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Chapter 148: Taotie Beast

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Yu Huang arrived at the classroom and pushed open the door. When she saw that the classroom was filled with spider webs, and that the lecture table and table were covered in dust, she almost thought that she had entered the wrong classroom.

She closed the classroom door and opened it after a while.

It still looked the same. Nothing had changed.

Yu Huang accepted her fate.

Seeing that the door of Class $’s classroom was open, Yu Huang planned to go to the class next door to borrow a broom to clean up. When she arrived at the class next door, she saw a familiar face.

‘The familiar face was none other than that of Yin Rong, who’d led the group to beat them up during the new students’ welcoming ceremony.

‘There were only two desks in Class $ of the sixth grade. Yin Rong, who was wearing a brown school uniform, was sitting behind the desk in the corridor. She held a fountain pen in her hand and was concentrating on writing her thesis, so she didn’t notice Yu Huang’s approach.

Yu Huang deliberately knocked on the door.

When Yin Rong heard the knock on the door, she raised her head and looked in the direction of the classroom. When she saw Yu Huang, a gentle smile appeared on her fair and flawless oval face.

“It’s you.” Although Yin Rong was fierce when she fought, her personality was actually very gentle, and people felt comfortable when interacting with her.

Only kind-hearted people could awaken a kind auspicious beast like a unicorn.

“yin Rong.” Yu Huang pointed at the broom and rag at the back of their classroom. She asked, “Can I borrow your broom? My classroom is too dirty.”

Yin Rong immediately laughed and stood up to get the broom. She said, “It’s been five years since Class $ has used it. It’s normal to be a little dirty.”

Yu Huang only felt surprised. “It hasn’t been used for five years?”

“The academy isn’t able to recruit a Combat Beast Tamer with an S-level potential every year.” There weren’t many Beast Tamers with an S-level potential in the world. Even the Divine Realm Academy only recruited one every few years.

Yin Rong asked, “Do you want a bucket?”

Yu Huang nodded. “Yes.”

Yin Rong bent down to carry the bucket and said, “Your classroom used to belong to Mr. Sheng. He finished his cultural class five years ago. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know when the classroom would have been used.”

Yu Huang’s attention was entirely on the fact that she and Sheng Xiao would be using the same classroom. She thought to herself, What is this? This was fate!

Yin Rong handed the cleaning tools to Yu Huang and asked curiously, “Who’s your professor?”

Yu Huang took the item and said, “Professor Gold.”

“Professor Gold?” Yin Rong suddenly looked at Yu Huang with sympathy.

Yu Huang figured out something from Yin Rong’s expression. She cautiously asked, “Is Professor Gold a very terrifying person?”

“He’s not scary…” Yin Rong frowned slightly, as if she couldn’t find the words to describe Professor Jin.

She shook her head and smiled. Then, she said, You and Mr. Sheng are so lucky. Mr. Sheng was taught by Mr. Gold. Mr. Gold is an eccentric person and not easy to get along with. All these years, only Mr. Sheng has successfully gotten his graduation degree from him. You have to work hard.”

Yu Huang immediately felt troubled. So what kind of person was Professor Gold?

After returning to her classroom, Yu Huang took two hours to clean it.

She didn’t have Professor Gold’s contact number or the address of his dormitory, so she ran to the class next door and asked Yin Rong, “Yin Rong, do you know where Professor Gold lives?”

Yin Rong had long expected Yu Huang to ask her. She pointed in the direction of the back mountain and told her, “Professor Gold is usually cultivating at the back mountain at this time. If you want to find him, go to the back mountain.”

“Thank you.”

When she arrived at the back mountain, Yu Huang was shocked. No one told her that the back mountain was not a mountain, but an area of mountains! Even if she crippled her leg today, she would probably not be able to find Professor Gold.

Yu Huang had no choice. She spread her wings and flew into the sky at the back of the mountain. She shouted at the top of her voice, “Professor Gold! Are you there?”


Yu Huang’s roar startled countless birds in the forest.

After receiving no response, Yu Huang flew further in. As she flew, she shouted, “Professor Jin! I’m your student, Yu Huang! Are you there? I’m here to find you for class!”

Yu Huang did not manage to find Professor Jin even after flying to the center of the back mountain. She was a little dejected. She planned to go back to Sheng Xiao and ask him to help her contact Professor Gold.

At this moment, a strange beast cry sounded from the forest. The trees in the forest shook violently, as if some terrifying creature had been alarmed and was about to break out of the ground!

Yu Huang looked at the forest below in shock and doubt. She suspected that the commotion just now had awakened some kind of ferocious beast sleeping in the forest.

However, this was the back mountain only for students to cultivate in, and it was not a forest reared by demon beasts. Demon beasts should not exist.

To be safe, Yu Huang quickly flew into the sky and did not dare to act rashly.

She floated in the void and finally saw the appearance of the ferocious beast.

The first thing she saw were two thick beast horns that were growing backward. The beast horns looked a little like the horns of a goat, but they were much larger and more ferocious.

‘The behemoth slowly stood up. It was very tall, far taller than those towering trees.

Yu Huang finally saw the ferocious beast’s appearance clearly.

It was shaped like a wolf with goat horns on its head. Its huge mouth was filled with thick long saw teeth. Its two dark eyes were like an abyss. If you were targeted by it, you had nowhere to hide.

Upon seeing that ferocious beast, Yu Huang immediately felt her hair stand on end.

What was that?!

‘The terrifying pressure it gave Yu Huang far exceeded that of any creature she knew. This kind of feeling that made one’s bones harden with a single look only appeared when she saw that ancient giant alligator in the sea of the Divine Realm Academy.

What kind of demon beast was this?

‘Why would the academy have a back mountain to rear such a terrifying demon beast?

This was a colossus that Yu Huang was unable to defeat even if she went all out.

Yu Huang understood the situation and hurriedly escaped. She flapped her wings at the fastest speed and flew a thousand meters away in one go. Only then did she dare to look back.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the ferocious beast didn’t chase up to her.

Before she could finish speaking, Yu Huang suddenly felt a powerful suction force behind her. As soon as the suction force touched Yu Huang, she was unable to move.

Yu Huang was instantly like a fish that was at the mercy of others, and she was grabbed back by the ferocious beast.

‘The ferocious beast raised Yu Huang and placed her in front of it before carefully sizing her up.

Yu Huang felt her hair stand on end when she met the giant beast’s eyes.

Her hands and feet were all controlled by him, and she completely lost the ability to resist. Yu Huang realized that her life would probably end here today.

Yu Huang was unreconciled!

“Tsk!” The beast suddenly opened its mouth and clicked its tongue in disdain.

It was not surprising that powerful demon beasts could speak human language. Yu Huang threatened it without much confidence, “This is the Divine Realm Academy. Our dean is an Prime Master powerhouse. If you dare to eat a student of the Divine Realm Academy in the territory of the Divine Realm

Academy, the dean will definitely not let you off!”

She hoped that the other party would be a little afraid after hearing the name of a Prime Master.

The beast was clearly stunned when it heard this.

It loosened its grip, and Yu Huang immediately fell from the sky, landing on the ground with a bang.

That fall made Yu Huang’s organs feel like they were about to shatter.

‘The demon beast looked at Yu Huang from high above. Seeing that Yu Huang was s0 fragile, it clicked its tongue in disdain again and suddenly said, “You’re too weak. From today onwards, you will follow me and cultivate properly.”

After he finished speaking, the demon beast suddenly vanished, and a fierce-looking man appeared in front of Yu Huang.

‘The man was wearing the robe of a professor from the Divine Realm Academy. His messy long hair was draped behind his head, and he was looking at Yu Huang with a look of disdain.

Yu Huang looked at the professor’s robe on the man’s body and a ridiculous thought flashed across her mind—

“Professor Gold?” A Grand Master could merge with her beast form and become one with it. How could she have forgotten?

Gold Ingot reached his little finger into his ear and took it out. “Okay.” He replied to Yu Huang as a form of acknowledgment.

Yu Huang gasped. “Professor Gold, was that your beast form just now? Was it… a sheep?”

“What sheep? Which sheep is as mighty as me?” Professor Gold rolled his eyes at Yu Huang before saying, “It’s Taotie.”

It turned out to be a Taotie Beast.

Seeing that Yu Huang was still lying on the ground in a daze, Gold Ingot extended his leg and kicked Yu Huang. “Get up and follow me!” With that said, Gold Ingot turned around and walked in another direction.

Yu Huang struggled to get up and limped behind Gold Ingot.

Gold Ingot despised Yu Huang for being too slow. He suddenly tured around and slapped Yu Huang on the head. Yu Huang immediately felt the pressure on her body increase. It was as if she was carrying steel weighing 100 kilograms.

Yu Huang raised her head and realized that there was an obsidian floating above her head. Yu Huang was confused. She asked Gold Ingot, “Professor Gold, what is this?”

Gold Ingot explained lazily, “A pressure stone.”

Yu Huang didn’t need to ask further to guess its effect.

“Professor Gold, are you asking me to carry this rock?” She was injured and her movements were slow. If she carried this rock, it would be even more difficult for her to move.

This professor was too harsh.

Gold Ingot snorted and said, “If there’s no pressure, how can there be motivation?”

Yu Huang didn’t say anything.

Although she was unwilling to accept it, she had to follow Professor Gold’s arrangements. She carried the pressure stone and slowly walked forward.

Every step Yu Huang took, she had to mobilize all the spirit energy in her body to accomplish it. If this continued, she would run out of spirit energy after taking a few steps.

Gold Ingot held the back of his head with both hands and kicked the stones leisurely. He said, “Sheng Xiao endured it back then. The first time he carried this rock, he walked a total of 10 steps. After a month, he could walk 300 steps. When he graduated five years ago, he could move freely with the rock on his

back and fight with me for 15 minutes.”

Gold Ingot suddenly turned around and looked at Yu Huang. He smiled sarcastically and asked Yu Huang, ‘What do you think a genius is? Do you really think that a genius can become an expert by sitting in the dormitory and cultivating for a few years?”

Yu Huang’s lips parted, but she did not speak.

Gold Ingot pointed at the highest mountain in the back mountain. He said, “Every person who successfully reaches the top must have left behind their densely packed footprints on the mountain.”

Nothing happened overnight.

Except for dreams..

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