ingot’s words, Yu Huang felt enlightened. Previously, she was still complaining about Gold Ingot’s tragic and inhumane behavior. Only now did she understand his painstaking efforts.

“Twill obey your instructions!” Yu Huang lowered her eyes and circulated her spiritual power seriously while walking forward step by step.

Seeing that she had understood his thoughts, Gold Ingot’s expression finally improved. “From now on, you will practice here for me. When can you carry it and walk three hundred steps in one go, I will let you out of the mountain!”

Yu Huang widened her eyes. She said, “I haven’t started fasting yet!”

Gold Ingot smiled slyly. “That’s easy!”

He suddenly took thirty steps forward and placed a bag of nutrient rations on the ground. Then, he took another forty steps forward and threw down another bag of rations. Then, he took another fifty steps forward and threw down the third bag of rations…

Yu Huang was dumbfounded.

Gold Ingot stood 300 steps away and waved at her. He smiled and said, “Good child, I wish you the best of luck!” With that, Gold Ingot disappeared from the spot.

Yu Huang felt despair for a moment.

She stared at the bag of dry food in front of her and felt extremely distressed. However, when she thought of Yin Mingjue, Yu Donghai, and Xuanyuan Jing, she clenched her fists again and gritted her teeth as she slowly moved forward.

Every step was a struggle with all her might.

‘When she arrived at the first bag of dry food, the sky was already dark. Yu Huang tore open the dry food and wolfed it down. She was so hungry that only a small piece was left. Only then did she smell the dry food.

This taste was really delicious!

As she ate, she complained that Professor Gold was not human. If this dry food was hard to swallow, it would be fine, but it happened to be delicious. She would miss the next one after eating one, and if she wanted the next one, she had to continue walking forward…

Yu Huang laid on the ground and stared at the stars in the sky. She suddenly thought of Sheng Xiao.

What was Sheng Xiao thinking when he was thrown into the forest for cultivation?

Yu Huang closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She then resigned herself to fate and climbed up. She moved forward step by step. Late at night, the school was silent. The back mountain was so quiet that one could hear the snoring of the little animals.

Yu Huang was still cultivating. Her progress became slower and slower. She could barely take a step after 30 to 40 minutes. However, the more painful it was, the more energetic she became.

Sheng Xiao stood on a towering tree. He looked at the lonely but stubborn figure in the distance under the cold moonlight.

When he saw that Yu Huang had collapsed because of her lack of strength, but she had climbed up without a word, his eyes were filled with heartache, but the corners of his mouth were curled up.

“Come on, Little Yu…”

Yu Huang felt as if someone was peeping at her from behind. She suddenly turned around and looked behind her, but saw nothing.

Could it be that Professor Jin was secretly observing her?

At the thought of this, Yu Huang didn’t dare slack off.

Yu Huang cultivated until three o’clock in the night. She was finally exhausted and plopped down on the spot.

At six in the morning, Yu Huang, who had been recuperating for three hours, opened her eyes and breathed out. She opened her eyes and looked up at the obsidian above her head. She hurriedly stood up and continued her cultivation.

Perhaps it was because she had rested for three hours, but when she moved forward again, Yu Huang felt that the sluggishness in her body was not as serious as it was yesterday.

This time, she took ten steps in one go before she felt exhausted.

She gritted her teeth and took 30 steps in one go before finally obtaining the second piece of dry food. Yu Huang ate this piece of dry food very slowly. She chewed and swallowed slowly, but was unwilling to swallow it.

On this day, Yu Huang was concentrating on cultivating when lightning suddenly flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky of the Divine Realm Academy.

Yu Huang thought that it was going to rain, but no raindrops fell. On the other hand, the lightning in the sky came in waves, and the thunder accompanying it was getting more and more terrifying.

All the dark clouds gathered on the field of the Divine Realm Academy. Lightning revealed a hideous demonic claw in the sky. Immediately after, a bolt of lightning descended from the sky and struck the field!

Yu Huang was so frightened that she trembled.

She suddenly realized that this was not a thunder formation rain at all, but tribulation lightning!

Someone was undergoing tribulation.

Gold Ingot suddenly appeared beside Yu Huang. He stared at the distant thunder and told Yu Huang, “It’s Professor Zhong from the Healing Department who is undergoing tribulation.”

That clap of thunder had an imposing aura. Yu Huang was so frightened that her face turned pale. She subconsciously asked him, ‘What tribulation?”

Gold Ingot said, “Grand Master tribulation.”

Yu Huang asked again, “Do Beast Tamers have to undergo tribulation every time their cultivation advances?”

“Of course. The higher your cultivation level, the stronger the power of the tribulation. Professor Zhong is a Healing-type Beast Tamer. I’m afraid she won’t be able to withstand such a powerful tribulation lightning.”

Yu Huang reached out and wiped her face before asking, “Will people die in the tribulation?”


Yu Huang’s heart sank.

Gold Ingot told her, “The cultivation path is fraught with trials and tribulations. This lightning tribulation is the last obstacle on the cultivation path to advancement. After you overcome this tribulation, you can be reborn and reach a completely new height. If you can’t survive it, you will be severely injured

at best, and at worst, your soul will scatter. There are many Beast Tamers who have died from the tribulation on the Holy Spirit Continent.”

Yu Huang shook her head. “It’s too cruel.”

“Js it cruel? Nature will demand back as much as it has given you. This is not called cruelty. This is called nature.”

“You have a deep understanding, and I am impressed.” Yu Huang asked Gold Ingot, “Professor, how many times has Professor Zhong’s Tribulation Lightning been used?”

Gold Ingot told her, “When a Scholar is promoted to a Supreme Master, they will receive a bolt of heavenly lightning. When a Supreme Master is promoted to a Supreme Master, there are two bolts of heavenly lightning. When a Supreme Master is promoted to a Grand Master, there are three bolts. When a

Grand Master is promoted to a Supreme Master, there are five bolts.”

Yu Huang hurriedly asked, ‘What about becoming a Divine Master?”

Gold Ingot’s expression was ambivalent. “There has never been a Divine Master on the Holy Spirit Continent. Who knows?” Gold Ingot patted Yu Huang’s shoulder and said, ‘Why don’t you work hard and become a Divine Master so that I can see how many lightning bolts you will experience when you become

a Divine Master?”

Yu Huang blushed at Gold Ingot’s words.


The second lightning bolt fell!

The entire independent space of Divine Realm Academy was shaking. Many students hid in their dormitory and did not dare to peck out.

The power of the heavenly lightning was not something children like them could withstand.

On the field.

‘When Professor Zhong sensed the appearance of the lightning, she quickly placed a protective shield around herself. However, the lightning tribulation of the first day shattered the protective shield around her.

Without the protection of the protective shield, Professor Zhong looked up at the dark clouds conspiring against the apocalypse-like sky. A trace of panic finally appeared in her eyes. However, the lightning had already arrived, so she could only resist it!

Professor Zhong roared, “Come on! I want to see if you or I are more stubborn!”


Dark clouds rolled in the sky and golden lightning rolled in them. They formed a giant dragon and slashed at Professor Zhong a second time!


‘The power of the second tribulation lightning was boundless, and it instantly lacerated Professor Zhong’s body. Professor Zhong’s clothes were in tatters, and her neatly combed and exquisite hair had also scattered, draping over her shoulders in a dishevealed manner.

Professor Zhong’s arms hung limply by her side, and she had completely lost the ability to resist the lightning tribulation. She looked up at the dark sky and knew that this final lightning tribulation could only be resisted with her body.

The lightning was the most powerful force in nature. Even if the other professors wanted to help Professor Zhong resist the lightning, they were powerless.

Just as the third bolt of heavenly lightning was about to be completed, a huge wave suddenly rose a thousand feet in the distant vast sea. A massive ancient alligator jumped out from the depths of the sea!

In the blink of an eye, the giant crocodile appeared in the sky of the Divine Realm Academy.

Upon seeing the giant crocodile, Professor Zhong suddenly burst into tears. *… Dean!”

Upon seeing the giant crocodile, Professor Zhong suddenly burst into tears. *… Dean!”

Upon hearing the commotion, the children hiding in the dormitory also peeked at the sky. The ancient alligator was so huge that they could only see the tip of the iceberg.

The giant crocodile swept its tail across the field, causing a gust of wind.

In the sky, the third tribulation lightning finally completed. It emerged from the clouds and charged at Professor Zhong with purple-black lightning.

‘The ancient alligator roared angrily. “Roar!”

It suddenly swung its tail and charged towards the lightning tribulation!

The huge alligator and the lightning collided, and the entire space instantly turned into darkness.

The darkness lasted for four to five seconds. Slowly, a trace of sunlight emerged from the dark clouds.

Everyone opened their eyes to look at the sky above the field. They saw that the lightning tribulation had already disappeared, and the dark clouds gathered above the Divine Realm Academy were also slowly dispersing.

Due to the interference of the ancient alligator, the trajectory of the lightning tribulation made a mistake. It did not strike Professor Zhong, but struck the field ten meters away.

A hundred-meter deep pit appeared on the field. The soil in the pit instantly darkened.

If this blow really landed on Professor Zhong, she would probably be scared out of her wits.

The ancient alligator looked at the dark clouds above its head. After confirming that the tribulation lightning had really ended, it turned into a narrow-eyed old man and landed on the Divine Realm Academy’s field.


The seriously injured Professor Zhong and all the surrounding professors ran towards the dean. Because of her serious injury, she climbed over directly.

“Dean, are you okay?”

Facing the concern of the professors, the dean slowly shook his head. He said, “It’s nothing serious… Before he finished speaking, his expression suddenly distorted. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Dean!” Everyone turned pale with fright and hurriedly supported the Dean.

Professor Zhong also climbed to the dean’s side, With tears in her eyes, she asked, “Dean, are you okay?”

The dean pressed his chest and shook his head slightly. He shook his head at Professor Zhong with a pale expression before saying to a professor of the Healing Department, “Bring Professor Zhong to the treatment. I want to go into seclusion for a period of time.”

The heavenly lightning became stronger when it encountered a powerful one. The dean had just taken the initiative to block the final bolt of heavenly lightning for Professor Zhong, His body had finally been injured, and he would not recover unless he went into seclusion.

The vice-principal hurriedly bowed and said, “Dean, please rest assured that we will be in charge of the school’s matters!”


The dean turned into a giant crocodile and flew back to the deep sea in the blink of an eye. Professor Zhong was also brought back to be treated by the professor of the Healing Department.

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