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Chapter 147: Xuanyuan Jing, You Don’t Deserve My Hatred

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After being bombarded by Feng Si, Xuanyuan Jing’s elegant and graceful face instantly turned sinister. Who do you think you are?! Why do you speak like a woman?!”

Feng Si deliberately winked at Xuanyuan Jing and said, ‘I can even be as charming as a woman. Do you want to take a look?”

Xuanyuan Jing was so disgusted by Feng Si that he almost puked.

Yu Huang was amused by Feng Si’s words, but she couldn’t laugh in front of Xuanyuan Jing, so she endured it.

She couldn’t help but cover her mouth with her fist and cough. Then, she said, “Feng Si, Sheng Yang, go back first. I have something to say to Mr. Xuanyuan.”

Feng Si frowned and refused to leave. Sheng Yang also tilted her head and asked Yu Huang, “You really don’t need us to accompany you?”

Yu Huang shook her head. “I’m fine.”

The three of them left.

The moment they left, Xuanyuan Jing walked towards Yu Huang.

Yu Huang subconsciously took a step back and looked at Xuanyuan Jing with a cold expression. She reminded him sternly, ‘Xuanyuan Jing, speak when you want to. Don’t get too close to me. If others see this, they might think that you still have feelings for me. You’re a playboy and might not care about the

rumors, but I, a decent girl, do.”

Xuanyuan Jing’s expression darkened from her words, but he obediently retracted his leg.

The two of them stood opposite each other three meters away.

Xuanyuan Jing had many things to ask Yu Huang, but when he really came in front of her, he saw her overly calm expression and fell silent.

Yu Huang was exhausted from the day and rushed back to the dormitory to take a shower. She didn’t have the mood to talk to Xuanyuan Jing. Seeing that Xuanyuan Jing didn’t utter a word, Yu Huang’s patience ran out. “If you have anything to say, say it. If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving.”

Yu Huang’s disdainful expression agitated Xuanyuan Jing. He said, “Aren’t you even willing to talk to me now?”

Yu Huang wanted to laugh.

She tilted her head and looked at Xuanyuan Jing. “I remember last year, when you came to look for me to end the engagement, when I got a little closer to you, you retreated as if you had seen a dirty thing. Compared to your cold-heartedness, what is this?”

Xuanyuan Jing knew that he was in the wrong and was speechless again.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Yu Huang completely lost her patience.

Xuanyuan Jing took a deep breath and told her, “I want to tell you that the challenge battle is a bet between you and me. For fairness’ sake, I won’t bring any support.”

Yu Huang acknowledged that. “Got it.” To be able to understand this, he, Xuanyuan Jing, was still considered a person.

Xuanyuan Jing suddenly asked her, “Do… do you hate me?”

This jerk’’s tone made Yu Huang specchless.

Yu Huang looked at Xuanyuan Jing in shock and said in confusion, “My appearance was only burned by the fire, but my brain wasn’t damaged. Shouldn’t I be happy that a man who lusted after beauty broke off the engagement?”

“As for hatred.” Yu Huang snorted and pointed it out clearly.” I have no feelings for you, including hatred. Xuanyuan Jing, you don’t deserve to be hated by me.”

Only with love could there be hatred. Xuanyuan Jing really wasn’t worthy of Yu Huang’s hatred.

Xuanyuan Jing’s expression turned completely sinister. He gritted his teeth and said, “Yu Huang, you really impress me.”

Yu Huang rolled her eyes at him and left.

She understood men like Xuanyuan Jing too well. This idiot must have seen that she didn’t wallow in despair after her engagement was broken off and instead thrived. His petty ego was bruised.

However, she had always been straightforward and decisive. Her ex-boyfriend was either mentally deranged or mentally challenged.

Sheng Yang and Na Luo saw that Yu Huang had retumed safely and hurriedly came over to ask her, “What did Xuanyuan Jing say to you?”

‘As Yu Huang retrieved her change of clothes, she said, “He told me that he won’t bring a support during the challenge.”

“That’s it?” Sheng Yang clearly did not believe her.

Yu Huang didn’t want to talk more about Xuanyuan Jing with them. If she talked too much, she would feel disgusted. “Why talk about him? It’s been a long day. Hurry up and take a shower.”

Yu Huang asked them, “Have you guys showered?”

Sheng Yang said, ‘I’ve showered.”

However, Na Luo said, “I didn’t shower. I need points to shower. My points aren’t even enough to fill my stomach. It’s too wasteful to use them to shower.” Na Luo felt that having a full stomach was more important than good hygiene.

Yu Huang was shocked by the academy’s actions. “You need points to shower?”

Na Luo nodded and complained, “The academy is so inhumane.”

Sheng Yang told them, ‘Not only that, but you also need points to use the bathroom. The academy also has a monthly policy of giving 80 points at once so you can shower for a month and use the bathroom for a month.”

She sat down on the sofa and sighed. “The academy really used all sorts of methods to supervise our cultivation.”

‘When she heard that she had to give points to use the bathroom, Yu Huang was really speechless.

No wonder the Beast Tamers who had walked out of the Divine Realm Academy were all highly capable people. After living in such a high-pressure environment for more than a decade, who wasn’t?

Na Luo was about to cry. Her eyes rolled as she said, “Why don’t I go to Weiyang Lake to take a shower when no one is around?”

Sheng Yang looked at her in shock. It was obvious that she did not expect her to have this idea.

Yu Huang hurriedly said, “Don’t. There are people on duty at Weiyang Lake. If you go to the lake to take a shower tonight, your name will appear in the school newspaper headlines tomorrow morning.”

Na Luo frowned and became listless. “God, how am I going to live tomorrow?!”

How was she going to live tomorrow?

They would continue with the mission at dawn.

For the next half a month, Yu Huang brought Sheng Yang and Na Luo to earn points. The three of them finished missions every day. They completed all the entry-level and low-level missions.

After half a month of completing missions frantically, Na Luo and Sheng Yang had lost a lot of weight. Sheng Yang’s face, which was originally chubby, had turned into that of a young girl’s. Yu Huang did not lose weight, but the muscles on her body had also become a little tighter.

After half a month of missions, Na Luo finally earned enough points to last her this month. She no longer needed to earn points, and Yu Huang finally had time to go to class.

The school building was behind the large field. It was an L-shaped Westem building.

‘The Divine Realm Academy did not classify classrooms according to level, but according to the faculty. The entire grade’s Combat Department was on the first and second floor, the Support Department was on the third and fourth floor, and the Healing Department was on the fifth and sixth floor.

The seventh floor was the lecture area for all the S Class Potential Beast Tamers.

‘There were a total of 10 Beast Tamers with Grade $ potential in the entire level. Five of them were students of the Combat Department, three were students of the Support Department, and the remaining two were students of the Healing Department.

The entire grade’s Combat Department’s Class $ was next to each other. There were a total of three classes. The first grade’s Class $ only had Yu Huang as a student, the sixth grade’s Class $ had two students, and the ninth grade’s Class $ had only one student.

Sheng Xiao had finished his studies five years ago. He did not need to go to class anymore. The classroom that he used to study in had become the classroom for the freshman class $, which was Yu Huang’s classroom.

This must be some special fate..

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