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Chapter 136: Sister-in-law Has a Sexy Figure, So Brother

Is Lucky

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After regaining her senses, Yu Huang hurriedly invited the little mermaid into

the room. “This is 606. Welcome, little mermaid.”

When the merman heard Yu Huang call her ‘Little Mermaid, a bright smile

appeared on her face. The little merman swayed her tail and slid into the

dormitory. She told Yu Huang and the others, “My name is Na Luo. I’m 14 years


Sheng Yang said, “I’m Sheng Yang, and I’m 14 years old.”

When it was You Huang’s turn, she fell silent suspiciously before saying, “Im Yu

Huang. I’m 19 years old”

During the welcoming ceremony for the new students, Na ILuo had seen the

battle between Yu Huang and Sheng Xiao. She admired Yu Huang very much.

I know you guys. I saw the battle between you guys and Senior Sheng earlier.

You’re all so impressive.” Yu Huang was especially impressive. She was a

scholar, but she was also a Beast Tamer. She had already become a hot topic of

discussion among the new students.

“I have a gift for you guys!” Na Luo took out two light blue night pearls from

her interspatial ring. “These are the specialties of our Xixia Sea. I’ll give them

to you guys!”

Afraid that they would find this gift unpresentable, Na Luo hurriedly

xplained, “It’s small, but it’s very useful. If you carry it with you, it can soothe

your mind and beautify you. It’s the most popular beauty pearl in Xixia Sea!”

Xixia Sea was the territory of the merfolk. There were many resources at the

bottom of the sea, so such a pearl was not a rare treasure to the little merfolk,

and it was most suitable to be a greeting gift.

However, Sheng Yang and Yu Huang were both humans on land. On land, such

a deep sea blue night pearl could be auctioned for a sky-high price of 10


Because the gift was too expensive, the two of them didn’t accept the gift


When little mermaid Na Luo saw that they were unwilling to accept the gift,

she thought that they were unwilling to accept gifts from mermaids, and her

gaze became dejected.

Seeing that Na Luo was sad, Yu Huang accepted the gift. “Thank you. I love it.”

Yu Huang also took out two jade pendants from her interspatial ring. She told

Sheng Yang and the little merman, “These are insect repellent spirit jades

produced by the Purifying Spirit Academy. They can chase away low-level

insect beasts. I’ll give them to you.”

Sheng Yang also had this, but she still happily accepted the gift.

A very ordinary gift to Sheng Yang was a precious treasure to the Merman Clan.

The little merman accepted the gift with both hands and gave Yu Huang a

sweet smile. “Thank you!”

Sheng Yang also gave them each a simple hairpin. She told them, “This is a

first-grade Spirit Gathering Hairpin. Wear it and you can gather spirit energy

to increase your cultivation speed.”

Yu Huang was speechless. A first-grade Spirit Tool like this was worth at least

five thousand spirit stones. Being roommates with two rich girls made Yu

Huang feel immense pressure.

Thank you”

Yu Huang accepted the hairpin and used it to tie up her long hair.

At this moment, Doris’s voice sounded on the hostel’s radio. “Please change

into your school uniforms and head to the Hall for the classification


Sheng Yang carried her school uniform back to the room. As she walked, she

said, “The classification ceremony is very important. Don’t be late. Go and

change your clothes”

Yu Huang changed into a suit jacket and shorts. She then tied the black belt

with storage function around her waist before walking out of the room.

Sheng Yang had already changed her clothes and was waiting for them in the

living room. Yu Huang saw that Sheng Yang’s school uniform jacket was a little

wide, so she asked her, “Is your school uniform too big?

Sheng Yang was still young and her body had just begun to develop. The school

uniform was naturally wide on her.

She lowered her head and looked at her flat chest. She pursed her lips and said,

“It’s fine as long as I can wear it.” After saying that, Sheng Yang looked up at Yu

Huang and was stunned.

Yu Huang’s body had already been developed. After she changed into her waist

suit jacket, it made her chest appear bigger, her waist bigger, and her buttocks

look perky. Her legs also looked long!

Sheng Yang stared at the bulge on Yu Huang’s chest and suddenly felt a little

envious of her brother.

Her sister-in-law hada sexy figure, so her brother was lucky.

Na Luo came out to0.

The merfolk did not have legs, but the academy had thoughtfully changed their

design for them and changed their shorts to short skirts. Na Luo was wearing a

suit jacket and a short skirt. Her aura had changed from sweet to heroic.

“Let’s go.”

Under the guidance of the guide, the new students passed through a few

winding paths, went around the field, and crossed a small lake before arriving

at the auditorium of the Divine Realm Academy.

The hall was very spacious, and the leaders sat at the top. The elder in the

middle was the dean. The dean looked exactly the same as on the invitation

letter. He was very amiable, and when he smiled, his eyes narrowed into slits.

Yu Huang could not see his eyes.

There were more than ten leaders and professors sitting on both sides of the

dean. Sheng Xiao was among them.

As the disciplinary officer of the academy, Sheng Xiao had a high status among

the students. He had more power than the director of the grade. He should sit


When Yu Huang sat down, she noticed that Sheng Xiao looked at her.

With the uniform of Divine Realm Academy on, Yu Huang was just as Sheng

Xiao had imagined. She looked refreshing and radiant. Her half-hidden face

looked mysterious.

Sheng Xiao lowered his eyes and stared at his toes. He suppressed the strange

feeling in his heart.


The bell in the hall rang without any wind, and the students quieted down at

the same time. The principal stood up. He narrowed his eyes and said with a

smile, “Welcome to the Divine Realm Academy, children. I’m the dean.”

All the students applauded excitedly.

This was the dean, one of the only three Prime Masters in the world!

The applause continued for a long time until the dean pressed his right hand

down. The students then stopped clapping.

The dean looked at the energetic children lovingly and said sincerely and

expectantly, “Children, I look forward to 12 years later, when everyone can still

sit here and participate in your graduation party, just like tonight.”

This was telling the new students that after coming to the Divine Realm

Academy, they should stop messing around and focus on cultivation and strive

to graduate!

“After entering the Divine Realm Academy, you should cultivate diligently,

obey the rules and regulations, and work hard to become a powerful and

outstanding Beast Tamer. I hope that your future will be even more dazzling

and glorious!

After the speech, the dean sat down.

Then, the other professors stood up and introduced themselves. It was Sheng

Xiao’s turn.

As soon as he stood up, all the new students looked at him with fervent gazes.

He picked up a pen and started writing in the void in front of him. As his pen

and brush fell, a sentence appeared in the sky above the hal-

One must not be arrogant and impetuous.

Sheng Xiao put away his pen and looked at the innocent and passionate young

children in front of him. He said, “Hello, students. I am Sheng Xiao, the

disciplinary executive of our school. Don’t be arrogant and impetuous, but

work hard. I hope that all our new students will remember these words and put

them into practice.”

When Yu Huang heard this, she thought to herself, “I’m not afraid of

impatience, but I’m afraid of abstinence.”

In the face of beauty, she couldn’t be abstinent..

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